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DHA Quetta Booking Ballot 2019

DHA Quetta Booking Ballot 2019

DHA Quetta announced installment plan booking 2019. Following categories are offered on installment plan. You can download booking form from DHA Quetta website at following link http://ballotapp.dhaquetta.org/

Residential Categories Commercial Categories Form Houses (land)
5 Marla (1,125 sq feet)4 Marla (900 sq feet)4 Kanal (18,000 sq feet)
8 Marla (1,800 sq feet)8 Marla (1,800 sq feet)5 Kanal (22,500 sq feet)
10 Marla (2,250 sq feet)1 Kanal (4,500 sq feet) 8 Kanal (36,000 sq feet)
16 Marla (3,600 sq feet)
1 Kanal (4,500 sq feet)
2 Kanal (9,000 sq feet)

DHA Quetta Installment Plan

Plot Size (Residential)Ballot FeeTotal Price **1st – Down payment – 10% * 2nd – Down payment – 10% *16 Quarterly Installments
2 Kanal15,00011,160,0001,116,000 1,116,000 558,000
1 Kanal12,0005,760,000576,000 576,000 288,000
16 Marla10,0004,896,000489,6000 489,6000 244,800
10 Marla8,0003,285,000328,5000 328,5000 164,250
8 Marla6,0002,718,000271,800 271,800 135,900
5 Marla4,0001,782,000178,200 178,200 89,100
Plot Size (Commercial) Ballot Fee Total Price ** 1st – Down payment – 10% * 2nd – Down payment – 10% * 12 Quarterly Installments
1 Kanal25,00052,875,0005,287,5005,287,5003,525,000
8 Marla 20,000 22,050,0002,205,0002,205,0001,470,000
4 Marla 15,000 11,430,0001,143,0001,143,000762,000
Farms Houses (Land) Ballot Fee Total Price ** 1st – Down payment – 20% * 2nd – Down payment – 20% * 16 Quarterly Installments
8 Kanal50,00029,400,0005,880,0005,880,0001,102,500
5 Kanal40,00019,125,0003,825,0003,825,000717,188
4 Kanal30,00017,000,0003,400,0003,400,000637,500

*Application form along with required documents should be send to DHA Quetta office directly except “Online Application Form”.

*No Photocopy is allowed; separate form is required for every application.

*Any number of applications may be submitted by an applicant. An applicant can apply in multiple applicant & plot categories

Affiliated Banks

DHA Quetta Affiliated Bank for form submission
DHA Quetta Affiliated Banks for form submission
DHA Quetta Apply Online Now
DHA Quetta Apply Online Now

There are three types of DHA Quetta Smart City Phase-I forms as explained below. A customer may opt to use any one of these:

  • Generic Form Urdu / English that can be deposited in any of the following banks i.e Allied Bank Ltd., Askari Bank Ltd., Alfalah Bank Ltd., Habib Bank Ltd., United Bank Ltd. and any of the TCS express centers.
  • Forms specific to any one of the financial institutions collaborating with DHAQ in the balloting application process. The form thus printed would only be acceptable at the chosen financial institution. i.e Allied Bank Ltd., Askari Bank Ltd., Alfalah Bank Ltd., Habib Bank Ltd., United Bank Ltd. and any of the TCS express centers.
  • Online application form using Debit/Credit Card.
  • Application forms with fees deposited in banks can be send to DHA Quetta Main office without any charges through M&P courier service.
  • Application forms with fees deposited in banks can be send to DHA Quetta Main office on payment of rebated rate of Rs. 200 through TCS.
  • Application forms with fees deposited at TCS Express Centers can be send to DHA Quetta Main office on payment of rebated rate of Rs. 300 through TCS.

Terms & Conditions

  1. The name of the project shall be DHA Quetta Smart City, Phase-I being established at Quetta, Balochistan.
  2. The plot to be offered to the applicant in the project shall be on ownership basis. Allotment shall be through random balloting.
  3. Installments would be payable Quarterly (10th of January, April, July and October). Late payments would incur penalty (details at para 8 below).
  4. The applicant shall make down payment within the period specified in the DEMAND NOTICE that would be issued to the successful applicants. If the applicant fails to pay the dues within specified period mentioned in the DEMAND NOTICE, the application will be liable to be cancelled due to non-payment. Advance notice in this regard would be served prior to cancellation.
  5. Default in payment of three consecutive or any four installments will result in cancellation of plot. The amount deposited by the applicant will be refunded after completion of the installment payments as notified with 20% deduction of deposited amount.
  6. The applicant will pay transfer expenses, documentation charges and all other ancillary and miscellaneous expenses to DHA Quetta as determined by the authority for fulfillment of formalities as and when asked by DHA Quetta within the prescribed legal period. The cost of plots does not include registration and utility charges.
  7. The allottee will pay all taxes and other charges levied by federal, provincial govt, local bodies and other authorities, including those existing at present and those, which may be levied by the above mentioned, and other authorities at the time of final transfer (allotment) of property at prevailing rate on that particular date.
  8. Registered persons / members are requested to make payments as per schedule. A surcharge @20% per annum for each day of delay shall be levied for the amount in default as per DHA Quetta regulations, within the bounds of para 5 ante.
  9. In case of corner plot, park facing plot, main boulevard plot or any other special plot, 10% additional charges in each category will be payable with  final installment.
  10. DHA reserves the right to alter the allotment or make adjustment, relocate a plot, if the need so arises, in view of alterations in Town Plan or  escalation / other essential reasons. The same will not be challenged at any forum.
  11. Official transfer letters will be issued after the full payment of installments and development charges / other charges (to be read in conjunction with clause 7 above).
  12. Applicants making online payments should provide printout of deposit slip or any evidence of deposit.
  13. Development charges will be communicated in due course, which will apply proportionally to all categories.
  14. Option of joining contiguous commercial plots of all sizes is possible. Due negotiations can be done with DHA Quetta by interested parties.
  15. A 5% concession in plot price will be granted to government employees. Govt employees to indicate their designation and department in occupation column.
  16. Applicants of 500 sq yards (4500 sq feet) or 1 Kanal and higher categories of residential plots; and all commercial plots must be on FBR Active Taxpayer List to qualify for the acceptance of the application under the said categories.

DHA Quetta Booking Ballot 2019
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DHA Quetta Booking Ballot 2019
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