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DHA Multan Plots & Houses for Sale

DHA Multan Plots & Homes for Sale

DHA Multan will become a model community with diverse housing portfolio for high, moderate and low income families. Innovative planning, environmentally compliant, safe and secure, state of the art development and availability of all amenities of life at doorstep will be the hallmark of the Community. It will be a community where everyone will have an immaculate place to live.

Download DHA Multan Booking Form

Apply Online for DHA Multan Booking

Last Date of Application Submission is 31 March 2017

DHA Multan officially launched on 4th March, 2017. Today on Sunday 5th March, 2017 advertisement published in papers about booking schedule, installment plan and last date of form submission. Many people are asking about booking procedures, where to get booking forms, installment schedule, possession date, how to apply, when booking ballot is expected, when down payment will be paid, what will be effect on cash file etc and many other questions. We will try to explain mostly asked questions one by one.

DHA Multan Installment Schedule Analysis

DHA Multan Installment Schedule Analysis

Booking procedure is very simple, you need to down load booking form from above mention link or DHA Multan Official Page and take print of booking form on Legal Size Paper. Form must be printed on single page on both sides. Terms and conditions will be printed on back side of the form

Terms & Conditions

1. The name of the project shall be DHA Multan.
2. The files to be offered to the buyers in the project shall be on ownership & allotment shall be through balloting.
3. Quarterly installments shall be payable by the 5th of January, April, July & October through cheque / demand draft / pay order. Prompt payment of installments on the due dates as per payments schedule is the essence of this contract.
4. The applicant shall make the payment of installments within the period specified in the DEMAND notice. If the applicant fails to pay the dues within the period in the final notice, the application will be liable to cancellation as per term (5) of this form.
5. In case of failure, on the part of the applicant, to make payments within the prescribed period or after FINAL NOTICE, the application / allotment will stand cancelled. The amount deposited by the applicant shall be refunded after the completion of the project. An amount equal to 20% of the total cost of the file agreed will be deducted from the refundable amount. Alternatively refund will be made by re- selling the buyer’s file to a new buyer when found. The refund will be made after 20 days from the date of payment made by the new buyer.
6. The application in respect of allotted file shall be executed only after payment of all dues and other charges are made against the said file.
7. The applicant will pay transfer expenses, documentations charges and all other ancillary and miscellaneous expenses to the company as determined by them for fulfillment of formalities of various department / agencies as and when asked by the company within the prescribed period legal time, the cost of unit does not include ground rent, lease execution registration and expenses, electric, water and meter charges.
8. The allottee will pay all taxes and other charges levied by federal or provincial Govt, local bodies and Municipal Bodies or any other authorities, including those existing at present and those, which may be levied by the above mentioned, and / or other authorities in future.
9. Registered persons / members are requested to make payments as per schedule. A surcharge @20% per annum for each day of delay shall levy for the amount in default as per DHA regulations.
10. In case of corner plot, facing park, 60 ft wide road, 10% additional charges will be paid with final installment.
11. DHA reserves the rights to alter the allotment or make adjustment, relocation of plot, if the need so arises, in view of escalation / other essential reasons, additional development charges may be imposed if necessary and the same will not be challenged at any forum.
12. Formal allotment letters will be issued after payment of development charges / miscellaneous charges.
13. I hereby declare that I have read and understood the terms and conditions of allotment of the unit in the project and accept the same and further declare that I shall abide by the existing rules, regulations, requirements, etc, or any other conditions that may be prescribed by the company for the lease and maintenance of the project from time to time.


  1. Only one category be selected for single application.
  2. Fields with * mark are mandatory. Application will not be accepted, if any of the marked field left blank.
  3. All concerning documents must be attached with the application, in case of missing document, application will not be considered in balloting.
  4. Documents required with application as per category are as follow.
Ser. Category Documents Req
1. General Public Photocopy of CNIC
2. Retd Persons of Armed Forces Photocopies of Discharge book & CNIC
3. Disabled Persons Photocopies of Medical Disability certificate and CNIC
4. Govt Employees Photocopies of Service certificate, Book & CNIC
5. Overseas Pakistanis Photocopies of passport with exit from Pakistan and Entry of residing country & NICOP
6. Senior Citizens

(Above 70 years of age)

Photocopy of CNIC
7. Civilians paid out of Defense Estimates Photocopies of service certificate, Book & CNIC
  1. Submit your application to any branch of bank described on the form.
  2. Deposit slip id be filled from the deposit slip provided by the bank.

Booking procedure:

  • Read the Terms and Conditions carefully before filling the form, last date of application submission is 31st March, 2017
  • Please check the documents required on 2nd page of form for your desired category. For Overseas if you have NICOP it is enough for booking. In some countries Entry and Exit stamp is now digital and not on your passport. Don’t worry just attach your passport front page copy and your NICOP.
  • You may also apply online via link http://eapp.dhamultan.org/client/ but it is recommend to get print of booking form and manually fill it. Use cap letter to fill form. If you are filing form online must follow the instruction on each page.
  • Tick your desired category e.g. General Public or Overseas etc on booking form. You can only select one category per application.
  • Fill up the form with mandatory details. Provide your address where you can easily get your information letter by DHA if you become successful. Must provide a valid contact where DHA Office can contact your easily if required
  • Make sure you attach a clear picture (1pciture is required) and ID card photo copy (1 copy of each document) or other documents copy
  • We do recommend all plot sizes, but 1 Kanal in booking will be less attractive, because 1 Kanal is already available on cash in open market. In slow market conditions other categories will remain attractive for buyer than 1 Kanal because 1 Kanal is also available at cash. Small sizes are more attractive for e.g. in residential 5 Maral, 8 Marla and 10 Marla are most recommended and in commercial category 4 Marla is recommend. However If you want to apply for each category, then you must have a budget of Rs. 82,000.
  • Select 1 plot category for each application if you are applying for more than one application. It is recommend to use separate ID card for each application (you can use other home members ID card). However if you don’t have many ID cards and still want to apply for more than one application, try to apply one application for each category with same ID card. Try to avoid multiple applications for the same size of plot with one ID card. Still you can apply as more as applications on one ID card for same size of plot but it is not recommended.
  • Read the Declaration carefully write the date in date field and sign the document. One you sing the document, you are abide with the terms and conditions mention on the second page. If you cannot sign it and have thumb impression on your ID card you may use your thumb impression instead of sing. Make sure you are doing the same signature as per your ID card.
  • Once you fill up the form, read it carefully again to verify the data you provided. You may also send a scan or image of form via whatsapp at +923218469951 or can email us [email protected] we will check it and make correction if required.
  • For Overseas, they may send this form in Pakistan to their relative and send them funds or at eProperty, 23-MB Phase 6 DHA Lahore to submit in bank on your behalf. You may transfer fund in our account. Account details can be provided on request.
  • Go to the any of bank mention on booking form. Fill up the slip with your desired plot category amount for e.g. for 5 Marla you will fill 5000 rupee. Bank voucher will have two copies. Make sure to enter Deposit Slip Number in Payment Details of the form at bottom of first page. Also enter amount in Rs. & Words along with Bank name and Branch code in payment details.
  • It is recommend to get a photocopy of form once all data input is completed. You may also get an image of the form with your cell phone for your record.
  • Submit your form at cash counter with cash. Make sure that cashier has stamp the form with Bank Stamp and signed it. Get your copy of voucher from bank cashier. This is your proof of application submission.
  • Now relax and wait for balloting
  • Once ballot is done and you become successful Thank to Allah Almighty. If unsuccessful again thank to Allah Almighty, Allah definite has a better opportunity for you.
  • Wait for information letter sent by DHA. If you don’t received this letter within a week or two please contact DHA and inform them about it.
  • You will receive information letter from DHA along with your membership form and payment details of down payment and membership fee with due date of payment, terms and conditions and installment schedule.
  • Fill up your membership form carefully. Make pay order in favor of DHA for Membership and Down payment and dispatch this membership form and pay order at postal address given by DHA in information letter.
  • After a week or two please check with DHA if they have received your membership form and pay order.
  • Your process of booking is now completed. It is recommended do not loose this opportunity and complete your installment to mature your investment to get maximum benefit.
  • However if you still want to sell it wait until DHA Officially open the transfer. Do not sell it before transfer open. It will safe your interest as well as other stake holder’s interest.

The most asked question after submitting booking application is when ballot will be announced, when we need to make down payment, what will be the last date of down payment, when 1st installment will be due, what happen if we don’t pay down payment etc?

Usually it take 15 days to 1 month to announce ballot but we do not have any confirm date. Once it is balloted DHA start sending information letter and allow you to pay the down payment within 30 days of ballot.  First installment will be due after 3 month of last date of down payment. Some time DHA extend the last date of down payment.

Make sure you have made the pay order of down payment and membership till last date even you could not dispatch the letter to DHA. DHA accept the post even after last date of down payment if the pay order date is same as last date of payment. So if you are getting late to dispatch, make sure you have made pay order as on or before last date of payment.

If you cannot make down payment, there are potential buyers who applied for booking but unsuccessful and are willing to buy. They can make down payment on your behalf and also can pay membership on your behalf. Although we do not recommend such practice especially for Buyer. Buyer money is at risk in such situation. Usually sellers (not all) agree they will give transfer when transfer open but we experience that later it is hard to find the seller thus agents become shuttlecock between seller, buyer and DHA.

in case of Buyer best practice in such case is to don’t give anything to Seller, you are already paying down payment and membership on his behalf, and it is enough as token money. Make an agreement with Seller and get the original information letter from him and write down payment and membership fee as token or Biana to seller on agreement and paid to DHA on behalf of Seller. Once transfer is open, call Seller in DHA Office get transfer and make the agreed payment of own or profit at the time of transfer. Again do not give any own amount before transfer or if Seller still insist, you may give up to 25,000 maximum in my opinion just to complete the token requirement.

We at eProperty will assist you step by step from booking up to selling. You may reach us via eproperty.pk or may call us at (042) 111 042 111 or whatsapp sms at +923218469951 or you may visit us 23-MB Phase 6 DHA Lahore.

eProperty & Team

Instructions For Manual Applications

Procedure for Submission of Applications – Hard Copy. Following procedure will be adopted for submission of applications:-

  • Download Application Form from DHA Multan website www.dhamultan.org or get this form from any of the following Banks:-
  1. Allied Bank
  2. Askari Bank
  3. Bank Alfallah
  4. Bank Al Habib
  5. Habib Bank
  6. United Bank
  7. Dubai Islami Bank
  • Fill Up this form. Fields with star mark are mandatory to be filled.
  • Submit your application in any of the above mentioned Bank alongwith deposit slip amount (processing Fee as per plot size).
  • Deposit Application Form with Bank.
  • Keep your customer copy of the amount deposit slip as a record with you.

Bank Complaints / Helpline

1. If you have any queries against bank then contact these following bank consultants.

Bank Name Contact Details
United Bank Ahmed Qazi Branch Manager 0321-6323990 / 061-9200493
Atiq Ur Rehman District Manager 0300-6383648 / 061-9201123
Allied Bank Sohail Mehdi 0331-1638351
Abdul Sattar 0321-6316343 / 061-4500016
Bank Al Habib Ahmed Ali 0333-0144429 / 0337-8205825
Wasif Arshad 0307-6633966
Habib Bank Asif Manzoor 0334-6126210
Abdul Rehman 0301-8633939
Irfan Zafar Bucha 0300-8738118
Bank Alfalah Masood Rizvi 0300-6328420 / 061-4504291
Agha Ali Akber 0321-9475758
Askari Bank Mirza Muhammad Omer 061-9201399
Muhammad Arif Hanif 0333-4816910
Qasir Altaf 0331-6380600
Bank Dubai Islamic Imran Qadri 0301-7430274
Muhammad Shehbaz Khan 0301 7430274

Instructions For Online Applications

Overseas Pakistanis

  • Submission of Applications
    • Fill up required information on given form, fields containing star marks are mandatory to be filled up.
    • Upload scanned copies of required documents (as per Category) in JPG / PNG Format.
    • On its online submission, your data will be transferred to DHA data base and a PDF format file will be generated having a Unique ID. Take out its hard copy and sign it.
  • Deposit of Processing Charges
    • Overseas Pakistani will deposit the amount through any bank in residing country in Bank Al-Falah (IBAN No. PK51ALFH0285001005105650 SWIFT CODE: ALFHPKKA285).
    • Copy of deposit slip and hard copy of Application form will be sent to “Mr Masood Rizvi, Bank Al-Falah Plot Number 100 9/1, Quaid-e-Azam Road, Multan Cantt, Pakistan”.
    • Keep your customer copy of the amount deposit slip as a record with you.

Inland Pakistanis

  • Submission of Applications
    • Fill up required information on given form, fields containing star marks are mandatory to be filled up.
    • Upload scanned copies of required documents (as per Category) in JPG / PNG Format.
    • On its online submission, your data will be transferred to DHA data base and a PDF format file will be generated having a Unique ID. Take out its hard copy and sign it.
  • Deposit of Processing Charges
    • Inland Pakistanis will deposit the form with processing charges in any Branch of Bank Al-Falah Account Number “ALFALAH TRANSACT” alongwith Application Form.
    • Keep your customer copy of the amount deposit slip as a record with you.

At eProperty you’re always welcome; whether you have an inquiry, feedback or want to talk to us about your investment needs for buying, selling or renting in DHA Multan, there are a number of ways you can reach us:

[email protected]
+92 3 111 042 042
+92 42 3718 7446
+92 42 3718 7447
eProperty, 23 Shabbir Sharif Road, Phase 6, DHA Lahore, Pakistan

DHA Multan Official Address:

  • Address: DHA Lahore Multan Chapter. 1,Multan Public School Road,Multan, Pakistan.
  • UAN: +92-61-111-111-189
  • Exchange No: +92-61-6516036-38
  • Email:[email protected]
  • www.dhamultan.org
  • DHA Multan NTN #


  1. Muhammad Rafiq

    on   said 

    Assalam o Alaikum!
    Kindly advise if the DHA fees and govet taxes will be same or not to transfer an allocation file to a dependent adult son/daughter or it will be considered as a normal case with full fees and taxes.Thanks.

  2. Ather

    on   said 

    If FBR impose the taxes then price goes down by 30%. All investor will move to DUBAI which is tax havean for real estate investors.

  3. kashif

    on   said 

    AOA Atif bahi
    what will be impact of new taxes on property DHA prices in lahore, multan and bhawalpur?

    • Dear Kashif,

      These are media news and situation is not clear until notifications issue by FBR. I think situation will be more clear in next coming two week.

  4. Arif

    on   said 

    Salam. Can you please tel me the difference between these 2 file type…Affidavit & Allocation
    DHA Multan 1 Kanal File Affidavit Rate is 42.50 lacs
    DHA Multan 1 Kanal File Allocation Rate is 42.50 lacs

    • Dear Arif Bhai,

      Affidavit files are agreement between land holder and DHA. When land holder surrender his land in favor of DHA, DHA issue affidavit files in his favor. Usually this proportion is 2 files of 1 Kanal against 1 Acre of land. DHA give a favor to land holder that in affidavit file Seller name is written and Purchaser name is open. In other word you can say it is a open file. Land holder has this opportunity that he can fill the name in Buyer filed and submit it to DHA and attach a transfer fee voucher of Rs. 6500 (paid by buyer) and DHA transfer this to buyer name. Now this affidavit file is submitted back to DHA. For Buyer DHA issue an intimation letter to intimate him that file has been transfer in your name. Now Buyer need to become the Member of DHA. Buyer submit the membership fee of Rs. 49,990 and DHA issue an allocation letter to buyer after due course of time.

      Now it become an allocation letter. Now it will be transfer as like plot transfer NDC will be applied all Govt. taxed like Stamp Duty, CVT, Seller Gain Tax & DHA Transfer fee etc of 1 Kanal will be applicable. Once it become the allocation all the transfer charges will be applicable on every next transfer. So you can say usually files are first affidavits and then become allocations. However in case of direct allotment like booking or to Army Personal it is directly an allocation file and all transfer fee and charges are applicable on first transfer even, because it is a direct allocation.

      Affidavit is like an advantage for land holder who surrender his land for DHA project. Affidavit and Allocations both files are issued by DHA and are equally secure as the issuing authority is Defence Housing Authority

    • Kamran

      on   said 

      Are these prices for DHA Multan or Bahawalpur. Heading says DHA Multan while prices below are for Bahwalpur. Can you kindly clarify and advised updated market prices for DHA Multan.
      Jazak Allah Khair.

  5. sajjad

    on   said 

    Aoa Atif Bhai
    I have a file (Allocated) in DHA multan. I have heard that after the balloting this file will be difficult to be disposed off at competitive price since lot of files on instalments will be available in the market, which would be preferred by the public. So please guide me whether i should hold the file or sale it out and later on get the file on instalment. Which is the better option and please guide me that if i have to sale it out which is the best time or price in your reckoning.

    *comment moved by moderator*

    • Dear Sajjad Bhai,

      In fact people prefer installment plan then cash. Once the booking will be launched there will be huge demand for installment file. We have already witnessed in DHA Peshawar after launching of booking cash file demand reduced. But it will also depend on the booking file price strategy by DHA Multan. If DHA Multan offer booking file near about 50 lacs then definite cash file demand will decrease. But if the booking file launched near plus minus 60 lacs the cash file demand will also remain on the market. Still there will be demand for installment files. In DHA Peshawar 1 Kanal affidavit is available at 52 lacs and installment file own is 17 to 20 lacs with deposit amount of 5 lacs. Total booking price was 55 lacs. So it will cost to a buyer after 3 years installment 76.50 lacs approx. Where as cash file is easily available in 52 lacs. Still there are lot of people interested in installment files. But This demand would not last long as installment will be added. In one year an amount of Rs. 16.68 lacs will be added in installment file. In such situation if seller will be deadening same own price of 20 lacs, thats mean buyer has to pay up font amount of 20 + 16.68 + transfer fee + commission. So I think that installment file charm will not last more then 1 year if cash file price would not take gain. If cash file price increase then there will be installment file demand again in the market.

      Same will be happen with DHA Multan. I better recommend you to must apply for DHA Multan. However if DHA Multan follow the same ballot patron like in DHA Peshawar then there will be only few successful applicants in ballot, this will result into a high demand for installment files in the market. So at this moment it is really hard to suggest at what stage you should sell cash file, but in my opinion the best time can be once the booking announced. One should sell it and get the chance in booking.

    • asadmr

      on   said 

      yes I agreed with you as per my knowledge the price temporary increase or artificially it increase, one reason of increase is due wapda town phase 3 , and don’t forget after buying the file the development charges has to be paid so before buying think again.
      thank you.

  6. alikhan2013

    on   said 

    Dear Atif Bahi,


    I have 4 million rupees for investment. Can you please guide me on the following investment;

    1) Buying in Prism
    2) Buying in DHA Multan

    As DHA Multan already crossed 40 lac, is it sensible to buy now or should we adopt wait and see policy?
    In your opinion it is better to buy a file/affidavit or exact plot after balloting.

    Please guide me on the above.

    Furthermore, what about DHA Gujrawalana? Is it good investment or not?

    Thanks in advance.



  7. Zahid

    on   said 

    why price of one kanal file jumped from 30 lac to 40 Lac in a month? is launching is near? or just a temporary hype? what yours experience says?

    • It look like that launching is close. As DHA Multan FB page says that booking is near. This can be one of the reason. Also DHA Multan is not issuing new files at the moment. Soon new files will be in the market. But in fact once the booking launch the demand for cash files will be decrease.

      • Sohail

        on   said 

        Dear Atif Bhai,

        Now what is your advise, should one purchase or wait, if wait then how long you expect should wait for lower price?

        DHA Multan file is available with you? if yes, please share the price.

  8. Farrukh Hameed

    on   said 

    Sir I am working in KSA. I want to buy DHA MULTAN File. How can I contact you directly to buy file. What papers required. Thanks

  9. Farrukh Hameed

    on   said 

    Sir I want to do investment in dha multan. Any information about balloting ? What’s you openion? You will respond me to do investment in dha multan. Thanks

    • Usman Saeed

      on   said 

      Hey all,

      Do you have any information whey they will launch DHA officially ?I guess balloting will be the done after three months of Launching.
      However if some one have any information please post here.

  10. abdul khokhar

    on   said 

    Dear Atif Sab.I live in USA.I brought three 1K files and pay the regestation fee 49990.I was given intimation letter and was told that there is no hurry to get allocation latter and I can take them latter on.they told me your file will be included in first phase ballet.please confirm it is ok.

    • Dear Abdul Khokhar Bhai,

      You can collect your allocation letter when ever you visit to Pakistan. Only DHA Multan can tell they will include it in Phase 1 ballot or not. We have no information about it.

  11. asad Mahmood

    on   said 

    Dear Brothers,
    I am overseas pakistani and want to invest in DHA multan please advice me how much file cost and when DHA multan will be mature.
    thank you.

    • Kamran

      on   said 

      Aoa Atif Sb,

      Recently DHA Multan were pushing every one to get registered in case they had open file as there were expecting balloting this month. Do u have any update when exactly they would carry out ballating. I had a open affidavit in my name so i was advised to get registered otherwise they will transfer me to 2nd phase. I had then registered same in my name accordingly.

      Will appreciate if you kindly update on the balloting if you have any news.

      Jazak Allah Khair

      • Dear Kamran Bhai,

        I did not get your point. Did you buy an open affidavit? Can you please explain more about this open affidavit. I am not aware about any open affidavit in DHA. Or you mean you made payment to affidavit holder and did not get transferred on your name? Because affidavit cannot be open. It is issued on the name of Land Holder. Please clarify

        • Kamran

          on   said 

          Dear Atif Sb,

          Sorry for not being clear. Frankly i am also not sure about how you call these documents exactly. When i purchased, i was not here personally so they gave me one stamp paper with title Affidavit without my name. Though there was some info to be filled in like my name and address etc. It was registered with DHA with their embossed stamp. It was from the land owner.

          So basically my name was never mentioned on this paper or with DHA i guess. Recently they asked us to registered this as i explained above.


        • Dear Kamran Bhai,

          What I under stand now that you have a well known seller with you whom you fully trust and you have got the affidavit from him and paid full payment to him and did not get transferred at your name (a very risky deal un less you trust seller blindly). So DHA is nothing to do with it you can hold your affidavit with your until you want (but it is not advisable, one must transfer affidavit on his name to convert into allocation, until it is affidavit every thing can be possible. After allocation you are much more secure).

          Now come to ballot, yes you must get transfer affidavit on your name to convert into allocation to be in the ballot. If you are holding the affidavit at the time of ballot it will not be included in the ballot.

  12. Tariq Naseem mughal

    on   said 

    Dear Atif Sahib
    I want to purchase 1 kanal file in DHA Multan,please advice me on required budget.

  13. M. ANWAR

    on   said 


    • Sir there are two option one is allocation and other affidavit. To get the transfer affidavit it is very simple. You simply set price with seller through your agent. Given token money of Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 100,000 to confirm the deal, give your ID card copy and two blue back ground photo graph and affidavit transfer fee i.e. Rs. 6500 to your agent he will submit the affidavit in DHA Office to get imitation letter on your name. Once the intimation letter ready with your name get the intimation letter from DHA Office and go to concern Assistant Director Land to verify the intimation letter. He will verify the letter without any charges at the spot, give remaining payment to seller through pay order, sign the agreement between you and seller. Get the original agreement to sell with you and give copy to seller. After 45 days you will get the allocation letter from DHA. Pay the membership fee against your allocation letter. All is done

      To get allocation letter transfer on your name is also simple. Finalize the price with seller through your agent. Seller apply for NDC, after NDC DHA will issue dues (if any, payable by seller) and transfer fee voucher. If there are any dues payable by seller. Ask seller to pay it or you can also pay on behalf of seller and deduct it from final payment. Transfer fee is payable by Purchaser. After paying transfer fee submit this fee through your agent at DHA transfer counter, get transfer time. At the transfer day come along with your Original ID card and two photo graph with blue back ground. Your agent will prepare your transfer file from your stamp vendor and will do rest of all work. Get membership from DHA office fill with your details. Get transfer of allocation letter on your name. For Stamp Duty and CVT your agent with guide you (if any) get allocation letter within 15 working days from DHA office.

      Finally don’t forget to pay commission to your agent for his hard working.

      • Ahmad

        on   said 

        Dear atif sb, I have a DHA Multan file and I want to sell it as soon as possible. I dont have allocation letter and currently I am working in Saudi Arabia. Could you please tell me how many working days at least required to sell it. I have to take urgent leave, it is difficult to take long vacation. There is any urgent transfer method in DHA ?

        • Dear Ahmed,

          You can sell DHA Multan file within one day and get the transfer on the next day. DHA has urgent transfer method. If you have not collected your allocation letter, you can apply for urgent allocation letter and get the allocation letter on the next day. All procedure can be done within 2 days maximum.

        • Ahmad

          on   said 

          Atif sb thank you very much for your reply, as I understand I can collect my allocation letter and can apply for NDC for urgent transfer. After that next day I can sell my file and it will be transferred to purchaser. So collection of allocation letter and selling both required maximum 2 days?

        • Ahmad

          on   said 

          Atif sb I purchased affidavit file as an overseas pakistani, I could not collect allocation letter now I want to sell it. is it possible to sell it 2 to 3 days?

        • Dear Ahmad Bhai,

          When this affidavit was submitted? If the time required for Affidiavit to convert into allocation has completed then you can simply come & collect the allocation letter and apply the same day for NDC with urgent transfer the and get plot transfer on 2nd day. I just sent you a mail for the required info. Please provide the required info.

    • Ashfaqullah Khan

      on   said 

      Dear Atif Sahib,

      Assalamu’alaikum Wa Rahmatullah e Wa Barakatuhu,

      What is ballot date of DHA Multan? Kindly advise.

      Jazaak Allaah Khair

      • Dear Muhammad Azam Bhai,

        I dont think so that there is 2 Kanal plot category available in DHA Multan. However you can buy 2 files of 1 Kanal. It might be you get pair in ballot (less 1% chance) other wise you will get 2 plots of 1 kanal at different locations in DHA Multan. However in future if 2 Kanal category available you can purchase it.

      • Dear Ahmad Bhai,

        I don’t think that there will be any major impact of this installment booking. DHA Multan is a good long term investment. If there will be any effect due this booking that will be for a very short time. Also this not confirm booking. Processing fee is also high (non refundable fee). But it is does not mean that people will not apply.

    • Ahmad

      on   said 

      Atif sb thank you very much for your reply, as I understand I can collect my allocation letter and can apply for NDC for urgent transfer. After that next day I can sell my file and it will be transferred to purchaser. So collection of allocation letter and selling both required maximum 2 days?

  14. JK Multan

    on   said 

    What is the future of DHA Multan. Current market price is 28 lacs. What do you suggest I want to invest for short term

  15. What are the development charges?

    Development charges will be worked out by in consultant / DHA Engineer Branch at later stages. Tentatively it will be around 1.75 Millions in easy / equal quarterly installments.

  16. When DHA is going to be launched and how the plot files can be purchased?

    Launch DHA Multan / Investment:

    DHA Multan at present is in process of land acquisition. The plot files are awarded to land Owners / Investors against the acquired land. These files are available in market and can be purchased through them. DHA Multan is simultaneously undertaking Town Planning and INSHALLAH, will shortly invite the applications from general public.

    • Dear Ahmed bhai definite DHA Multan is a good long term investment. People are Multan are investing in DHA’s project in Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad. This time DHA is in their city they will not miss it. The name DHA is the most credible development in Pakistan as far as investment and living is concern. As there is new of DHA Multan ballot soon. I think it will be a good investment for 2 years holding time.

  17. DHA Multan News

    DHA Multan Phase 1 ballot going to be soon. DHA Multan started sending letters to file allottees to pay their dues till 31 January to enter into DHA Multan ballot.

  18. bahria town people claim high but are they as good as they claim
    what ab delivering ph 8
    after taking all money nothing given…..why,when
    are they thieves or not
    any douts


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