Islamabad—The dilapidated condition of an over bridge in G-7/2 is a life risk for the inhabitants of the area.

One of the locals told this news agency that Capital Development Authority(CDA) is keeping parts of Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) in the Stone Age. CDA constructed the bridge to facilitate the people living in and adjacent to the areas of G-7/2.

The bridge suffered severe damage after flood that came in August 2011. Damage is deteriorating day-by-day but concerned authorities have turned their back to the acute problem. The respective bridge is only access of people to the mosque whereas children also use to reach their madrassa.

CDA was intimated on various occasions to restore it to its real position at the earliest in order to avoid any untoward incident but CDA is busy in facilitating the high ups leaving the locals aside.

Inhabitants of the area demanded the authorities to take the matter seriously and reconstruct the bridge at the earliest.