ISLAMABAD (APP) – By using the green building designs and technologies up to 70 per cent electrical energy could be saved and meet 90 per cent air-conditioning demand.

It might prove efficient in the coming years when the prices of fuel and other materials go up, a TV report said. Engineer Andrea Lazzari said, “”As compared to traditional buildings, the green building could be costlier but in the next five years you will get more than 100 per cent benefits. Overall it will be environmentally friendly,” he said.

The green building will be completely ecologically compatible and help lower the environmental impact during all the seasons. Moreover, the green building can be used for residential purposes, offices, hotels, tourism and sports activities as well, he pointed out. Achieving the target of saving 90 per cent energy would depend not only on solar energy but also other factors in the construction of the building.

It would depend on what kind of efficiency crystals are going to be used in the building.” The green building’s cost may be high, at present, but it will save money by conserving energy. In the long term, however, when fuel prices soar up it will be benefiting.

Source: The Post