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Important: PM Imran performed groundbreaking of new Gwadar Airport

Gwadar is a port city on the southwestern coast of Baluchistan, Pakistan. The city is located on the shores of the Arabian Sea, approximately 700 kilometers to the west of Pakistan’s largest city, Karachi.

Gwadar Maps

Govt. Housing Schemes in Gwadar:

Private Housing Schemes in Gwadar:

Upcoming Updates:

  • Construction of East-Bay Expressway, Gwadar Port
  • Construction of Breakwaters, Gwadar Port
  • Dredging of Berthing Areas & Channels, Gwadar Port
  • Pak-China Technical & Vocational Institute
  • Infrastructure Development for Free Zone & EPZs, Gwadar
  • Necessary Facilities of Fresh Water Treatment, Water Supply
  • China-Pakistan Friendship Hospital (Up-gradation of existing 50 bedded hospital
  • Coal-based Power Plant at Gwadar
  • Construction of Gwadar International Airport

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GDA Official Contact:

  • Governor House Road,  Gwadar, Balochistan,  Pakistan.
  • Information Desk / Complaint Registration Cell: +92 86 9201018
  • Telephone No Director General: +92 86 9201004
  • Telephone No Office: +92 86 9201010-11
  • Fax No: +92 86 9201020
  • E-mail: [email protected]
  • URL:

GDA Quetta Office:

  • G.D.A. Office,  Civil Secretariat, Block No.9, 2nd Floor, Room No. 28,  Quetta, Balochistan
  • Telephone No: +92 81 9201675
  • Fax No: +92 81 9201675

GDA Director Town Planning:

  • Line: +92 86 421 1775 – 421 0953

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144 thoughts on “Gwadar Properties

    1. Salam,
      We would like to sell a residential plot in Gwadar, New Town Housing Scheme, it is 1000 square yards, next to the airport. Our price 75 Lakh, where can we find buyers. Thanks.

  1. dear atif bhai aoa : what 5 marla plot price in china village gawadar today? plz also inform me about its exact location & its present development status. thnx

  2. I need to know is it true “in 2015, a 1000 S.q Y Commercial plot in Gwadar SANGAR Housing Project could be bought for 25 LAC rupees. today that same plot is worth 5 Crore rupees.”

  3. Sir some one from Ali Green group (Asia heights) Mr kosar and his partner Seyad shah Abbas,give me 2 acres land on coastal highway, in 2005 ,i was pay them ,It was My investment for my future.but now i need to sell my plots,i am shocked ,no any-plots there by my name ,i am very tense ,please help me if you have to do something for me

  4. Night landing system to be installed at Gwadar Airport

    Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority (PCAA) will install night landing system at Gwadar International Airport. According to details, the directives to install night landing system at Gwadar International Airport were issued by Shahrukh Nusrat, Secretary Aviation/Director General, PCAA. He also directed the PCAA to make Saidu Shareef, Muzaffarabad, Chitral and Rawalakot Airports ready for flight operations.

    Moreover, he said that under New Aviation Policy 2019, the outreach of aviation services was being broadened in the country. It may be pointed out that the key objective of the recently-approved New Aviation Policy 2019 is to restore aviation sector by effectively regulating it and equally providing facilities to its stakeholders.

  5. PM Imran performed groundbreaking of new Gwadar Airport

    GWADAR: Prime Minister Imran Khan visited Gwadar on 29th March, where he attended the international expo in the coastal city. Chinese diplomat Lijian Zhao said that the premier has grace Gwadar Expo 2019, which was held on March 29, He also attended the ground breaking ceremony of new Gwadar International Airport.

    The airport is being hailed as Pakistan’s biggest airport, thus far.

    Moreover, it will be capable of handling a combination of ATR 72, Airbus, (A-300), Boeing (B-737) and Boeing (B-747) for domestic as well as international routes.

    Earlier in February, Minister for Planning, Development and Reform Makhdum Khusro Bakhtyar had said that the groundbreaking of a number of Gwadar projects will be performed in March.

    Bakhtyar said the government attaches top priority to the development of Gwadar.

    “Groundbreaking of a number of projects including Gwadar power plant, New International Airport, vocational institute and hospital would be done in the coming few weeks,” the minister was quoted as saying in an official statement. “Similarly, Gwadar master plan would be finalised in the coming six weeks.”

  6. What are the future prospects of Muscat Center Gwadar. Its NOC is expired since long. There are also rumors that govt can claim their land by imposing Sec 4

  7. Gwadar Development Update

    GE2019 which is a ‘KEY TO GLOBAL OPPORTUNITIES’ delivers you the vital platform to meet and communicate with foreign investors, buyers and international traders from many different parts of the world.

    It is one of the biggest international exhibitions of Pakistan specialized in different business arenas, opening new ventures for the number of industrial sectors.


    Meet hundreds of potential buyers face to face.
    Raise your profile in a competitive market.
    Collect high quality leads and generate sales.
    Launch new products or services direct to the market and gain feedback from prospective purchasers.
    Host educational sessions and answer queries from potential customers.
    Network with the media, your customers and other exhibitors.

  8. what about Ocean Marina Gwadar? you haven’t mentioned anything about this project by siddique-sons?
    please also suggest about this project.

    1. Dear Fazil Bhai,

      This project is located in Ankara Shumali, having 234 Acres of NOC. Currently only this information is available. We are waiting for further information by developer.

  9. ATIF bhai! How would you rate investing in naval anchorage gwadar at this point in time as the rates of files are quite low, or would you suggest any other option. What in your opinion is a minimum time line for any significant gain? Regards.

    1. Dear Ubed Bhai,

      At the moment Naval Anchorage Gwadar prices are very attractive. I will suggest to buy now and hold for next 3 years minimum to get handsome return, if other things remain the same. However whole Gwadar can see a sharp gain any time after New Master Plan and groundbreaking of New Gwadar International Airport.

      1. Dear Atif,
        Hope you had a nice new year start. Just wanted to get your advice official and non official.
        I am thinking of investing in Sangar Housing. My questions are;
        What would be the best option. if you think Sangar Gawdar is the best comparing to other investment in the country. Like DHA Multan, BWP. Gujra–n
        (1) 1.2 Kannal Residential or any other commercial plot?
        (2) or not
        Thank you

        1. Dear Fakhir Bhai,

          Gwadar is not a short term investment. Sangar is one of the best choice in Gwadar. If you have budget buy Residential or Commercial Plot in Sangar. You may also consider FTBA in Gwadar for commercial activity. Commercial activity in FTBA will be started right after Gwadar Master Plan.

          Following is location for FTBA Gwadar:

          DHA Multan, DHA Bahawalpur, DHA Gujranwala and DHA Peshawar will remain the most secure and safe investments.

  10. Govt puts all stakeholders on board for Gwadar Expressway completion in time

    ISLAMABAD: Senator Kauda Babar Wednesday said Gwadar Expressway would be completed with efficacy as the incumbent government has direct coordination with the Chinese companies implementing the project.

    Talking to APP, after convening a sub-committee of Senate Standing Committee on Maritime Affairs he said earlier the development work on the project was at snail’s pace due to lack of interest of the former government towards the project.

    He said at present the government has maintained direct linkages with the Chinese companies and stakeholders involved in the development projects under China Pakistan Economic Corridor for swift completion of the projects in Balochistan.

    “All stakeholders are on board with better coordination and projects would be completed not in time rather with enhanced and efficient approach,” he remarked.

  11. Gwadar to have modern railway station

    Federal Minister for Railways Sheikh Rashid Ahmed said on Wednesday that Balochis­tan government had provided acres of required land for building a new modern railway station in Gwadar.

  12. Salam Atif bhai, i own some land in darbela shumali , i have been hearing some very disturbing stories about land being over taken without warning is this true? i was told to get my land demarcated to make it safe? can u pls tell me about the process of demarcation and costs involved?

    1. Dear Faraz Alamgir Bhai,

      It is recommended to get demarcation of your land. There are different rumors in the market. You need to contact DC Office Gwadar to verify the acquisition, if any. Cost of demarcation vary as per size of land. You have to ask seller to give you possession of land with demarcation.

  13. Mr. Atif,

    I strongly appreciate your efforts towards this cause. I have a couple of questions regarding property purchase in Gawadar. If you have any updates regarding Savaira City payment plan, kindly share with us. Secondly what is the best way to secure your property in Gawadar if you are an outsider? Since encroachment & land grabbing is very common in other cities of Pakistan & its not easy for outsiders to visit Gawadar frequently. Thanks

    1. Dear Nabeel Bhai,

      I agree about your reservation about property investment in Pakistan, you need to check about followings:

      NOC by GDA
      Brand Name
      On Ground Development Status

      I am not updated about Savaira City. You may contact us at our WhatsApp Hotline +923111042111

  14. Atif bhai Salam,,, can u advise us the current status of the canadian city gwadar,,, about his location & good for the investment and how far from the port….
    Jazak Allah

    1. Dear Wahid Imran Bhai,

      Canadian City Gwadar is almost 16 KM from New Town Monument. You may find several options which close to City area then Canadian City Gwadar. It will be a long term investment.

  15. Salaam Atif bhai
    I just need some Information
    Is there a society in Gwadar with the name of “China Pak Golf Estates” ?
    if it does, where would you rank it ? and has development started there ?
    or any usefull details about it please.

    1. Dear Hafiz Bhai,

      Yes there is a project name “China Pak Golf Estate” in Gwadar. It is new name of “Crown City Gwadar”. It is located at Mouza Chatti Shumali having NOC of 155 Acres. Its location is 5 KM from Green Palm on Main Coastal Highway towards Iran next to Sun Silver City. This is old location of Crown City. I am not sure if they have applied for changes of location as well.

  16. Gwadar News Alert

    This is to inform you that as per Instructions by Deputy Commissioner / Project Director Gwadar, (special thank to CM Balochistan Mr. Jam Kamal) the transfer of following housing schemes will only be held at Gwadar office:

    1- Sangar Housing Project Gwadar
    2- New Town Housing Scheme Gwadar
    3- Maanbar Housing Scheme Pishukan, Gwadar
    4- Balochistan Employees Co-Operative Housing Society Gwadar

    All facilitation offices outside Gwadar are hereby close immediately, and will not entertain any queries / transfers to above mentiioned Housing Scheme.

  17. This is undoubtedly the best blog on Gwadar I have seen. EVER. Atif Iqbal, you have done a wonderful job. The beauty in someone’s work comes with passion and I believe that you are passionate about Gwadar as well. Please keep it up.

    Respect from Canada.

      1. Atif Iqbal bhai, I am looking for land in ormara and its surrounding area. I have exhausted internet search but can’t find any reputable real estate agent. Can you guide me? I am looking for land near zero point in Ormara.
        Also, if I want to find out who owns a particular piece of land that I am interested in, how do I find the owner?


        1. Dear Hammad Khan Bhai,

          Ormara is out of Gwadar Tehsil, it is located in Gwadar District. We do not have knowledge about Ormara. We can only assist you regarding Gwadar Tehsil Properties specific to Housing and Commercial projects. We are are not dealing with Open Land at the moment.

  18. According to the estimation of the study, 11 new projects in #Gwadar city to be initiated soon would produce 76000 direct jobs.

    The 11 new project include development of free zone, new Gwadar International Airport, Gwadar East-Bay Expressway, dredging of berthing areas and channels, construction of breakwater, #Pakistan-#China friendship hospital, technical and vocational institute, Gwadar smart port city master plan, Bao steel park, petrochemicals, stainless steel and other industries in the city, development of Gwadar University, and upgradation and development of fishing, boat making and maintenance services to protect and promote livelihoods of local population.

    The 16 energy projects would also produce 5,0828 jobs while nine Special Economic Zones (SEZs) to be constructed in various parts of the country would produce 1,021,396 direct jobs in the country.

    The study said that among the total direct jobs to be generated, a huge chunk of share would go to Pakistani individuals, however it suggested that Pakistani individuals would need more technical training to fulfil their job requirements.

    “The crux of the matter for any economy is the mismatch of skills. In which, the work force exists, the positions in the job market are vacant, but, the unemployment rate remains unaffected,” the study said adding “the expertise acquired by the workers are not consistent with the job market.

    As a result, there exists a gap between the practitioners and the academics, while the students of today cannot take firm decisions for their career path.

    Copyright APP (Associated Press of Pakistan), 2018

  19. Census 2018 Gwadar Population and Household Detail From Block To District Level

    Gwadar District 263,514
    Gwadar Tehsil 138,438
    Gwadar City 47,676

    Breakup of Gwadar district
    Gwadar Tehsil 138,438
    Jiwani Tehsil 26,991
    Ormara Tehsil 25,727
    Pasni Tehsil 61,396
    Suntser Sub-tehsil 10,962

    Gwadar Sistrict total: 263,514

    For more details visit the link below:

        1. Dear Chaudhry Bhai,

          You can go for New Town Phase 5 and 4 Ext. without map. Rates are as under:

          120 Yards @ 7.50 lacs
          200 Yards @ 9.50 lacs

          400 Yards @ 16 lacs
          1000 Yards @ 24 lacs

        2. Thanku so much atif bhai, has transfer been open?I heard that transfer wasn’t open?Also what do u think holding time might be?

  20. Salam Atif,

    Do you have any news for Ziarat Machi Sharqi for Moza 175 ?

    Last year few Moza of Ziarat Machi Sharqi was acquired by GDA, can u share those Mozas please

  21. Gwadar Developments Update by Ahsan Iqbal, January 2018

    Ahsan Iqbal Minister for Interior and Minister for Planning told media about Gwadar Developments, while briefing with media he said that construction of 5 Factories of light engineering has been started in Phase 1 Gwadar Free Zone. In 2nd phase heavy steel, chemical & fertilizer industries will be started soon. He added once these industries will be operational they will bring a New City with them, when Automobile Industry will be established in Gwadar it will also bring vendor industry as well. He said that water crisis will be also resolved soon. Minister stated that in next 2 to 3 years Gwadar will be much more developed. In 2013 Gwadar was just like a fisher man. Today we have a large road network like any international city.

  22. Ministry of Maritime Affairs

    Ministry of Maritime Affairs in Islamabad is the central administrative authority of the Government of Pakistan primarily assigned to facilitate the ports and shipping industry of Pakistan by providing policy guideline to encourage port development and growth in shipping while maintaining safety standards. The Ministry is headed by the Federal Minister for Maritime Affairs assisted by the Secretary, Maritime Affairs. In Karachi Director General (Maritime Affairs) represents Ministry.

  23. Gwadar Port to be fully operational next month

    KARACHI: Gwadar port will start its full commercial operation from next month as all the development works have been completed, maritime minister said on Monday.

    Minister for Maritime Affairs Hasil Khan Bizenjo said it is a prime responsibility of the government and the people of Pakistan to ensure the smooth working of Gwadar port that “has a significant importance in the region.”

    “Locals should come forward prior to other foreign investors and participate in activities,” Bizenjo said, speaking to the members of the Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI).

    “If locals show interest then there should be no complaints.”

    The minister maritime said the coastal belt of Gwadar has immense opportunities for tourism. The minister urged the private sector to build resorts along the belt.

    The minister also dispelled an impression that Chabahar port of Iran would give a setback to Gwadar port. “In future, this port will seek support from Gwadar port,” he said.

    China signed an agreement with Pakistan to develop the deep sea commercial port, which is one of its prime priorities under the multibillion dollars China-Pakistan Economic Corridor projects.

    Bizenjo said a tender will be floated next month for the construction of elevated expressway by the Karachi Port Trust, which will connect Pakistan Deep Water Container Port with the main port. The project has been under consideration for the last 12 years, he added.

    On improvement of Pakistan National Shipping Corporation (PNSC), he said the flagship carrier will soon issue tenders to buy three vessels to increase its fleet.

    On ferry service, the minister said the ministry is formulating a policy to get it ready for the cabinet’s approval. He, however, said the government will not venture the business of ferry service and instead the private sector will undertake its operation.

    The maritime minister urged businessmen to invest in ferry service that has immense investment opportunities.

    Responding to businessmen grievances about high fees charged by Karachi Port Trust, he asked the KPT board to send proposals for further consideration.

    Zhang Baozhong, chairman of China Overseas Port Holding said Gwadar Expo 2018 will be held on January 29 and 30 to update the investors on the port’s development status.

    Baozhong urged local people to come forward and take responsibility as one day “Chinese will return.”

    The chairman China Overseas Port Holding, which holds the lease of Gwadar port for 40 years, said the port offers numerous benefits to the local traders as well as goods traded under the Afghan transit trade.

    There are no demurrage charges, while there is security and safety of cargo with speedy customs clearance and free storage of containers for the three months period.

    FPCCI President Zubair Tufail, hailing the Gwadar’s developments, said the first phase of free zone on the area of 721 acres has been completed. Tufail hoped the next phase would also be completed within the deadline.

    Publish in TheNews December 19, 2017

  24. PM performs groundbreaking of East Bay Expressway Gwadar

    According to Radio Pakistan, Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi will visit Gwadar on Wednesday (November 22) to perform groundbreaking of East Bay Expressway .

    Radio Pakistan Quetta correspondent says the project will be completed with a cost of sixteen billion rupees within three years.

    The Prime Minister will also preside a meeting to review pace of work on various development projects in Gwadar.

    Later, he will meet the elected representatives and notables of the city.

    Published in The Nation 22 November, 2017

  25. Up Rise Water Front Gwadar

    Up Rise Water Front Gwadar. it is a commercial project on marine drive, located just before Kahan avenue on Sardar Gohram Lashari Avenue intersect of Marine and Padizer Boulevard

  26. State Bank of Pakistan, Zarai Taraqiati Bank Gwadar

    Development State Bank of Pakistan Gwadar, Zarai Taraqiati Bank Gwadar and next to State Bank site for Custom House Gwadar. State Bank of Pakistan is corner of Kalmat and Kharan Avenue intersect. Zarai Taraqiati Bank is located at Kharan Avenue and Custom House is located at Kalmat Avenue

  27. EPZ Gwadar Export Processing Zone Gwadar

    EPZ Gwadar Export Processing Zone Gwadar, next to Gwadar Industrial Estate. It is handed over to china and development work is going on

  28. Dear atif bhai
    Thanx sir.But do u think commercial investment in open land could give more oppertunities ?
    Airport road n adjacent areas bz in ur mentiond areas commercial rates r very highy.40 to 50 lacs output can be optimum in open land areas in these days of ramzan bz im observing rates getting down for a while.

    1. Dear Asif Bhai,

      You can go for it, if you can secure your land after buying. For open land fundamental is that you have to keep your possession on your responsibility.

  29. Dear Atif bhai
    I want to invest in gwadar so that I can get maximum benifit from Rs.fort lakh.what would u advise open land near air port or marine drive or industrial estate,or sanghar.plz guide me.thanx

  30. 300 MW power plant in Gwadar

    Pakistan government and a Chinese company signed an agreement today to build a 300-megawatt coal-fired power plant in Gwadar.

    The project will be established under China-Pakistan Economic Corridor.

    The agreement to this effect was signed between Private Power and Infrastructure Board and China Communications Construction Company.

  31. Pakistan, China ink six accords of cooperation

    BEIJING, May 13 (APP): Pakistan and China on Saturday inked six accords of cooperation in diverse fields including Framework Agreement on up gradation of Main Line-1 rail track and establishment of a dry port at Havelian.

    Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif and Chinese Premier Li Keqiang witnessed the signing ceremony here at the Peoples Great Hall of China.

    The Memorandum of Understanding signed between the two countries are as under:

    1- Framework of the Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road Initiative
    2- Agreement on Economic and Technical Cooperation (1.5 billion RMB for Gwadar Airport etc.)
    3- Framework Agreement on implementation of up gradation of ML-1 and establishment of Havelian Dry Port in Pakistan
    4- MoU on implementation of ML-1 and establishment of Havelian Dry Port in Pakistan
    5- Agreement on Economic and Technical Cooperation (0.8 billion RMB for Gwadar Airport)
    6- Agreement on Economic and Technical Cooperation (1.1 billion RMB for East bay Expressway)

  32. Dear Atif bhai
    I want to get information ab white pearl city Gwadar.I purchased 4 plots 5 marla in2006’few instalments paid but after that crises started.I have complete record of bookng etc.How I can come to know real picture?

  33. Dovetailing Pakistan through CPEC

    Transforming Gwadar fishing village into the most advanced business hub of region

    Government Framework Agreement has been signed for Gwadar Eastbay Expressway (19km, connecting Gwadar Port to Mehran Coastal Highway) and 40 percent work is complete. Government Framework Agreement has also been signed for Gwadar New International Airport and 40 percent work is already complete

    Gwadar, once a small, sleepy shipping town, is fast transforming into a vibrant destination for the investors of the region. An ignored town on the shores of the Arabian Sea, Gwadar is a coastal village which is a warm-water, deep-sea port; a rarity in the region.

    The port features prominently in the China – Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) plan, and is considered to be a crucial link between the ambitious One Belt, One Road and Maritime Silk Road projects.

    Gwadar is the central point of the CPEC as the city is being transformed under the Gwadar Master Plan, which is a grant from China for the uplift of the people of Gwadar. Under the master plan, three major projects – Gwadar Port, Gwadar International Airport and Gwadar Free Economic Zone – are being completed.

    Government Framework Agreement has been signed for Gwadar Eastbay Expressway (19km, connecting Gwadar Port to Mehran Coastal Highway) and 40 percent work is complete. Government Framework Agreement has also been signed for Gwadar New International Airport and 40 percent work is already complete.

    Gwadar Free Zone is also under construction by China Overseas Ports Holding Company Ltd and 50 percent work is almost over. The Chinese company operating the zone has already completed a pilot project at Free Zone where a few Chinese and Pakistani companies have setup their warehouses.

    Now work has started at second phase for investors and all facilities have been provided.

    Gwadar Smart Port City Master Plan is at feasibility stage with 15 percent work. Expansion of Multi-purpose Terminal including Breakwater and Dredging is at feasibility stage. Gwadar Eastbay Expressway II (19km, connecting Eastbay Expressway I to New Gwadar International Airport) is also at feasibility stage. Fresh Water Supply, Wastewater Treatment Plants for Gwadar City is also at feasibility stage.

    Pakistan, China Friendship School has also been completed while Gwadar Pak-China Friendship Hospital is at feasibility study.

    Two Pak-China Friendship technical and vocational colleges are being constructed in Balochistan – one each in Gwadar and Quetta.

    With each passing day, the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is unleashing a new wonder for Pakistan. The latest aspect is how this game-changing initiative is helping Pakistan’s politically divided and estranged provinces come closer.

    Whether it is Punjab, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP), Sindh, Balochistan, Azad Jammu and Kashmir, Gilgit Baltistan, Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) or the federal capital, all the federating units have got due share and have stakes in the projects related to the CPEC.

    All power plants have environmental safeguards and the Chinese companies have installed brand new coal fired power plants with supercritical technology to help prevent environmental hazards. Due to coal fired power plants, state of the art technology has been used

    According to experts and officials, CPEC is set to generate 700,000 job opportunities for Pakistani youth in the near future. CPEC projects have already generated 20,000 direct and 60,0000 indirect jobs under the ongoing CPEC projects.

    Almost all areas have been covered in the CPEC to ensure across country multi-sectoral development, the Chinese and Pakistani governments have been working day and night to help put Pakistan on road to progress and prosperity.

    Background interactions and interviews with the officials involved with the CPEC, it has come to the fore that the recently conducted 6thJoint Cooperation Committee (JCC) in Beijing has made some drastic decisions to help alleviate differences between the federating units of the country and the number of approved projects under the CPEC has been increased.

    It was for the first time that the chief ministers of the four provinces were invited at the JCC which urged the provincial governments to come up with their proposals for more projects to be added to the CPEC list.

    It seems that the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) government has taken full advantage of the Chinese offer. Chief Minister KP Pervez Khattak, once a strong critic of CPEC, has managed to add around 82 new projects with Chinese assistance. Though some of these projects are non-CPEC, yet their significance is relevant.

    Pervez Khattak, who recently took a 100-member delegation to Beijing for a road show, claims his government has signed Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs) 82 schemes worth over Rs2.4 trillion with Chinese companies which will usher in an era of economic revolution for the province.

    According to Khattak, the KP government fully owns the CPEC now. The CM says that he had formed a steering committee with seven working groups looking over various areas. He said that after feasibility study, the KP would be able to complete these projects.

    Interestingly, none of the 82 newly agreed upon projects would require loans, adding that these projects would not become a burden on the KP government. According to details, four MoUs worth $60 million had been signed in agriculture, archaeology and culture sectors while eleven projects were signed worth $7,427.5 million in the energy and power sectors.

    KP chief minister says that 19 projects worth $393.7 million had been signed in the higher education sector while seven MoUs were signed in housing sector worth $3332 million. Likewise, he added, $5,704 million worth of 12 projects were signed in industrial sector while seven other MoUs worth $245.2 million had been signed in the information and technology sector.

    Two more MoUs were signed in the local government sector; three in mines and minerals; nine in road and infrastructure, and one each in urban development and transportation sectors. Besides, three projects had been signed for improving urban sanitation.

    Khatak says that Chinese companies were mainly concerned about the law and order situation in the province and about investment security. He said the government was able to convince the investors that the province’s security situation is now far better than the past and everyone can invest safely in the province without any concerns.

    The chief minister said that after signing the MoUs, the government was looking forward to materialise the projects. For this purpose, the chief minister said, the KP government would arrange a summit next July and investors from China will be invited.

    The recent JCC meeting also agreed to increase the number of early harvest projects from 16 to 39 which would be completed by year 2018.

    Under the program, nine economic zones would include Rashakai Economic Zone on M-1; Special Economic Zone Dhabeji; Bostan Industrial Zone; Punjab – China Economic Zone, M-2 District Sheikhupura; ICT Model Industrial Zone, Islamabad; Development of Industrial Park on Pakistan Steel Mills Land at Port Qasim near Karachi; Bhimber Industrial Zone; Mohmand Marble City; and Moqpondass SEZ Gilgit-Baltistan.

    The provincial governments also got approved some new projects including Keti Bunder Sea Port Development Project in Sindh; Naukundi-Mashkhel-Panjgur Road Project connecting with M-8 & N-85; Chitral CPEC link road from Gilgit, Shandor, Chitral to Chakdara; Mirpur – Muzaffarabad – Mansehra Road Construction for connectivity with CPEC route; Quetta Water Supply Scheme from Pat feeder Canal, Balochistan; and Iron Ore Mining, Processing & Steel Mills complex at Chiniot, Punjab.

    However, the federating units would require completing homework before the next JCC for approval of projects.

    The energy sector is the most thriving out of CPEC projects as eleven projects are in advance stage. Chinese strategists have planned a good mix to help meet the energy requirement. These projects are set to add 11,000 megawatts to the national grid by the year-end under the CPEC which would help the energy-starved country meet its energy requirement.

    Port Qasim Electric Coal Fired Project has two units of 660 megawatts and would generate 1320 megawatts with a cost of US$1,980 million. The project is in IPP mode and would be completed by year 2018. Sahiwal Coal-fired Power Plant would also generate 1320 megawatts by year end. It would cost US$ 1,600 million. The first unit of Sahiwal project would start producing power next month.

    Engro Coal-fired project is in Thar, Sindh. It is also 1320 megawatts project with estimated cost of US$ 2,000 million and would complete by 2019.

    Its surface mine in Block II of Thar would be using 6.5 metric ton per annum (mtpa) with a cost of US$ 1,470 million. HUBCO coal power plant would also generate 1320 megawatts, with estimated cost of US$ 970 million.

    Suki Kinari Hydropower Station KP would generate 870 megawatts with cost of US$1,802 million and awaits ground breaking. Karot Hydropower Station, AJK & Punjab would generate 720 megawatts with a cost of US$1,420 million. Karot has already achieved financial close and is in advance stage.

    Moreover, four wind farms are also being developed. Dawood Wind Farm at Bhambore, Sindh, would generate 50 megawatts with a cost of US$125 million. Sachal Wind Farm, Jhimpir, Sindh, would also generate 50MW with a cost of US$134.

    The UEP Wind Farm at Jhimpir, Sindh, would generate 100MW with a cost of US$250 million. Pakistan Wind Farm would also generate 100 MW (Jhimpir, Thatta, Sindh) with a cost of US$150 megawatts.

    Another major breakthrough is the agreement for feasibility study of the centuries-old railways track of Pakistan from Peshawar to Karachi. The track needs rehabilitation as it has different systems and various speed limits. For instance, the track from Lahore to Khanewal has electricity support system which can help trains run on 160 kilometers per hour. However, from Rawalpindi to Lahore the train can run at 80 kilometers per hour while rest of the track only allows 50 kilometers per hour travel.

    Now the Chinese engineers would conduct feasibility study to allow 180 kilometers travel from Karachi to Peshawar.

    All power plants have environmental safeguards and the Chinese companies have installed brand new coal fired power plants with supercritical technology to help prevent environmental hazards. Due to coal fired power plants, state of the art technology has been used. Only Gwadar power plant is 300 megawatts which has sub critical technology while all other plants have supercritical technology.

    Security is another aspect Pakistan has laid focus on. 15,000 troops have been placed under the Strategic Security Division (SSD) installed for CPEC security by the federal government and the army. The division is being led by Major-General Abid Rafique. Provincial governments are also boosting their own security squads and Punjab has recruited 5000 personnel, KP government has dedicated 4000 personnel and Sindh has placed 4000 security officials for the CPEC security.

    One may conclude that CPEC has taken off well before time and all projects are not only in advance stage but also would help transform Pakistan into a new investor-friendly hub of the region.

  34. CPEC #BeltandRoad
    #Pakistan has been working to provide security to projects at the port of #Gwadar, a focal point of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) that both countries hope can be protected from potentially hostile foreign forces in the region.

  35. Change of Name in Gwadar (Industrial & Residential) till date 27-04-2017

    Following is the list of societies who has change their names till date.

    Old Name: Kaamyab City
    New Name: Gwadar Central

    Old Name: Pearl Builder
    New Name: The Gwadar Lagoon

    Old Name: Al-Shams Builder & Developer
    New Name: Al-Shams City Gwadar

    Old Name: Desmount Residency – Chatti Shumali
    New Name: Kings Park Gwadar – Ankara Shamali (location also changed)

    Old Name: Marzia City/King City
    New Name: Crown City Phase II

    Old Name: Gold Reaf City
    New Name: Palm City Gwadar

    Old Name: Free Zone City
    New Name: Indus Free Zone

  36. How much land will be acquired by Federal Gov. in Ganz, any proposed land confirmation yet… ?
    i heard the beach front will be taken by the GOV. from Khasra 1 to 5?

  37. Gwadar made winter capital of Balochistan

    QUETTA: Balochistan Chief Minister Nawab Sanaullah Khan Zehri on Wednesday announced plans to restore the status of Gwadar as winter capital and directed all provincial departments to establish their offices there.

    He made this announcement while presiding over the 16th meeting of Gwadar Development Authority’s (GDA) governing body. The meeting was reviewed by Gwadar Development Authority’s administrative and other affairs.

    Gwadar airport to be completed in Oct

    Approving provision of land for setting up the 300MW power plant project in Gwadar, it was decided that GDA would also recommend the company for partnership in profit.

    It was also decided that the secretariat for the winter capital would be established in District Provincial Complex where offices of all provincial departments would be moved.

    The chief minister said that the time had come for the early completion of development projects.

    Published in The Express Tribune, February 23rd, 2017.

  38. Land Acquisition as per Master Development Plan of Gwadar Port Authority

    Director Planning & Development Mr. Naveed Ahmed issued a circular addressing Deputy Commissioner Gwadar for the land acquisition as per Master Development Plan of Gwadar Port Authority under section-4 Land Acquisition Act for the following locations in Gwadar:

    Mullah Band Ward: 231 Acre
    DhorGhati: 602 Acre
    Mouza WashinDhor & Shinkani Dar: 6474 Acre
    Mouza Surbandar, Gurandani, Darbela, Karwat, & Kappar excluding land of GIEDA and Gwadar EPZ: 12355

    Total area: 19662

    1. Dear Mr. Atif Iqbal;
      I am an overseas Pakistani, I want investment in Gwadar. But before I want to visit the sites in August 2017. How can your team help us there. Is it safe to travel Gwadar and stay there ?

      1. Dear Ijaz ul Haq Bhai,

        Travel to Gwadar and stay there is safe now. Pak Army is doing day and night efforts to make it safe and Alhamdolillah now you can travel to Gwadar with piece of mind. Yes we have team there and can manage sits visit for you.

  39. There are few residential projects in Gwadar which are reliable for investment, one of them is Balochistan Employees Cooperative Housing Society. It is a local Govt. scheme. Just few yards away from sea and facing Marine drive, there are limited number of plots available in this scheme. It is a secure investment.

    There are following categories of plots in Balochistan Employees Cooperative Housing Scheme:

    Residential Plots
    200,400,600 Sq yards

    Commercial Plots
    400,1000 sq yards

    Price range in Balochistan Employees Cooperative Housing Scheme is as under:

    Residential Plots
    200 Sq Yard Price is 17 Lacs
    400 Sq Yard Price is 27 Lacs
    600 Sq Yard Not Available

    Commercial Plots
    400 Sq Yard Price is 48 Lacs (between Punjgoor and Padizar Main Road)

    1000 Sq Yard commercial Price is Rs.170 Lacs (between Marine drive and Padizar Road)

    Transfer charges are Rs. 75 Per Sq for Residential Plots

    Development charges arw Rs. 300 Per Sq yard for Residential Plots

    Transfer charges are Rs. 150 Per Sq for Commercial Plots

    Development charges arw Rs. 400 Per Sq yard for Commercial Plots

    If you have any inquiry please feel free to contact us.

    Atif Iqbal +923218469951

  40. Atif bhai,can u advice about Canadian city project , is it suitable for investment and how this far from the port and sea?

    1. Dear Wahid Imran Bhai,

      Canadian City Gwadar is an old project in Gwadar like others. They have previously booked plots and still no development is there. As per past track record only New World City is the project which have some developments on ground previously. Canadian City location is good. Four main avenue (Dasht Avenue, Kach Avenue, Ankara Avenue and Mand Avenue) go through Canadian City Gwadar. You can see the Mand Avenue on Google Map. It is 2nd last Avenue before last Avenue (Kahan Avenue). These are developed Avenues. Other wise these Avenues are after each kilometer as per current master plan of GDA.

      It is almost 17 KM from Governor House at Marine Drive.

  41. Dear expert,

    I am an overseas pakistani, i would like to invest in gwadar.

    I am interested in buying on installment, which project do you think i should go for?


  42. GDA imposed ban on NOCs in Gwadar

    Gwadar Development Authority imposed complete ban on issuing of Development & Sales NOCs for Housing, Commercial and Industrial Projects, Commercial & Residential Building as well as on Land Development permits in Gwadar for a period of next 6 month.

    Further more all Government / Semi Government Agencies, Autonomous Bodies working in the jurisdiction of Gwadar Tehsil are required to obtain NOC from the Authority to carry out any planning / development activity to ensure integrated development conformity in accordance with Gwadar Master Plan.

  43. Green Palm Gwadar location shown by Rafi Group

    Green Palm is located in Mouza Marjani where 1 Acre with Coastal front price is 7 to 10 lacs per Acre and 1 Acre without Coastal front inside rate is 4 lacs per Acre. Green Palm has no access / front from Coastal Highway.

    Marjani Per Acre without Coastal Front 400,000 / 8 Kanal = 50,000 per Kanal
    50,000 / 20 = 2500 per Marla
    2500 x 5 = 12500 cost of land for 5 Marla plot (base price)

    Rafi Group is booking 5 Marla plot at 4 lacs. Asking for down payment of 80,000. It mean you are going to pay the cost of land (current market price) 12,500 plus 5.4 times more approx just in down payment.

    1. Dear Atif,

      Do you have confirm information that Green Palms don’t have coastal front or you’re just opposing because you don’t get opportunity for booking as an agent ? please share confirm news. You’re supporting open land in gwadar but tell me as an overseas Pakistani how can we manage this land ? Also can you give guarantee that their will be no qabza in open land ???

      1. Dear Junaid Bhai,

        I am not opposing Green Palm even though I have explained that Rafi Group is a known developer. My analysis are on the basis of Money vs. Value. Green Palm is located at Mouza Mouzani where 1 Acre land price is 5 lacs per Acre today. Obviously Green Palm in not going to allot you a 5 Marla plot on Main Coastal High Way. It will be definite inside. Also I want to share that in market people says that Green Palm has only few Acres land in Mouza Mouzani rest of land is located in Gamaro. I never quoted this before but it is what market says. 1 Acre land price is 2 lacs to 2.20 lacs in Mouza Gamaro.

        If you look at map of Green Palm location shared by Rafi Group official website, you can notice that they did not show the location on Main Coastal Highway. As per Gwadar Master plan each box is of 1 Kilometer by 1 Kilometer. Their shown location a bit away from Main Coastal Highway. I am not assuming it from my self. This location is marked by their selves on their official website.

        However still if you need any further information regarding Green Palm or any other private society in Gwadar, we have already shared GDA official Contact numbers and also their Information Desk / Complaint Registration Cell number for visitors convenience. If you found any error in my information please also update us here, so other visitors can also get benefit of up to date information about Green Palm.

        No one can give Guarantee for Qabza in Karachi & Lahore then how it is possible to give Guarantee for Gwadar. But does it mean that people are not selling and buying open land in Lahore & Karachi. Also in Gwadar there are no Qabza Group activity reported in General. May be there are few cases. But still I can Guarantee you that it is much much safer in Gwadar to buy open land then in Lahore and Karachi. If any case arises between two parties in is 99% solved in any way. But it is really hard to see any disputes in parties due to Qabza Group. Also you need to apply for Wall NOC to GDA to get secure your land but still after doing all this it your responsibility to take care of your open land. GDA offer GPS demarcation of the site and give you NOC letter with GPS Coordinates to make sure that in future no other one can apply the NOC for the same place. Also registry is another way to secure your land. Also definitely Rafi Group management never has inherited land in Gwadar, they also purchased an open land from the market.

  44. Atif bhai, Please advise the Green palm by rafi group, do you recommend for buying. currently there NOC is conditionally restored. Please advise.

    1. Dear Rajab Bhai,

      Greem Plam is located in Mouza Marjani where this Mouza ends. It is almost 40 KM from City. Current rate in Mouza Marjani is 7 to 10 lacs per acre with coastal front on average. Where as Rafi Group sold only 5 Marla @ 4 lacs only with development charges. Now you can imagine that Acre price is 7 to 8 with coastal front. I have 11 acre with 1 acre coastal front @ 9 lacs. Where without front inside Mouza Marjani rate is 4 to 4.5 lacs per acre. Now you can easy analyze what you are buying at what cost and where it is located.

        1. Dear Rajab Bhai,

          You are most welcome. We have already going to setup an office in Gwadar. Location of our office will be announced soon in Gwadar. I am in Gwadar at the moment. I was live from Marine Drive Gwadar today. For all CPEC updated stay connected with

      1. Atif Sb but noc for green plam is restored, dont you think it is positive point where as other societies nocs are expired. plz comment

        1. Dear Assad Bhai,

          NOC Expired does not mean that project is cancelled & NOC restored conditionally does not mean that project is fully restored. All NOC will be restore conditionally one by one who ever will contact GDA and meet the basic requirements as per current policy. So societies whos NOCs are active these are temporary active, none of the society’s NOC fully restored. All are conditionally restored. If they will not do the development work as per required by GDA within the specific time decide by the GDA their NOC will cancelled again.

          NOC is conditionally restored by GDA for following projects as under:


          New World City
          Green Palm
          Platinum City
          Ocean City Gwadar
          Bin Qasim City, Gwadar
          Canadian City
          Jamal City
          Platinum Sea View
          China Village Gwadar
          Sun Silver City
          Indus City Gwadar
          Miami Villas
          Al-Ghani Housing Scheme




          Finance Trade and Business Avenue



          BUILDINGS N.O.C


          You find these details at:

    1. Dear Wahab Uddin Bhai,

      Prices vary as per location in Darbela Shumali. These prices are for acre without road fronts. Locations which are closer to Darbela Janubi are at higher sides and location which are closer to Tunk are at lower sides.

  45. Gwadar Developments Update

    As upcoming events in Gwadar will create a positive sentiments for Local and Overseas Investors..

    Upcoming Events:
    ● More Chinese ships arrival
    ● New Airport & Free Zone Ground Breaking by PM with top Chinese Officials..
    ● Cantonment & Cadet Collage Ground Breaking by Army Chief..
    ● Opening event of M-8 Gwadar-#Quetta road which is completed
    ● 100 Cargo Trucks By-Road arrival on Gwadar Port from #China

  46. Gwadar Open Land (Mouza) Rates per Acre 07 November, 2016

    Dhore Ghatti Gwadar Jinnah Avenue Front 300 to 400 lacs
    Dhore Ghatti Gwadar GDA Roads Front 70 to 90 lacs
    Dhore Ghatti Gwadar Inside 35 to 50 lacs

    Washin Dhor Gwadar Jinnah Avenue Front 25 to 30 lacs
    Washin Dhor Gwadar Baluchistan Broadway Front 12 to 20 lacs
    Washin Dhor Gwadar GDA Roads Front 12 to 20 lacs

    Chib Kalmati Gwadar Jinnah Avenue Front 25 to 60 lacs
    Chib Kalmati Gwadar Coastal Front 25 to 30 lacs
    Chib Kalmati Gwadar Inside 10 to 15 lacs

    Ankara Janubi Gwadar Marine Front 300 to 500 lacs
    Ankara Janubi Gwadar Sarawan Avenue Front 90 to 120 lacs
    Ankara Janubi Gwadar GDA Roads Front 50 to 70 lacs
    Ankara Janubi Gwadar Inside 25 to 35 lacs

    Ankara Shumali Gwadar Baluchistan Broadway Front 35 to 50 lacs
    Ankara Shumali Gwadar Coastal Front 20 to 30 lacs
    Ankara Shumali Gwadar Inside 12 to 15 lacs

    Kia Kalat Gwadar Inside 3 to 4 lacs

    Nigor Sharif Gwadar Dam Road Front 7 to 10 lacs

    Marjani Gwadar Coastal Front 7 to 10 lacs
    Marjani Gwadar Inside 4 to 4.5 lacs

    Chatti Janubi Gwadar Marine Drive Front 35 to 50 lacs
    Chatti Janubi Gwadar Inside 4 to 5 lacs

    Chatti Shumali Gwadar Coastal Front 7 to 8 lacs
    Chatti Shumali Gwadar Inside 4 to 5 lacs

    Shabi Gwadar Marine Drive Front 25 to 30 lacs
    Shabi Gwadar Inside 8 to 12 lacs

    Pishukan Gwadar Sea Front 10 to 15 lacs
    Pishukan Gwadar Sea Front 5 to 6 lacs

    Karwat Gwadar Coastal Front 8 to 10 lacs
    Karwat Gwadar Inside 8 to 10 lacs

    Darbela Janubi Gwadar Coastal Front 18 to 25 lacs
    Darbela Janubi Gwadar Inside 8 to 12 lacs

    Darbela Shumali Gwadar Inside 4 to 7 lacs

    Surbandar Gwadar Coastal Front 40 to 50 lacs
    Surbandar Gwadar Inside 15 to 25 lacs

    Shinkani Dar Gwadar Coastal Front 50 to 70 lacs
    Shinkani Dar Gwadar Inside 12 to 15 lacs

    Washin Dhor Gwadar Coastal Front 25 to 30
    Washin Dhor Gwadar Inside 12 to 20 lacs

    Jorkan Gwadar Inside 4 to 5 lacs

    Ziarat Machi Sharqi Gwadar Oman Grant Road Front 10 to 15 lacs
    Ziarat Machi Sharqi Gwadar Inside 5 to 6 lacs
    Ziarat Machi Gharbi Gwadar Inside 4 to 5 lacs

    Chib Rikani Gwadar Inside 2.50 to 3 lacs

  47. Dear Atif Iqbal,

    Do you know of any reliable agent for this. Because I’m interested in buying open land. How long does the process take?


  48. East-Bay Express Way Gwadar

    The East Bay Express way is 19 KM long controlled access road. The East Bay express way will connect the Gwadar International Container terminal with the Gwadar Free Zone, bypassing the Gwadar city. The East Bay Expressway eventually links the Makran coastal highway to Gwadar international Container Terminal. The Project is being constructed by the Gwadar Port Authority (GPA). The Express Way shall facilitate economic activities at the Gwadar international terminal as it provides immediate and uninterrupted connectivity with the hinterland.

  49. New Gwadar International Airport (NGIA)

    The new Gwadar international airport (NGIA) will be developed as a green field airport for wide body aircraft operations. It will be the biggest airport of Pakistan, located approximately 26 km East of Gwadar. For New Gwadar International Airport (NGIA), 4300 Acres of land is acquired by Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). The project will be operational within three years. The New Gwadar International Airport (NGIA) will be a milestone regarding aviation infrastructure development in Pakistan. The planning of new Gwadar international airport has been carried out according to the parameters stipulated by CAA and is based on the standards of the international civil Aviation organization (ICAO) and Pakistan’s National Airfield Clearance Policy (NACP). References have also been made to the standards/advisory circulars of US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and International Air Transport Association (IATA).

  50. Gwadar Open Land (Mouza) Rates per Acre 01 November, 2016

    Dhore Ghatti Gwadar Jinnah Avenue Front 300 to 400 lacs
    Dhore Ghatti Gwadar GDA Roads Front 70 to 90 lacs
    Dhore Ghatti Gwadar Inside 35 to 50 lacs

    Washin Dhor Gwadar Jinnah Avenue Front 25 to 30 lacs
    Washin Dhor Gwadar Baluchistan Broadway Front 12 to 20 lacs
    Washin Dhor Gwadar GDA Roads Front 12 to 20 lacs

    Chib Kalmati Gwadar Jinnah Avenue Front 25 to 60 lacs
    Chib Kalmati Gwadar Coastal Front 25 to 30 lacs
    Chib Kalmati Gwadar Inside 10 to 15 lacs

    Ankara Janubi Gwadar Marine Front 300 to 500 lacs
    Ankara Janubi Gwadar Sarawan Avenue Front 90 to 120 lacs
    Ankara Janubi Gwadar GDA Roads Front 50 to 70 lacs
    Ankara Janubi Gwadar Inside 25 to 35 lacs

    Ankara Shumali Gwadar Baluchistan Broadway Front 35 to 50 lacs
    Ankara Shumali Gwadar Coastal Front 20 to 30 lacs
    Ankara Shumali Gwadar Inside 12 to 15 lacs

    Kia Kalat Gwadar Inside 3 to 4 lacs

    Nigor Sharif Gwadar Dam Road Front 7 to 10 lacs

    Marjani Gwadar Coastal Front 7 to 10 lacs
    Marjani Gwadar Inside 4 to 4.5 lacs

    Chatti Janubi Gwadar Marine Drive Front 35 to 50 lacs
    Chatti Janubi Gwadar Inside 4 to 5 lacs

    Chatti Shumali Gwadar Coastal Front 7 to 8 lacs
    Chatti Shumali Gwadar Inside 4 to 5 lacs

    Shabi Gwadar Marine Drive Front 25 to 30 lacs
    Shabi Gwadar Inside 8 to 12 lacs

    Pishukan Gwadar Sea Front 10 to 15 lacs
    Pishukan Gwadar Sea Front 5 to 6 lacs

    Karwat Gwadar Coastal Front 8 to 10 lacs
    Karwat Gwadar Inside 8 to 10 lacs

    Darbela Janubi Gwadar Coastal Front 18 to 25 lacs
    Darbela Janubi Gwadar Inside 8 to 12 lacs

    Darbela Shumali Gwadar Inside 4 to 7 lacs

    Surbandar Gwadar Coastal Front 40 to 50 lacs
    Surbandar Gwadar Inside 15 to 25 lacs

    Shinkani Dar Gwadar Coastal Front 50 to 70 lacs
    Shinkani Dar Gwadar Inside 12 to 15 lacs

    Washin Dhor Gwadar Coastal Front 25 to 30
    Washin Dhor Gwadar Inside 12 to 20 lacs

    Jorkan Gwadar Inside 4 to 5 lacs

    Ziarat Machi Sharqi Gwadar Oman Grant Road Front 10 to 15 lacs
    Ziarat Machi Sharqi Gwadar Inside 5 to 6 lacs
    Ziarat Machi Gharbi Gwadar Inside 4 to 5 lacs

    Chib Rikani Gwadar Inside 2.50 to 3 lacs

  51. Atif bhai I really appreciate your efforts for highlighting Pakistan and specially Gwadar, you don’t know what a wonderful work you are doing. Atif bhai I am very much interested to buy land in Gwadar. I need to understand the buying process of open land buying. Can you please step by step explain it?

    1. Dear Jameel Bhai,

      Thank you for your valued comments and appreciation, I always focus to promote Pakistan with positive image. My work is my passion. Jameel bhai as usuall in other deals steps are same:

      • Select your desire location
      • Do market research for Rates
      • Finally select a location
      • Contact a reliable Agent
      • Settle the price and other terms & conditions
      • Give token money and get papers from seller
      • Verify it from relevant authority (in case of open land verify it from Patwari)
      • Get demarcation of the area by Patwari (do not make Biyana before Patwari Demarcation)
      • After verification & demarcation do Biyana (25% to 30%) with comprehensive terms and conditions
      • (Most Important) In Terms & Conditions must write for Wall NOC on the name of current seller by GDA (dont buy any thing without Wall NOC. 99% sellers will say you that get transfer on your name and then apply for Wall NOC on your name. You still need to force him to get Wall NOC on his name, if he is real owner he should not shy for applying Wall NOC. Dealers will also convince you to get transfer first then apply Wall NOC on your name, but do not accept any deal with out Wall NOC condition. In Terms & Conditions write this condition that final payment will be given after Wall NOC, if payment is due and Wall NOC is not ready. Final payment will not be made until Wall NOC.)
      • One Seller get Wall NOC from GDA, get papers ready for transfer, get transfer on your name make the balance payment and apply for Wall NOC on your Name. Mean while get prepare your self for Boundary Wall

      This is the best possible safe & secure procedure for buying open land in Gwadar as per my knowledge. Also if Land is in common ownership mean there are more then one owner then you must ask for Tatima (which literally translates into Division of Plots, is a kind of mutation deed. Tatima Shajra is a map prepared after division of plots, showing separate plots. All owners must be present at the time of Tatima and must signed Tatima by all owners that they are agree for this division. Usually what Patwaris do they made Tatima in adsence of other owners. Such Tatima usually is not acceptable by other owners. Because it was made with their approval) that which part of land he is selling you.

      Still I will request you to get opinion from some other experts before making any selling or buying decision.


    In 1783, Oman’s Saiad Sultan took refuge in ZIK from where he went and sought asylum from Shah Nasir of Kalat, who doled him Gwadar out for sustenance until he usurped the Sultanate of Muscat in 1797 from his brother Saiad Said.
    From 1863 to 1879 Gwadar was the headquarters of a British Assistant Political Agent.

    Gwadar was a fortnightly port of call for the British India Steamship Navigation Company’s steamers and contained a combined Post & Telegraph Office.

    Sultan was the sovereign of Gwadar until 1955 when negotiations were held during the period of Ghulam Mohammad. A British adjudicator with Ch. Mohammad Ali representing Pakistani side, decided that Pakistan shall pay Rs. 55 crore, which were paid. Sultan Qaboos wanted that the same amount be returned to Pakistan for getting Gwadar back. The Agreement had two important clauses: (1) All Balochistan would form catchment for Omani forces. Resultantly, Balochees constituted a major part of Omani forces, and (2) Resources of Gwadar would be further developed.

    In 1955, Makran acceded to Pakistan and was made a district – Gwadar then, was not included in Makran. In 1958, Gwadar and its surrounding areas were reverted by Maskat to Pakistan. It was given the status of a Tahsil of Makran district. On July 01, 1977, Makran District was upgraded into a division and was divided into three districts of Turbat (now Kech since 1994-95), Panjgur and Gwadar.

Discuss, analyse & share your views (kindly avoid sharing your email & contact number for your safety)

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