Bahria Town Lahore Transfer Fee

Bahria Town Lahore Transfer Fee

Following are the details for Transfer Fees for Bahria Town Lahore. Every possible care has been taken to provide this information. However it is really hard to get up to date information regarding any changes made by Bahria Town Lahore for transfer fees. Bahria Town Lahore do not offer any list of transfer fees. These transfer fees are provided just for seller and buyer information to calculate the selling or buying expenses. For up to date fees please contact Bahria Town Lahore office directly.


  1. AOA,

    dear i,ve nearly finalized a plot in bahria town sector C , i want to know answers of following quiestions if u can please reply

    1- Procedure of getting plot transferred in my name from Bahria town office? any experiences/tips?
    2- How much time will it take on that day and when will allotment letter issued?
    3- whats the suitable time for payment of pay order to seller?
    4- How to check if any dues are pending on purchaser’s end?
    5- What reciepts/documents should i recieve/demand on the transfer day in bahria site office?
    6- Should i apply possession , i have no intention to make home for next 5 years? what are non-construction charges?

    as plot is purchased from the hard-earned money , for my own construction so please reply me , to save myself from any fraud or emergency situation

    will be really thankful to u

    • 1- Transfer should be made at Bahria Town Office, please consult your agent for further assistance

      2- An hour or two maximum, allotment letter issue within the same day

      3- Once seller sign the transfer papers in Bahria Town Office

      4- It should be check before transfer procedure if any, however once NDC is issued it mean that transfer cannot be made with out clearing any dues if any

      5- Transfer fee receipt, any dues receipt paid by seller at the time of transfer if any, all previous documents with seller if any, and fresh allotment letter from Bahria Town

      6- You do not need to apply for possession if you do not want to construct home right now, for non construction charges please contact Bahria Town directly. However as per terms and conditions Bahria Town has right to change the location of any said plot due to technical reasons. Please contact Bahria Town directly for options describing the “Technical Reasons”

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