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The Government of Balochistan is developing an industrial estate in Gwadar to meet the demand for industrial plots in the port city, which is expected to have substantial potential for industrial investment in view of the opportunities offered by the establishment of deep sea port and construction of major highways linking Gwadar with Karachi, Quetta, Iran and Central Asian countries. There are also plans to extend railway to Gwadar.


GIEDA is under investigation by NAB for bogus / ficticious / political allotments of Industrial Plots without feasibility reports. Transfer is also ban by the NAB. It is suggested to avoid buying or selling activity in GIEDA until clear from NAB.

Sailent Features

  • 3000 Acers Area
  • 1, 2, 5 Acers Industiral Plots
  • Desalination Plant
  • 4 MV Grid Station
  • 250, 200, 80 feet Wide Road Network
  • 250,000 GLS RCC Water Tank
  • Special Economic Zone
  • Various Tax exemption

GIEDA Gwadar Industrial Estate

Type of Industries

  • Warehouses
  • Samll Size Industries
  • Medium Size Industries
  • Noise & Polution Intensive Industries
  • Cement Industries
  • Manufaccturing Industries
  • Textile Industries
  • Food Industries
  • Petro Chemical Industries

GIEDA Gwadar Location

GIEDA Location

  • Front at Coastal Highway
  • 8 minute drive from N10 & M8 Intersection
  • 8 minute drive from New Gwadar International Airport
  • 50 minute drive from Gwadar Port & Free Zone Phase 1
  • 50 minute drive from Sangar Housing Project Gwadar
  • 35 minute drive from New Town Monument Gwadar
  • 30 minute drive from GDA Hospital Gwadar


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86 thoughts on “Gwadar Industrial Estate Plot Booking Ballot Location Map News

      1. Dear Atif bhai – I need to buy one. Please guide me the process how to purchase. Where is their office in Karachi? Any authentic person reference?

    1. Dear Sister Sara,

      Industrial Estate is specific for industrial use. If are planning an industry in future at Gwadar, it is definite a good buy now. But if you dont have any plan for industry then better to invest in a society commercial area of commercial project like FTBA.

  1. Dear Atif Bhai,
    GIEDA website suspended too 🙁 . plz advise me what to do? I didn’t get receipt against March 2018 demand draft payment and now June 2018 installment is about to come.

    1. Dear Muhammad Umer Bhai,

      Transfer of GIDA is not open yet, although they are transferring plot but you will not get transfer letter till the appointment of MD.

    1. Dear Waqas Bhai,

      At the moment there is no active transactions in market for Gwadar Industrial Estate. NAB has taken record of GIEDA for investigation as per market news. To get updated info about GIEDA please contact their office directly.

      1. thanks for reply. i am bit worried abt this situation as i m also holding a file of GIEDA industrial plot. i paid march 2018 installment but didn’t receive the payment receipt so far. No one attending calls from GIEDA office too. plz help me out.

        1. Dear Waqas Bhai,

          Only GIEDA office can confirm your installment payment status. You need to visit GIEDA office personally if no one is attending calls from office.

  2. Dear Atif Bhai,
    First of all i appreciate ur quick and informative response. I m paying Gieda 1 acre plot installments through pay order and by courier, they use to send back receipt by courier too, to my home address, but this time they sent me receipt of someone else and mine is missing what should i do? i m trying to contact them but office landline number ringing but no one lifting up. i m worried abt it plz help me out.

    1. Gwadar Industrial Estate Rates Update 06 August, 2017

      Gwadar Industrial Estate
      1 Acre Plot Block A1 60 to 65 lacs profit
      2 Acre Plot Block A2 60 to 65 lacs profit
      1 Acre Plot Block B 60 to 70 lacs profit
      5 Acre Plot Block C 250 to 300 lacs profit
      1 Acre Plot Block D 55 to 65 lacs profit

      Gwadar Industrial Estate Phase 2 (New)
      1 Acre Plot Block F 60 to 70 lacs profit
      5 Acre Plot Block G 250 to 300 lacs profit

      Gwadar Industrial Estate Phase 3
      1 Acre Plot Block H 38 to 50 lacs profit
      2 Acre Plot Block J 70 to 90 lacs profit

      Rates are exclusive of 15 lacs booking price for 1 Acre.

      Atif Iqbal +923218469951
      UAN: (042) 111 042 111

      1. Dear Atif bhai,

        I heard market rates are decreasing in GIEDA also, can you please update on price trend and expectation on price decrease.


      2. Dear Rajab Bhai,

        Market of Gwadar is very sensitive and prices fluctuate rapidly by going up and come down, due to political instability market may come down more in near future. But in longer run things will be fine.

  3. salam atif saheb ,atis sahab 50×70 meter plot on main port for engineering services in how much we can get but it should me in the area where we can get ship repair and other related services let me know the best way in detail .

  4. Dear Atif bhai
    I purchased one acre plot in industrial file is in process of I want to sale it.what u qoute max price.

      1. Dear atif bhai
        I purchased 8kanal in H block for 55 lacs.whats the reason of this decline while other property ogf gwadar boosted .im panic it may decline more.kindly advise me what should I do??

        1. Dear Brother,

          It already touched 60 as well. When market take too much hype in short term, it cannot sustain for long time. After correction market will again starting gain. I am very hope full that grain of Gwadar Industrial Estate will be started soon.

  5. Dear Atif Bhai’
    can u plz apprise me the rates in Dec 2016 of Gwadar Industrial estae H Block
    so that i can conclude my focus on investment more effectivly

  6. Dear Atif bhai
    what would u recmond 1 acre industial or 600 yards sangar extension or 1 acre on marine dr.i will be thankful

  7. Assalam O Alykum Atif bhai,

    I would like to buy 1 Acre in the Gawadar industrial estate. I am thinking for Phase 2 also need your recommendation in this regards. Please share also current rates.

  8. Gwadar Industrial Estate Rates Update 19 April, 2017

    Gwadar Industrial Estate
    1 Acre Plot Block A1 90 to 120 lacs profit
    2 Acre Plot Block A2 90 to 120 lacs profit
    1 Acre Plot Block B 95 to 120 lacs profit
    5 Acre Plot Block C 400 to 550 lacs profit
    1 Acre Plot Block D 85 to 120 lacs profit

    Gwadar Industrial Estate Phase 2 (New)
    1 Acre Plot Block F 60 to 95 lacs profit
    5 Acre Plot Block G 300 to 350 lacs profit

    Gwadar Industrial Estate Phase 3
    1 Acre Plot Block H 45 to 85 lacs profit
    2 Acre Plot Block J 90 to 115 lacs profit

    Rates are exclusive of 15 lacs booking price for 1 Acre.

    Atif Iqbal +923218469951
    UAN: (042) 111 042 111

  9. Atif Bhai,

    Is it good to invest in Industrial Property or Residential/ Commercial Property in Gwadar at this time? Or one should buy an open land?

  10. Gwadar Industrial Estate Rates Update 08 February, 2017

    Gwadar Industrial Estate
    1 Acre Plot Block A1 35 to 40 lacs profit
    2 Acre Plot Block A2 70 to 80 lacs profit
    1 Acre Plot Block B 30 to 40 lacs profit
    5 Acre Plot Block C 150 to 160 lacs profit
    1 Acre Plot Block D 30 to 35 lacs profit

    Gwadar Industrial Estate Phase 2 (New)
    1 Acre Plot Block F 25 to 35 lacs profit
    5 Acre Plot Block G 150 to 160 lacs profit

    Gwadar Industrial Estate Phase 3
    1 Acre Plot Block H 22 to 28 lacs profit
    2 Acre Plot Block J 45 to 55 lacs profit

    Rates are exclusive of 15 lacs booking price for 1 Acre.

    Atif Iqbal

  11. Gwadar Industrial Estate Office moved from Karachi to Gwadar

    Gwadar Industrial Estate Development Authority took a very wise step to move its camp office from Karachi to Gwadar.

    Gwadar Industrial Estate Office moved from Karachi to Gwadar

    1. Dear Sajjad Malik Bhai,

      Yes it is safe and secure investment. It is Govt. project. Gwadar is going to be a port city so initial activity will be started from Gwadar Industrial Estate. This project is under development phase. You will be able to start your industry within 2 years time span InsahAllah.

  12. Gwadar Industrial Estate Rates Update 22 January, 2017

    Gwadar Industrial Estate
    1 Acre Plot Block A1 35 to 40 lacs profit
    2 Acre Plot Block A2 70 to 80 lacs profit
    1 Acre Plot Block B 30 to 40 lacs profit
    5 Acre Plot Block C 150 to 160 lacs profit
    1 Acre Plot Block D 30 to 35 lacs profit

    Gwadar Industrial Estate Phase 2 (New)
    1 Acre Plot Block F 25 to 35 lacs profit
    5 Acre Plot Block G 150 to 160 lacs profit

    Gwadar Industrial Estate Phase 3
    1 Acre Plot Block H 22 to 28 lacs profit
    2 Acre Plot Block J 45 to 55 lacs profit

    Rates are exclusive of 15 lacs booking price for 1 Acre.

    Atif Iqbal 03218469951

  13. Atif Bhai
    I am interested in 1acre (9.5 kanal) industrial plot in Gwadar industrial zone
    please tell me the availability and price and which sector/scheme because there are 3 major industrial sectors.

    1. Dear Nadeem Bhai,

      1 Acre Industrial plot vary between 20 to 35 lacs profit excluding 15 lacs booking price. You need to add 15 lacs booking in profit amount to get total cost also transfer fee and agent commission.

  14. dear Atif Bhai,

    aslam o aliykum

    I am interested in DHA Karachi City Residential Plots do you have plots there ???or any idea about the rates.



    1. Dear Sir,

      For launch date please contact Gwadar Industrial Estate office directly. It was booked in 15 lacs per Acre. It is booked in different phases so old bookings are almost near completion and new booking are just 1 or 2 installments paid by members.

        1. Dear AH Farooqi Bhai,

          It is located at Main Coastal Highway in Mouza Karwat also known as Karwat Industrial Estate. It is a project of Gwadar Development Authority. Current market price is between 20 to 35 lacs profit. Booking price was 15 lacs. Total cost will be booking plus profit. Project is already booked. You can buy from market in resale.

          You can visit our office in Lahore at:

          23 MB Phase 6 DHA Lahore.

  15. LOCATION of the project is 40 Km from Gwadar city on Makran Coastal Highway. Overall 3000 acres of land south of the Makran Coastal Highway, has been earmarked for development in three phases of 1000 acres each.


    Gwadar deep sea port is the biggest catalyst for providing initiative for the industrial development. Besides, a number of important infrastructure projects have been undertaken or planned in Gwadar to make this city attractive for the investment in industrial development. Some of these projects are:

    • Makran Coastal Highway has been completed by National Highway Authority which has substantially reduced the distance between Karachi and Gwadar. Besides, it brings Gwadar into national mainstream. This highway acts as a catalyst for development of Makran coastal region.
    • Gwadar – Ratto Dero Road work on Khuzdar- Ratto Dero Section is in progress to connect Gwadar with western parts of the country.
    • Gwadar – Panjgur Road work on this vital land link has been on-going.
    • Remodeling of Akra Kaur Dam has been planned to augment water supply to Gwadar.
    • Construction of 132 KV transmission line from Turbat to Gwadar is being executed by WAPDA to use power supply from Iran.
    • A rail link is to connect Gwadar to Quetta also planned.
    • The construction of a new international airport is being taken up near Gwadar Industrial Estate, for the operation of wide body jet air crafts.

    Topographical survey and detailed planning, engineering design of roads and utilities of 2000 acres has been completed. Topographical Survey and detailed planning of third Phase of 1000 acres is in process.

    Besides, plots for warehousing, construction related facilities would also be provided. Supporting facilities such as truck and bus terminals, civic centre, exhibition ground, commercial areas, hospital, vocational training centre and other public amenities will also be provided. The plan provides for all the infrastructure services including roads, water supply and sewerage network, electrification and storm water drainage. The provision is also being made for desalination plant and sewage treatment plant with water recycling facilities for the irrigation of green areas. A special feature of the plan will be the construction of flatted factories for providing fully serviced spaces for small enterprises. Provisional will also be made for industrial worker’s housing in constructed low income flats.

    For development and management of Gwadar Industrial Estate, an autonomous body Gwadar Industrial Estate Development Authority (GIEDA) has been established by the Government of Balochistan, which is headed by its Chairman, the Secretary Industries & Commerce, Balochistan, while other Directors of the board include Secretary Finance, Balochistan, Director Industries, Balochistan and Managing Director GIEDA. This will provide substantial executive and financial authority to GIEDA and facilitate accelerated development.

    The detailed planning on 2000 acres of land has been completed. A service road has been provided parallel to the Coastal Highway just outside the ROW of the Highway. A large part of the Coastal Highway frontage has been reserved for commercial and institutional uses. Two major roads, 200ft and 250ft wide, have been provided as the main entries to the Estate. A full fledged civic center has been provided which will be eventually in the center of 3000 acre site. Industrial plots have an area of one, two and five acres, which have been allotted allotted individually or in combination. Commercial plots are generally 1000 and 200 aq yds.

    A building for GIE Guest House had been designed and completed on a strategic location in the GIE. The Guest House has one VIP suite, 4 bedrooms and lounge, conference room and dinning hall. Finishing specifications have also been upgraded. Total covered area is 5800 sft and plot area is 5000 sq yds. The building along with external works, landscaping, boundary wall has been completed. The Guest House was inaugurated by the Chief Minister, Balochistan. Another 2.0 acres plot of land adjacent to the Guest House plot has been earmarked for GIE to be developed as a park and ancillary services.

    A 2.0 MGD desalination plant is proposed to be installed in the Gwadar Industrial Estate. The plant is being installed by BDA on behalf of GIEDA. Another desalination plant with a capacity of 0.2 MGD has been imported from Turkey and the work is in progress.

    The 7-Acre site for the Grid Station allocated The Grid Station has been completed by WAPDA. A substation to use the power supply from Grid Station and provide low voltage supply to GIEDA is being constructed.

    The road construction work on important major roads had started. Construction of early road works including two major roads 250 ft and 200 ft wide, respectively, 150 wide internal spine and 60 ft wide service roads parallel to the Makran Coastal Highway had been made execution.

    A modern designed monument to signify the entrance to the Gwadar Industrial Estate has been completed.

    Street lighting on 200 ft wide major road and one road parallel to the coastal highway of the Estate has been completed.

    In the view of broken nature of land, land leveling and dressing of 738 Acres area in the first phase of GIE is completed and the allottees have started to take the possession of the land.

    A 4MV Substation is completed, commissioned and energized by QESCO.

    The construction of 250,000 GLS RCC tank has been completed to store and supply the treated water from desalination plant

    The design of remaining Internal Roads, Water Supply and Sewerage has been prepared by the Consultants. The tendering and award of work will be taken up as per Inflow of cash with Gwadar Industrial Estate.

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