Town planners are regularly announcing to open up 10 new residential sectors in the federal capital, whereas they have not yet initiated fully the development work in the already planned five sectors for which the land was acquired several years ago.

The inter-ministerial committee of the government and the Capital Development Authority (CDA) in a recent meeting had announced that they would soon launch 10 more sectors in the capital to meet the rising need for residential accommodations.

However, the Authority seems unable to start the development work in the already launched sectors, an official in the CDA told TheNation on Monday.

“The CDA is only making announcement to reduce the housing shortage but it has so far failed to address the problems of the affectees of already launched sectors,” he maintained.

He said that the sectors including D-12, E-12, G-12 and I-14 were launched by the Authority several years ago while I-15 was opened last year.

The housing problem in the federal capital will increase further in future if the Authority keeps on only announcing sectors and does not start development work in these areas, he added.

“The main reason behind the current shortage of housing units in the capital is due to the long delay in the development of these sectors,” he maintained.

The official said the CDA had launched sector I-14 for the affectees of the federal capital but till to date it could not develop these areas. “The situation has led to increased problems of the contractors of other sectors,” the official added.

He said the capital is currently facing a shortage of 40,000 housing units, which has inflated the real estate prices in the city. The existing housing units in the capital are 70,000 while the annual demand is 5,000 units.

“If the CDA fails to start the development work in these sectors, the housing shortage will reach a dangerous level,” the official warned.
Source: The Nation