ISLAMABAD: Islamabad Capital Tertiary (ICT) administration has changed the criteria to appoint administrators of housing societies in order to avoid political pressure in the appointments and to eliminate chances of corruption inside them, said the sources.

They said only the officers of I CT administration would now be appointed as heads of the housing societies’ administrative committees.

Besides, they added, powers of the administrative committees were also reduced and it was decided that government officers would be appointed administrators and the ICT administration would be responsible in case of corruption.

According to sources, it was a routine of politicians and land mafia that they used to pressurize the ICT administration to appoint their close persons as heads of the administrative committees and after the appointment, the hosing societies got six months for the elections of administrative committees.

They said that during the said time, the administrators not only had resoled matters with other housing societies regarding land but also paid handsome money. They always had powers to sell or purchase plots or land keeping in view the interest of the housing societies, they added.

The sources said that due to these rules, heads of the administrative committees got involved in corruption and the societies had to face huge loss due to their decisions. The administrators were private persons and they had very close relations with political personalities and land mafia so it was not possible for the ICT administration to ask them about embezzlements and corruption, they said.

As per the new criteria, the administrators would be appointed for only 60 days and only employees of the ICT administration would be appointed as head of the administrative committees, sources said. They would not be allowed to pay any money in any case and they would neither be able to issue any allotment letter, nor sell out any land, they added.

They said the heads of the administrative committees would get only three powers, including holding elections of the administrative body with in 60 days, auditing in the housing society and launching First Information Reports (FIRs) in case of any embezzlement in their housing societies. They will also have the powers to call Annual General Body Meeting, they said adding the heads would not draw any salary from the account of housing society.

According to sources, 19 housing societies existed in the capital at present and the elections were pending due which it was decided that elections of the administrative bodies in societies including Ministry of Commerce, Tele Town and others would be announced in the ongoing week.

They declared it a dual edged sword, as after the implementation of decision, head of the ICT administration would be responsible in case of any embezzlement.

Daily Times