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About GDA Scheme 5

GDA Scheme 5 is one of the top most location in Gwadar. It is locaed on Main Jinnah Avenue next to New Town Gwadar. It has high rise building plots on Jinnah Avenue. Society is speard over both size of Jinnah Avenue. Due to state of the art modern planning, hot location and provision of all facilities it is high recommended for invesment. It will be best for living, business establishment in Gwadar.

Jinnah Avenue GDA Scheme 5 Gwadar

Salient Features

  • Located on Jinnah Avenue between Bela Avenue and Gwadar Avenue
  • Wide Road Network
  • Internatoinal Standard Town Planning
  • In front of GDA ECHS
  • School
  • Jamia Masjid
  • Parks & Play Grounds
GDA Scheme 5 Gwadar Location

GDA Scheme 5 Location

  • Located on Main Jinnah Avenue
  • 5 Minute drive from New Town Gwadar
  • 25 minute drive from New Gwadar International Airport
  • 25 minute drive from Sangar Housing Project
  • 25 minute drive from Gwadar Port & Free Zone Phase 1
  • 10 minute drive from Airport Road Gwadar

GDA Scheme 5 Map

GDA Scheme 5 Gwadar Map
GDA Scheme 5 Gwadar Map
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GDA Scheme 5 Gwadar Updates

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89 thoughts on “GDA Scheme 5 Booking Ballot Location Map News

  1. Dear Atif sahib,

    What is the status of NOC and development in GDA Scheme 5, Gwadar?

    What are the current rates of residential and commercial plots in GDA Scheme 5, Gwadar?

  2. Dear Atif,
    I am looking to invest in GDA scheme 5. NOC is currently expired but I am hearing lots of news that it will be restored in January. Can you please tell what latest update with GDA scheme 5. What is the average price for 200 SQ yd and 400 Sq YD

    1. Dear Arsalan Rafique Bhai,

      Location for GDA 5 is very good but currently NOC is expire. Same developer has another project just next to GDA 5 is New World City. Its NOC is also ready and 500 yards availabel at 25 to 40 lacs in this project.

  3. Salam o Alaikum Dear Atif bhai
    What’s price for 16 Marla plot in GDA Housing 5?
    NOC restored?
    What about New world city Gawader 1 kanal plot?


  4. Dear Atif Sahib,

    What are the latest rates of residential and commercial plots in GDA-5 housing scheme?

    GDA-5 is better or New World City?


  5. Salam
    Atif. Bhai
    I want to sale my 200 yard resident plot at GDA housing scheme # 5
    Kuch idea dain how much will it give
    Jazak Allah

  6. Asslam.u.alikum Atif bhai
    I have a (200 sq yds) plot in gawadar i have paid 70% installments , but now i want to sell it , according to your opinion at which price i would be able to sold it ,

    1. Salam o Alaikum
      Can you please guide if I wanted to sell plot on GDA5 housing scheme
      It’s 16 Marla plot

      I also have one kanal plot in NEW WORLD CITY GAWADER
      It’s fully paid with development charges
      Thanks for your guidance

  7. AoA Sir.
    Coast Way Residency Housing is reliable for investment. And what is the meaning of NOC restored conditionally.

        1. do you have any plot numbers available for purchase and there prices. if yes please shaher with me so that i can make a decision according to my budget.

    1. Dear Mr.Atif Iqbal
      i am planing to buy pilot in gwadar direct transfer or i will wait many year or months.
      is that simple i will pay and take my pilot document.
      please reply because i am living out side of pakistan.
      thank you.

      1. Dear Abdul Rehman Kalhoro,

        You can get transfer of plot without visiting Gwadar. You dont need to wait for months or years to get transfer in GDA Scheme 5. However it depends on project to project. GDA Scheme 5 transfer is easy and speedy.

  8. Hey I am living in Islamabad. Can I purchase or sale GDA or Naval Anchorage property without visiting Gwadar or Karachi or any other place


    1. Dear Adnan Mansha Bhai,

      400 Sq Yards price is between 15 to 18 lacs (excluding development charges 10 lacs)
      800 Sq Yards price is between 25 to 28 lacs (excluding development charges 20 lacs)

  9. hello! I have 200 sq yds. plot in GDA housing Scheme 5 and I would like to sell it. Development charges are not being paid yet. Please let me know whats the best rate I can get. Thanks

  10. Atif bai, what is the transfer fee of GDA 5 plot and what will be transfer rate for open file transfer and what will be your commission for arranging this transfer. Kind reply will be appreciated. thanks

    1. Dear Muhammad Bhai,

      GDA 5 Transfer Fee Schedule is as under:

      200 yards @ 100,000
      400 yards @ 200,000
      800 yards @ 250,000

      Commission is minimum 50,000 due to traveling and accommodation cost for Karachi.

    1. Are these prices in instalments, if so what is the instalment plans for each?
      8 Marla (200 Yards) 8 to 15 lacs
      16 Marla (400 Yards) 15 to 20 lacs
      32 Marla (800 Yards) 20 to 30 lacs

    1. Dear Sajid Bhai,

      Following is the price range for GDA 5 in Gwadar. I am not updated with commercial plots prices.

      GDA Scheme 5 Gwadar Rates 04 June, 2017

      8 Marla (200 Yards) 8 to 15 lacs
      16 Marla (400 Yards) 15 to 20 lacs
      32 Marla (800 Yards) 20 to 30 lacs

      Price are excluding development charges (Rs. 2500 / yards). Development charges are payable in 24 equal installments per month.

      Atif Iqbal +923218469951
      UAN: (042) 111 042 111

      GDA Scheme 5 Booking Ballot Location Map News

      1. Dear atif bhai
        Im interested in 16 marla GDA5′.is this marla 372 or ,225 sq feet.and is this excluding roads(safi)
        How I can pay n transfer while im in lahore

        1. Dear Sajid Bhai,

          It is 225 and this net area. You can get transfer without visiting to Gwadar or Karachi. They have transfer office in Karachi.

    2. Atif bhai,

      I would like to suggest for each project please provide the brief introduction on top of the page, for example i read the comments on GDA 5 but i could not find is this files or plots with map or private or govt society etc. Therefore small information will be helpful.

      Further, can you please advise the current location of GDA-5 and advise the residential and commercial rates. i saw your comments about transfer in karachi. can you plz advise how it works and especially when buyer is not available in city.

      How verification in GDA 5 will be done.

      Kindly advise.

      1. Dear Rajab Bhai,

        Thank you for your valued suggestion, I really appreciate it. I am in process and will definite follow your suggestion. Transfer is possible without presence of Buyer, we send transfer documents to Buyer and buyer signed the document and send back to us, we submit it in GDA 5 office for transfer and once letter ready we deliver the transfer letter to Buyer at their given postal address. Buyer do not need to visit at all.

        Verification can be done in GDA 5 office which is located at University Road in Karachi.

    Is there any latest map available of GDA-5 Gwadar, as the map on your website doesn’t have my plot number available on it.
    Many thanks

    1. Dear Atif Bhai,

      I have a 800 Yards plot (Corner, West Open and Road Facing) in GDA Scheme 5. All the installments are paid but I have not paid the development charges so far.
      Can you please suggest approximate price of my plot? The development charges are very high now – Rs. 2500 / yard (20 lac total for my plot) now versus Rs.700 / Yard earlier. I am looking for your advice if I should sell this plot now or should keep it by start paying the development charges on monthly basis (24 installments).



        1. Thanks for your advice.

          Can you please inform about the approximate price of my plot?


  12. GDA Housing Scheme.5 listed in Category A its NOC has also been restored. This Scheme is considered to be in best part of location in Gawader..I have sold recently 2 plots But there is last plot left. It is on very best location at GDA Housing Scheme.5 ( 800 SQ YD / 32 Marla) With all Instalments paid off. Ideal Location for investment and very safe and secure deal. At the moment All owners are holding the plots because of new price plan introduction. And it is also one of the best housing Scheme intend of his best location As (Taloo Builders) Who are Toppest Group Builder of Gawader and they have introduced new Booking price plan for ( 400 SQ YD is 40 Lacs ) and for ( 800 SQ YD is 80 Lacs ) excluding development charges and Currently this GDA Housing Scheme.5 is marked to be Top in Market

    1. Mr. Daniyal,
      What is your asking price for 800 SQ YD / 32 Marla in GDA Housing Scheme 5? What is the plot number?

        1. Dear Daniyal Bhai,

          Your offer is including development charges of excluding development charges?

          Development charges for 800 yards are 20 lacs.

  13. GDA 5 Housing Scheme listed as A Category Scheme its NOC has also been restored. And it is also one of the best housing Scheme intend of his best location and Taloo Builders has introduces new booking price plan for 400 SQ YD is 40 Lacs and for 800 SQ YD is 80 Lacs excluding development charges and Currently this GDA Housing Scheme-5 is marked to be top in Market. I also owned 800 SQ YD Plot I will sell if anyone put on maximum offer. To be noted all installments are cleared.

  14. GDA 5 is already restored there Noc and also developments charges plan starting and also new world city developments taloo builder giving possession very soon to there clients if u need any info regarding gda 5 and new world city contact me i will guide you properly

  15. Assalaam o alaikum bhai,
    I have a plot of 200 Sq yds in GDA Scheme 5 (Taloo Builders). I paid installments from 2004 to 2011 approx. Paid about 400,000 total till date but not the development charges. Now GDA Govt website says GDA Scheme-5 NOC has expired and also NOC of many main schemes are also expired. I want to keep this plot for some time. What do you this will happen to the schemes with NOC expired? Do you think Taloo Builders will get NOC but will ask for large development charges? Please give some advice, Jazaak Allah.

    1. Dear Javed Bhai,

      GDA Scheme 5 is located ideally with Jinnah Avenue, my last visit to site was 2 month back. They are preparing it for development but their NOC is expired. Hope fully their NOC will be restored soon. I will recommend you to contact Taloo Builders for further assistance. They may demand revised development charges due to today development cost.

    2. Mr. Javed if u want to sale ur plot in GDA Housing Scheme-5 then please contact me, i am interested to buy

      1. Dear Atif;
        Is GDA-5 a govt. scheme? What is your expert opinion regarding this as well as new world city..

        1. Dear Zia Bhai,

          GDA-5 is a private housing scheme. Developer or New World City and GDA Scheme 5 is same. Taloo Builders Karachi is the developer of both schemes.

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