ISLAMABAD: Capital Development Authority (CDA) has decided to allow construction on private land only in zone three. It is misconception that the construction will be allowed on National Park area.

CDA Chairman Imtiaz Inayat Elahi stated this while talking to media at his office on Wednesday.

He said that according to bylaws CDA could not change trade (status) of the land. Cabinet division instructed the CDA that it should take necessary steps to ensure that zone III will not be converted into slums, Elahi said. A committee comprising of minister of parliamentary affairs, Minister of Interior and Minister of Housing, has given two options to ensure the natural beauty of the city. Elahi said the one was that 3,000 acers of land could be acquired and other was, approval of maps would be imposed for the construction in future. Both proposals will be sent to PM through cabinet division for approval, he said.

Elahi said in zone III, 3,000 acers land was between National Park area and Zone I, which fell in municipal control. He further said there was a proposal that in that area at least four Kanal of land would be required to construct a house and covered area would be almost 20 percent.

The chairman said for hotels, at least 100 kanal of land would be required, and if anyone wanted to construct a housing society 1,500 kanal land had to be provided, adding the owners would be bound to construct their own sewerage treatment plants and graveyards.

He said on 70,000 acers land in Zone four and 50,000 acers on Zone three people were constructing home. In Zone three, he said, Noorpur Shahan, Bani Gala and Shah Allah Dita had become slums. CDA is trying to control the water pollution by introducing septic tanks for sewerage lines, at the moment there are 317 septic tanks in Bani Gala, he said.