The Punjabi National Conference held under the auspices of the Academy for the Promotion of Punjabi Language, Literature, Art and Culture (APPLLAC) at Alhamra Art Council, adopted sixteen unanimous resolutions.

The conference attended by noted Punjabi scholars, intellectuals and political leaders demanded strengthening of the federation, safeguarding the rights of all the federating units, especially Punjab, and launching special initiatives for the promotion of Punjabi culture and language. The conference demanded that nobody should be allowed to destabilize the federation.

According to the resolution, Punjab is characterized by its historical, cultural, economic and geographical aspects, and it should not be divided on any pretext, be it administrative, racial, lingual or any other.

The moot demanded shifting of Karachi Cotton Exchange to Multan and renaming it as the Multan is the hub of cotton production.

Another resolution pointed out that Pakistanís 60 per cent population lives in Punjab and the revenue generated by export and import of goods from the province should be spent for the development of underdeveloped districts of the province. It was demanded that the non-Punjabis holding posts on Punjabís quota in the federal government departments should be removed and these jobs should be given to the unemployed youth from the underdeveloped districts of DG Khan, Bahawalpur, Multan, Mianwali and Jhang. A resolution called for adopting Punjabi as the primary medium of instructions in the province. The conference supported the demand for provincial autonomy by the provinces. It also condemned the atrocities being committed against the people in Balochistan and minorities in various parts of the country. The conference demanded that feudalism should be done away with and all farmlands should be distributed among the tenants and landless farmers.

Source: The News