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  1. Naval Anchorage Gwadar Booking Form Un Official

    Following booking form is being in social media for Naval Anchorage Gwadar. As eProperty has already advised to wait for official public launch through National News Paper (s).

    Naval Anchorage Gwadar Booking Form Un Official

  2. Naval Anchorage Gwadar NOC

    In market some people are sharing that NOC is granted for Naval Anchorage Gwadar, however GDA official website is not showing any project name “Naval Anchorage” in their approved list. It is to informed in public interest please do wait for official announcement for booking made publicly. Before any public announcement is made please avoid any kind pre-booking. eProperty do not recommend any kind of such booking to secure best of public interest.

    • Dear Qaiser Hanmeed Bhai,

      At the moment official launch is not done. People are trying to sell in pre launch. We recommend not to buy any thing in pre launch to be secure. Once it is will be officially launched with price and schedule we will update here.

      • Rajab

        on   said 

        Atif bhai,

        Once NOC issued and officially launched under the umbrella of NAVY then what’s your recommendation to buy. What about location and developers, do you know them how is the credibility.

        Please advise.

        • Dear Rajab Bhai,

          I am not aware about the location. I only prefer DHA in bookings for others I better wait and see once things are define then I start dealings. At the moment location is not clear to me and also not the schedule.

        • Nabeel

          on   said 

          The location is Mouza Ankara Shumali on Rakhshan Avenue. Plot size 500 sq yards, price PKR 35 lacs + own. It’s Pakistan Navy project which is the most secure and will be a profitable deal. I am not an agent and i highly recommend investment here.

          All Islamabad plots listed in navalanchorage.com are above 60 lacs i see Gwadar the same.

  3. Niaz Uk

    on   said 

    Atif bhai some dealers are offering pre launch booking of Naval Anchorage Gwadar. They are saying that they can get better price on pre launch. What do you recommend?

    • Dear Niaz Bhai,

      I do not recommend any booking or buying till official release. Please wait for Naval Anchorage officially announced booking for public. I believe these dealers are offering best of their faith. But I think that such practice from buyer side is not recommended. We should wait for Official Launch of the project. I will highly recommend to wait and not to give any token money to any one before it is officially launched and booking schedule is publicly advertised along with payment time etc and other terms and conditions.

  4. Application for NOC for Naval Anchorage Gwadar

    Pakistan Navy submitted application or NOC / Planning Permission Naval Anchorage Gwadar in Shumali Ankara for 1453 Acre approx.

    Application for NOC for Naval Anchorage Gwadar


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