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Transfer Fees Schedule

DHA Gujranwala Transfer Fee Schedule 2020-2021
DHA Gujranwala Transfer Fee Schedule 2020-2021

Development Charges Schedule

DHA Gujranwala Service Benefit Plot Development Charges
DHA Gujranwala Service Benefit Plot Development Charges

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40 thoughts on “DHA Gujranwala Transfer Fees | Development Charges

  1. Dear Atif Iqbal, Jazak Allah Khair for answering everyone in detail that too in very polite manner. I just want to know that what all charges (means transfer charges, membership fee, etc) I have to pay other than price of 1 kanal plot file and agent commission

  2. How much extra one have to pay if someone purchases an allocation or affidavit file of Dha Gujranwala 1 Kanal, for filer and non filer? And will this include all transfers fee, or there are any more changes still to be paid at the time of purchase?

  3. HI, I have 5 marla plot file and paid full lump sum payment. now kinldy advise me when the allocation of plot will be done and what is the current rate if we sell the file now.


    1. Dear Abid Bhai,

      Development charges are not announced yet for DHA Gujranwala. If you buy now you will only pay file price. Development charges will be charge later.

  4. i want to buy 5 marla plot in dha gujranwala..see site it showing file price round 300,000/- what is this.. is person has not paid previous instalment guid me

  5. Atif Bahi..

    What is the transfer fee for 5 Marla plot?
    Is there any membership fee for buyer?
    Is 5 Marla file available on full payment? Is yes what is the price?

    1. Dear Mohsin Bhai,

      Transfer fee for 5 Marla is Rs. 30,000 (Lahore Office)
      Transfer fee include membership fee
      Yes NOC allottee files will be available in full payment after NOC. Currently NOC is not available and with NOC from GHQ service benefit plot cannot be transferred.

  6. Kindly reply these Questions , I will be very thankul
    1. After getting Intimation Letter , Can we pay full payment ? If yes than what document should we collect from land owner except intimation letter?
    2. From where we get membership challan form and where we have to submit fee?
    3. 1 kanal affidavit membership fees for filer ?
    4. I am assuming full transfer expense for affidavit is (10000 processing fee + membership fee) , Is there any other charges?

    1. Dear Adeel Abid Bhai,

      1- Yes at the time of intimation letter collection after verifying from DHA Office, you can make payment. Get intimation fee voucher of Rs. 10,000 alnogwith intimation letter

      2- Your agent do all these task for you. However you can get membership form from DHA Office and can submit membership fee at DHA office.

      3- Membership fee is 50,000

      4- Intimation fee 10,000 and membership fee is 50,000. You don’t need to pay any thing at this step.

  7. AOA,
    I want to buy DHA 10 marla file please answers my following queries.

    1-processing of DHA affidavit and Allocation file(Step by step with Time frame).
    2-Legality of Affidavit and Allocation file. (Secured or not)
    3- Which one good to buy Affidavit or Allocation (Safer side, if yes then why).
    4-Status of Affidavit and Allocation file with DHA ( mean DHA do record as other Installment file or not).
    5-Benefit of buying Affidavit or Allocation File.


    1. Dear Fahad Bhai,

      1- 7 to 10 working days required for intimation
      2- After intimation you pay membership fee, it take 15 to 18 working days to get allocation
      3- intimation and allocation both are secured
      4- DHA has record for both (nothing to do with installment file)
      5- Either you buy Affidavit or Allocation both are beneficial, but affidavit will not be included in ballot when happen, so before ballot you must convert affidavit into allocation.

  8. اسلام علیکم میرا نام محمد یوسف ہے میں پاکستان سے باہر ھوتا ھوں میں نے کچھ عرصہ پہلے ڈی ایچ اے گجرانوالہ میں ۱۰ مرلہ کی فائل خریدی تھی اور اس کی کب تک پلاٹنگ ھو گی اور اس کی پلاٹنگ کی فیس میری جگہ کوئی بھی جمع کرواسکتا ہے یا مجھے آنا پڑے گا مہربانی فرما کر مجھے اس کے بارے میں مکمل معلومات دے آپ کا بہت شکریہ

    1. Dear Muhammad Yousaf Bhai,

      Which planning you are talking about. Are talking about Balloting / Map of DHA Gujranwala.

      Have you purchased affidavit or allocation file?

      1. Dear atif iqbal bhai I purchase DHA Gujrawala 10 Marla allocation file I simply asked when expected overall balloting 2019 or 2020 and after ballot any body deposits the balloting fee or compulsory my self that’s my question thanks

  9. Asalam o alacum, i want to ask about the 5 marlas files available in the market after 4th April Balloting,
    1) What is the transfer process of these files?
    2) If a person buy these files over own, what kind of security is must before purchasing? An affidavit alone will be enough or not? Moreover, will DHA maintain the record of these files too which will be purchased at own?
    3) Is there any provision If one pays all amount at the time of first installment for transfer of the file in his name?

    1. Dear Wali Ullah Bhai,

      DHA usually open transfer after receiving down payment and membership fee. DHA is not responsible for any deal made out side DHA. Only DHA transfer is acceptable. DHA do not maintain any record for such transactions. Usually DHA offer discount for full payment, one need to check from DHA Gujranwala if they are offering any discount for lump sum payment.

  10. Salam. I am overseas. How many plots one person can apply for? or it is one plot per name?

  11. Thank you Atif bhai, now I know DHA Gujranwala is the one to invest further, InshaAllah in Dec when I will come to Pakistan.

  12. Atif Bhai, Assalam o Alaikum,
    I want to do 30-35lac investment in a safe project, which one do you recommend? DHA Bwp or DHA Guj? Or any other e.g. DHA Peshawar?

    1. Dear Kamran Bhai,

      We have dedicated page for each project, you may find rates on project respective page. You can find all project under Societies Menu.

  13. Dear Atif Bhai, AOA,
    DHA Gujranwala rate link is probably broken. May I know what is the current rate of 10 marla and 1 kanal file?

  14. what are the total cost of 1 kanal file of gujranwala including all cost i.e. transfer fee, membership fee any other cost if any please

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