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DHA Lahore Phase 10 Plots & Houses for Sale

DHA Lahore Phase 10 Plots & Houses for Sale

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  • DHA Phase 10 Coming Soon

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DHA Lahore Phase 10 Rates Trends SEP 15 to JUN 17

  • 1 Kanal
  • 10 Marla
  • 5 Marla


  1. Hassan

    on   said 


    what is dha phase 10 (1 kanal ) file rate…?

    Also how much extras expenses on top of file rate required.

    What is best mean to get a file from?

    Many Thanks.

    • Dear Hassan Bhai,

      DHA Phase 10 will be a long term project. Current rate is around 57 to 58 lacs. If you buy affidavit you have to pay transfer fee of Rs. 10,000 and Membership fee of 50,0000. In case of allocation you have to pay full transfer like a plot. That will approximately 4 lacs in case of filer and in case of non file it will be approx 5 lacs.

      Please contact Rana Nabeel +923224992200 if you are interested in buying of DHA Phase 10 but keeping in mind it is a long term investment.

  2. Differences Between Affidavit and Allocation File

    Affidavit files are agreement between land holder and DHA. When land holder surrender his land in favor of DHA, DHA issue affidavit files in his favor. Usually this proportion is 2 files of 1 Kanal against 1 Acre of land. DHA give a favor to land holder that in affidavit file Seller name is written and Purchaser name is open. In other word you can say it is a open file. Land holder has this opportunity that he can fill the name in Buyer filed and submit it to DHA and attach a transfer fee voucher (paid by buyer) and DHA transfer this to buyer name. Now this affidavit file is submitted back to DHA. For Buyer DHA issue an intimation letter to intimate him that file has been transfer in your name. Now Buyer need to become the Member of DHA. Buyer submit the membership fee to DHA and DHA issue an allocation letter to buyer after due course of time.

    Now it become an allocation letter. Now it will be transfer as like plot transfer, NDC will be applied, all Govt. taxed like Stamp Duty, CVT, Advance Tax on Sale and Advance Tax on Purchase & DHA Transfer fee etc. will be applicable. Once it become the allocation all the transfer charges will be applicable on every next transfer. So you can say usually files are first affidavits and then become allocations. However in case of direct allotment like booking or to Army Personal it is directly an allocation file and all transfer fee and charges are applicable on first transfer even, because it is a direct allocation.

    1- Affidavit file transfer fee vary between 6500 to 20000 for normal to urgent transfer respectively. Purchase is not charges any CVT, Stamp Duty and Advance Tax. 2- Affidavit file can be transfer without presence of Seller and Buyer in DHA Office. But for allocation letter collection Buyer must present himself to collect allocation letter.
    3- Allocation file transfer fee is charged as regular plot including full DHA Transfer Fee, Advance Tax on Purchase, Capital Value Tax (CVT), Stamp Duty and any other Govt. charges. For Allocation files Seller and Buyer must be present in DHA Office, except Overseas Buyer Transfer or On Behalf of Buyer Transfer in case of DHA Bahawalpur. But for allocation letter collection Buyer must present himself to collect allocation letter.
    5- Affidavit files rate is usually more then Allocation files due to difference of transfer fee.
    6- Affidavit files can be transfer within 3 to 4 days, where as allocations files required NDC and take 7 to 10 days to transfer.

    Affidavit is like an advantage for land holder who surrender his land for DHA project. Affidavit and Allocations both files are issued by DHA and are equally secure as the issuing authority is Defence Housing Authority

    For more details feel free to contact

    Rana Nabeel +923224992200
    UAN (042) 111 042 111

  3. Muhammad Nazim

    on   said 

    Atif Bhai,

    Is it available on Installments or only cash files available.? If there is any DHA project in Lahore on Installments the please let me know.


    • Dear Nazim Bhai,

      At the moment no instalment plan available for DHA Phase 10 Lahore.

      Currently DHA Multan offering booking through ballot on instalment package. Please visit DHA Multan here


    • Dear Faheem Bhai,

      DHA Phase 10 will be a good gainer in two years holding time in this budget. Other then DHA Bahawalpur other Chapter of DHA Lahore are touching bracket of 50 lacs and are out side of Lahore. Where as DHA Phase 10 Lahore is at 57.25 lacs today. If DHA Multan, Peshawar, Gujranwala cross limit of 55 lacs then investor would have choice of DHA Lahore Phase 10 as well as substitute. DHA Multan has launched booking we have already given a detail analysis for DHA Multan up front amount payment with the passage of time. You may have a look at DHA Multan up front payment analysis to under stand that after 1 year what will be DHA Multan up front payment plus own price.

      DHA Multan Installment Schedule Analysis


        on   said 

        Just I want your Idea as you can analyze with your experience .
        I didn’t asked about information .
        So kindly share your most experienced idea about grand avenue merger in phase x .
        Waiting for your respective answer ?

        • Dear Malik Jahangeer Bhai,

          Brother experience has nothing to do with the analysis of merger. It is people opinions, but I think that opinion should be based on some information. As we do not have any such information so cannot say any thing. However every thing possible. It may later merge with DHA 10 or it may not.

  4. DHA Lahore Phase 10 Files Rates 11 September, 2016

    DHA Phase 10 (1-Kanal) File Rate 65.50 lacs
    DHA Phase 10 (10-Marla) File Rate 46 lacs
    DHA Phase 10 (5-Marla) File Rate 30.50 lacs

    • Asad Ibrahim

      on   said 

      Atif sahib ,AOA, what do u mean by count down .
      May I know what will be physical location of phase10.
      How much time it will take from start to possession of plots .
      How would u compare phase 10 with phase 9.

      • Dear Asad Ibrahim Bhai,

        DHA now converted DHA Phase 9 Extension into DHA Phase 10. It was already supposed to do the same. DHA Phase 10 Location is next to DHA Phase 9 across the Hudiara Drain up to Sue Asal Road along with Bedian Road. It will consist of 125,000 Kanal area and will the largest Phase of DHA Lahore.

        It will take time to developed, at the moment Phase 9 Development is going on. Phase 9 may take 3 to 4 years to be developed. It mean that Phase 10 will be development till 2024 or 2025.

        DHA Lahore Phase 10 Location Map (Proposed)

        DHA Lahore Phase 10 Location Map

      • DHA Lahore Phase 10 Files Rates 11 September, 2016

        DHA Phase 10 (1-Kanal) File Rate 65.50 lacs
        DHA Phase 10 (10-Marla) File Rate 46 lacs
        DHA Phase 10 (5-Marla) File Rate 30.50 lacs


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