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New Town Gwadar Plots & Houses for Sale

New Town Gwadar Plots & Houses for Sale

New Town Housing Project 1st Phase was launched first time in 1986, this project was purely for locals. Initially, very nominal charges were paid for 500 sq/yd and 1000 sq/yd Residential Plots. Almost more then 50% area at here is populated now and all basic facilities are available, i.e. electricity, drinking water and telephone. Thereafter Phase-II. III, IV-A and Phase IV-B were announced. Phase-II and III is also allotted to locals whereas in Phase-IV, some plot were allotted to the people out side of Balouchistan. It is surprising that these plots were allotted only on the payment of Rs five to ten thousand. This Housing Project works under the supervision of DCO Gwadar. All Record of plots file is available in DCO office Gwadar.

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New Town Gwadar Official Contact:

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  1. New Town Gwadar Rates 18 March , 2017

    New Town Phase 1, 2, 3 & 4 Residential Plots Prices
    1 Kanal (500 Yards) 55 to 80 lacs
    2 Kanal (1000 Yards) 35 to 120 lacs
    1 Kanal (500 Yards) Boulevards 130 to 170 lacs
    2 Kanal (1000 Yards) Boulevards 150 to 200 lacs

    New Town Phase 4 Extension & 5 Residential Plots Prices
    5 Marla (120 Yards) 12.00 lacs
    8 Marla (200 Yards) 15.50 lacs
    16 Marla (400 Yards) 29 lacs
    2 Kanal (1000 Yards) 42 lacs

    New Town Commercial Plots Prices
    9 Marla (222 Yards) Marine Drive Facing Sea 320 to 360 lacs
    18 Marla (444 Yards) Marine Drive Facing Sea 500 to 600 lacs
    2 Kanal (1000 Yards) Marine Drive Facing Sea 700 to 800 lacs After Sarawan Avenue
    2.4 Kanal (1111 Yards) Marine Drive Facing Sea 1200 to 1400 lacs Before Sarawan Avenue.
    1 Acre (9.68 Kanal – 4840 Sq. Yards) Marine Drive Facing Sea 1200 to 1400 lacs

    9 Marla (222 Yards) Marine Drive Back 180 to 220 lacs
    18 Marla (444 Yards) Marine Drive Back 300 to 320 lacs
    2 Kanal (1000 Yards) Marine Drive Back 280 to 320 lacs After Sarawan Avenue
    2.4 Kanal (1111 Yards) Marine Drive Back 600 to 700 lacs Before Sarawan Avenue

    9 Marla (222 Yards) Padi Zer Boulevard 220 to 260 lacs
    18 Marla (444 Yards) Padi Zer Boulevard 400 to 430 lacs
    2 Kanal (1000 Yards) Padi Zer Boulevard 500 to 600 lacs After Sarawan
    2.4 Kanal (1111 Yards)Padi Zer Boulevard 720 to 800 Before Sarawan

    2 Kanal (1000 Yards) Airport Road 1300 to 1500 lacs
    (400 Yard) Pishukan Avenue 250 to 300 lacs
    2 Kanal (1000 Yards) Pishukan Avenue 400 to 500 lacs

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    UAN: (042) 111 042 111

  2. muddassar virk

    on   said 

    Respected sir
    I want evaluation of my computerized file B-107 category E phase 5 new town currently submitted for transfer and secondly many people advice me to sale it because market is temporarily up and not last for long when rate goes down purchase it again. Sir what’s ur expert opinion. Thx

    • Dear Mudassar Virk.

      In shorter run market always can go up as well as down. It current state of market it is more expected to come down in not now but after some time, it is really hard to find the last highest point from where market will come down. For example if current market of 120 yards is 11.50 lacs and market continue to grow and reach up to 20 lacs and then get back so it may not touch 11.50 bottom again and come down and stay up to 15 lacs. So we will say that market get dropped but it will not touch your current price.

      Gwadar market is going very in predictable from last two months. These prices are not definite real prices and there is a hype in market due to buying patron in market. But if prices not dropped in next 2 to 3 month then market may grow more. Gwadar is now at growing stage in longer run it will continue to grow but in shorter run it may also go up and come down for mean while.


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