Bahria Enclave Islamabad

Bahria Enclave Islamabad

Bahria Town Rawalpindi announced booking for Bahria Enclave Islamabad located at Kuri Road near Chak Shahzad close to Park Road opposite to CDA Park Enclave Islamabad.

Bahria Enclave Islamabad

Bahria Enclave Islamabad

Dawn Media Reported:

Bahria Enclave Islamabad Map

For booking, booking forms, ballot, development status, possession and other related queries please contact Bahria Town Islamabad directly.

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  1. Abdul wahab

    on   said 

    The leading and pioneer in the field of real estate now serving in Bahria enclave.
    Buy and sell your property through prism estate and give us a chance to serve you better.
    Abdul Wahab
    Bahria enclave, Islamabad.

  2. majeed raja

    on   said 


  3. Imran

    on   said 

    I want to buy 10 Marla plot in Bahria Enclave Islamabad. If someone interested please leave a reply with plot location, total worth and payment options (installments or one time payment)


  4. Shahid Hussain

    on   said 

    Bahria Enclave housing scheme Islamabad at park road
    Project Attraction: Same Location, With Bahria Town’s quality & facilities. Opposite CDA Park Avenue Islamabad. But in HALF the price!
    Project Type: Exclusive community of 10 Marla & 1 Kanal plots
    Location of Bahria Enclave :
    – Opposite CDA Park Avenue Islamabad
    – Convenient access from Kashmir Highway, Lehtarar Road & Islamabad Highway
    – Located near Chak Shahzad, near the Park Road & the Kuri Road
    Project Features of Bahria enclave:
    – 5 star hotel & spa
    – Commercial areas
    – International standard school & hospital
    – Great Jamiah mosque
    – 100 feet wide roads, landscaped with green belts & footpaths
    – Complete gated community
    – Underground provision of electricity, gas & water
    Location: Opposite CDA park enclave, Islamabad.
    Payment Plans for ten marla and kanal plots:
    Ten marla: Rs.408000/- Advance Payment, Rs.288000/- per every 2 months – 9 Installments
    Total = Rs.30,00000/-
    1 kanal:Rs.717000/- Advance payment, Rs.587000/- per every 2 months – 9 Installments
    Total = Rs.60,00000/-
    we also deals in sales and purchase of all kind of plots(commercial, residential), houses and villas in DHA abd Bharia town (phase 1 to 7)
    Great Investment Opportunity.

    Admin Note:

    Kindly post your all sell / buy requirements at:

    • Faisal

      on   said 

      Dear Shahid sb,

      I want to buy a plot (8 marla) in Bahria Enclave. Can you please guide me regarding the plot price and investement is secure or not.



    • Asif Anjum

      on   said 

      Dear, Please let me know if Behria Town has obtain NOC from CDA? I have seen lots of discussion on net and this point of NOC is not yet cleared to me.

      Please advise.

      Thanks and regards,

    • Imran

      on   said 

      I need 1 Kanal plot at Bahria Enclave and what are the payment procedure ? in installments or down payment please reply me . thanks


    • mahboob ahmad

      on   said 

      R.sir almost 200 kanal of land in moza moorian for sale which is adjacent to bahria enclave

  5. ejaz ali

    on   said 

    i want to buy a 1 kanal plot in behria enclave. Would like to make 2.5 millon down payment rest in a period of 1 year in installments.

    • abdul wahab

      on   said 

      ejaz ali you have missed that opportunity…
      it was possible at the time of booking. now for a plot of 1 kanal you have to follow the payment schedule bahria has made.

      1 kanal plot worth Rs. 6 million
      down payment Rs.717,000
      4 bimonthly installments have been paid each of Rs. 587,000 x 4= 23,48,000
      premium on plot Rs. 200,000

      total payment you need to aquire plot now is Rs. 32,65,000

      * 10% additional charges on corner plots

  6. sohail kiyani

    on   said 

    we have 5 kanals in side baharia enclave and around 50 kanals in the way of bahraia enclaves.

    intereted people can reach us through my email given.

    sohail m.khan
    Malot islambad


      on   said 








  7. Saran Ali

    on   said 

    Reply from CDA:
    NOC for development of Behria Enclave Islamabad has not been issued by CDA. Layout Plan of “Bahria Enclave” has been approved by CDA and it is approximately 6 K.M away from Park Road towards east.
    The Layout Plan of Bahria Enclave Housing Scheme has been approved by CDA over an area and comprising of 836 Kanals and 589 residential plots on 16-07-2011. The sponsors i.e M/s. Bahria Town (Pvt) Ltd have been advised to submit Environmental Clearance of the project issued by Pakistan Environmental Protection Agency. The status of Housing Scheme/Layout Plan may be seen from the CDA Website.


    on   said 

    dear ,,, i am interested in 10 marla plot in Bahria Enclave Islamabad enclave ,,, plz contact me on my email , if some one want to sale ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  9. Riaz

    on   said 

    I am interested to sale my five marla plot in Bahria Enclave Islamabad immediately. Only down payment and 01 installment is paid.

  10. Zafar Chohan

    on   said 

    We are selling 8 Marla plot at good location, next to corner. Street # 33. Please qoute your best offer

  11. Zahir

    on   said 

    I am interested to buy plot of 10 marlas in Bhaira Enclase Islamabad. Please update the prices of the plot and installment accordingly.

    Thank you

  12. Minhas

    on   said 

    I want to buy 8 marla plot. Please send me the detail. Is it worth to buy in bariha Enclave much the price has decreased.

  13. bilal

    on   said 

    hi, am looking for 1kanal plot in bahria enclave, preferrably park facing or corner plot.
    I would like to buy directly from seller.


  14. Asif Ahmed

    on   said 


    I have 5 Marla plot in Bahria Enclave – Islamabad, Down payment and 3 payments made. Need to swap it with 10 Marla Plot in Bahria Enclave – Islamabad.

    Interested person may please contact.


  15. I want to sale out my 10 marla plot in bahria enclave islamabad. I have paid downpayment and one installment i-e 7 lakh 15 thousand and selling it for 6 lakh 50 thousand only.

    • Rahat

      on   said 

      i wanna to buy your plot really and rest of all installment i shall pay let me know plot no , street no , area i am ready

  16. waqar

    on   said 

    I have visited the site and borrowed a 8 marla plot there. Development work is almost 40 percent complete and I hope they will handover the plots to buyers at the end of this year or may be in jan 2012. Once handedover their prices will definitly go up. Its a good investment oppertunity as far as I know.

  17. Dear friends’

    I am interested in investing for 10 marla plot at Bahria enclave. I ve read some of the comments and there is alot of negativity regarding the scheme. so would some body advise
    1. if it would b a wise decision to put in money there?
    2. how soon can we expect the possession?
    3. Also why is there this confusion regarding the numbered and un numbered plots?


    • tariq

      on   said 

      i think that u should visit “bahria enclave facebook” where u can get new pics of that area. in my opinion they have started developmental werk. this site is really posing a very negative picture. someone went to the extent that malik riaz has died. i dont know when he died and if he died why it is not in media. u can go yourself to that area before investment. i think that malik riaz can’t disturb his big projects in bahria town rawalpindi and lahore for just one small project in islamabad by cheating the people.

      Admin Note:

      Brother Tariq thank you for reply. I am directing it to Bahria Enclave Face Book Page. Please be fair while making analysis. This site never make analysis for Bahria Town as good or bad. All given analysis are made by General Public or people who have invested in this project or previous projects of Bahria Town Lahore or Rawalpindi. Our job to present the Bahria Town projects as communicated by Bahria Town and public response / experience regarding Bahria Town. Kindly read our FAQ also to learn our point of view regarding Pakistan Property Market.

  18. Rehman

    on   said 

    I have 8 marla plot in bahria enclave, only download payment paid, some one told that bahria will cancell plot and will not refund a single penny is it true.

    As Bahria enclave is about 95% -ive so installation payment is useless and will increase loss

    I have paid 162000 and offer is only 20000, means 140000 direct loss

    After the death of Malik Riaz, Bahria town is in the hand of un experienced and corrupt people and tolly flopped

    Please guide.

    • tariq

      on   said 

      when malik riaz died. can u please confirm ur news. i have not seen in any media or newspaper. when he died.

    • tariq

      on   said 

      my question is again the same needing ur reply. when malik riaz died and if true why it is not made public?

    • Who told you that Malik Riaz Hussain died? He is alive and may God give him good health. We should not go personal for any one. Every one has to die one day. Death is a fact. I read all the comments and have not found any information regarding death of Malik Riaz Hussain.

      If you are talking about comments made by Rehman “After the death of Malik Riaz, Bahria town is in the hand of un experienced and corrupt people and tolly flopped” If you read his full post he is asking “After the death of Malik Riaz Hussain” he has no where said that Malik Riaz Hussain died.

  19. Manzoor

    on   said 

    To Tarq:The number of installments paid by allotees is still about 2 for bahria enclave and everyone is making a loss, the property market as a whole is down plus there are some concerns about this scheme also with Supreme court getting involved. I think as the number of installments increase the losses might also increase for sellers. Lastly, possesion of plots is not expected any time soon, we are looking at two and a half years AT LEAST.

  20. Adnan

    on   said 

    Assalam u Alaikoum everybody, i want to sale my 4 Marla Commercial plot at Bahria Enclave, Only down payment paid, Price of plt is 9 lacs, remaining installments buyer has to pay.

    • tariq

      on   said 

      dear, why u want to sell this plot. what is the actual problem. u dont like that place or there is some fraud in it.

    • Aqeel

      on   said 

      Hi, i am interested in buying a plot in Islamabad Enclave. What is the number of your plot and what is your demand? Thanks. Aqeel

    • Khalid

      on   said 

      Dear Brother:

      I’m interested to buy your plot, please write me details of plot, amount you have paid and what is your demand at this time.

      Kindly mention your contact number.


    • Well as per Bahria Town advertisement it says that Work Speed in 75 Days. I have not visited the site and not sure about development status on ground. However it is fact that Bahria Town give these plots with number and without number. That is confusing. Why all plots are not with numbers or every plot should be with out number and ballot should be done at once for all.

      However it may possible that after few instalments more it may decrease more.

  21. Imran

    on   said 

    I have just bought a 08 marla plot in bahria enclave islamabad, the total price of thr plot is going to be 2200,000 approx. … could anyone have the information regarding its development charges…

  22. Abo Ebrahim

    on   said 

    Margalla Enclave – a fraudulent scheme?
    The Margalla Enclave, Islamabad, advertised by Bahria Town in newspapers on September 19, is allegedly a fraudulent scheme, according to TI Pakistan.

    To save the people falling in this trap, TI Pakistan has requested the Chief Justice of Pakistan, Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, to take suo motu notice of Capital Development Authority’s (CDA’s) warning published in the newspapers on September 21, which read as follows:

    “Margalla Retreat is surrounded by residential sectors of CDA and all the land around it is acquired and owned by CDA. Therefore, neither any land is available or owned by any private housing scheme nor CDA has issued NOC to any new private housing scheme in or around sector E-11.

    In the light of Supreme Court’s judgement and CDA Ordinance 1960, only CDA is mandated to open and develop residential schemes in the sectoral areas of Islamabad. Therefore, the general public is informed/warned, in its own interest, that they should not purchase/invest in any new housing without prior verification from CDA otherwise they would be themselves responsible for the loss.”

    Advisor, TI Pakistan, Syed Adil Gilani in a letter sent to the Chief Justice of Pakistan on September 22 has highlighted that the act of Bahria Town is clear violation of section 10 of Competition Commission of Pakistan Ordinance.

    This act, he said, may also be violation of SECP Ordinance 1969 as Bahria Town Pvt Ltd is registered with SECP.

    Bahria Town is also constructing a project, 61 storied Bahria Town Icon Tower, Karachi in violation of building laws of Sindh government and advertising the project on the website without following Sindh Building Control Authority’s (SBCA) bye-laws as NOC issued by SBCA in 2008 under the Karachi Building and Town Planning Regulation 2002 does not allow buildings over 45 storeys in that area. There is no NOC of this project either on Bahria Town website, or on SBCA (KBCA) website. TI Pakistan has already filed a contempt of court notice, constitutional petition in Sindh High Court.

    Adil Gilani further said that similar allegations against Bahria Town’s violations of procurement of land from DHA Islamabad against Public Procurement Rules 2004 were reported by TIP to Administrator of DHA in July 2010 as well as to the Chairman of the Public Accounts Committee in Oct 2010, and copies were forwarded to the Registrar of Supreme Court of Pakistan.

    DHA accepted that Public Procurement Rules 2004 were not followed by DHA in the award of contracts to Bahria Town on the ground that these rules were not applicable on DHA Islamabad.

    This stand of DHA Islamabad was negated by Ministry of Defence and GHQ who had taken serious view of such violations and had issued orders to all departments, including DHAs, to strictly follow Public Procurement Rules 2004, and that head of the department/organisation shall be held personally accountable on any violation of these rules.

    All such alleged fraudulent practices by builders/developers, as confirmed by CDA vide public warning, have to be stopped once and for all by regulatory bodies such as CDA, CCP, SECP, DHA, and SBCA, etc. It is very unfortunate that none of these agencies has ever taken legal course of action in compliance of their mandatory duties, and the public has been, and is being, fleeced through such alleged fraudulent practices of builders, and specially Bahria Town.

    In the interest of public and for across the board application of rule of law, TIP requested the Chief Justice of Pakistan to take suo motu notice to save hard earned money of public which might be swindled by the company. In order to ensure across the board application of PPRA Ordinance 2002 and PPR 2004 in the country, Supreme Court of Pakistan, in orders in suo motu case No. 5 of 2010 for GDF Suez LNG supply dated April 28, 2010, had passed following remarks:

    “Here we may observe that it is duty of the court to ensure that the Public Procurement Regulatory Authority Ordinance, 2002 read with the Public Procurement Rules 2004 are adhered to strictly to exhibit transparency.”

    Copyright Business Recorder, 2011

  23. Mughal

    on   said 

    INSAHLLAH nothing will happen. i still remember like 10 to 15 years before people use to said that dont buy land in islamabad its Jungle no one live the demand of land in Islamabd is very high. INSAHLLAH as other projuect of the BEHRIYA TOWN this project will also do good.
    may ALLAH give more power to this Raja ( Owner of Behriya Scheme) wt he is doing is a GReat job.

    • Off course property only need holding time. Minimum holding time required for property is 5 years and 10 years holding time is more then enough for a good return in property investment.

    • I think patience will work and I agree with you that one have to have patience and hope. we have to trust and a person like Raja Riaz will not give up his image and what have been started I believe will be accomplished and we can see many dream houses in Bahria Enclave Islamabad. I trust and believe everything will turn in good way….Insha Allah.

  24. Ali

    on   said 

    Please Jst itna Guide kar dain k Hum nay Plot Book Karwaya hai 5 marla ka, kia Frod wgra ka to Chakar nhi hai na? CDA sy 5 km door bhi hai to its Dont matter,Just itna koi bata day k Safe to hai na masla to nhi hai na koi?agr masla hai to kia ho skta hai?

    • Please contact CDA for actual status of Bahria Enclave. As I recommend booking for it. But in case of any doubt please contact CDA directly.

  25. Syed Ali Naqi

    on   said 

    Dear All,

    I applied for 5 marla plot at Bahria Enclave and want to ask u all just one question. Why Pakistan is not Developing ? and answer being because we do not have people who are courageous enough to flow against the wind. People, try to overcome this fear which is stopping you from taking risks. People in Pakistan are introverts and that is the reason why we are lacking behind we always resist change. MAlik Riaz is a giant in Real Estate business you should have no ambiguity in your mind that this scheme will flop, no sir it wont. All those people who have applied for this scheme will be benifited after 5 years or so when that place will be an awsome place to live.

    And to all those who said that Malik Riaz has copied the idea of CDA i want to quote one saying of Steve Jobs,

    ” Good Artist copies, Great Artists Steals”


    Stay Blessed and stop your propaganda.

  26. Madi

    on   said 

    It’s a scam that Malik Riaz is doing with people. Its completely bullshit what is clamed about Bahria Enclave, I have personally visited the Bahria Enclave site and its a big lie that it is opposite to Park Enclave announced by CDA. I am a middle class person who was really interested in buying the plot in Bahria Enclave, Islamabad as it was claimed to be selling at half the price offered by CDA. To my surprise, the site location is not at the place where it has been shown on the map. From Park road, CDA Park Enclave is just 500 meters. However, Bahria enclave is 6 KM ( 6 Kilometers) far away from the Park road. 6 KM distance is a big thing and Malik Riaz is befooling the investors that it is half the price offered by CDA. I like to aware all those investors who are either in Pakistan or in abroad, wanting to apply for the plots to get the real picture. I have been meeting with many property dealers, Bahria town site employees and studied news paper. Bahria town is unable to provide answer to following questions and without their answers; it will be a really foolish idea to apply for it.

    1: There is no guarantee that Bahria Town has got NOC from CDA. It is evident that Malik Riaz is a powerful man, having a land mafia to back him up. Generally, it is said that Mr. Zardari has given him the go head for this. The CDA has clearly mentioned that they have no NOC. By this year or next, Zardari will be gone and middle class people money will get stuck in judicial war between CDA and Bahria Town. I still feel that based on his power, Malik Riaz may get the NOC. I have shared the references to strengthen my opinions in the end section.

    2. Secondly, there is no road access so far for Bahria Enclave. I asked them again and again to tell me from where Bahria Enclave will be connected with the main road and they say that we are still planning. What a shame that they have planed the society and have not planed the road access. At least, this thing does not click my mind. Bahria people are saying that there are two options they are thinking of presently to get connected with Main road. One is to get connected to Muree road from Barah Koh. I feel the people living in Islamabad realize that Barah Koh is at at drive of 25 mins from Aabpara Market. The Bahria Enclave if connected through Barah Koh will additionally need 8~10 KM further drive. Now you can imagine how far it is. Second option they are looking at is to get connected through Lehtrar road from back side of Bahria Enclave via Simli Dam. This is the longest distance even more than connecting through Bara Koh. The last option is available is connecting through Park Road, but CDA won’t allow them and it is not even in their plan. If I am buyer, I will not purchase unless it is clear that from where they are giving road access.

    3. I have shared the link of news paper classified below, where it is explicitly offered by property dealers that one can guaranteed get the plot in Bahria Enclave. They are offering the plot numbers on the spot. This is contradiction to the balloting option. The inside story behind this fact is that Malik Riaz has floated the plots to property dealers to initiate the buying and selling for the plots so that investor can gain the confidence. I called one of property dealers today and asked him, what he will get in return of giving me the plot in Bahria Enclave. He told me that Mailk Riaz will pay for the commission and we have to just pay the down payment for the plot and get the plot number in return. Shocked or surprised. It’s a big mafia that is planning to loot the people. Bahria Enclave has a total of 720 residential plots. Out of which 520 are of 10 marlas. This is a very handful number of plots. Malik Riaz is planning to repeat the story of what he did in case of Bahria Town Pahse 6,7,8. At that time, every one’s plot was announced in Phase 6 and later on shifted to far sites like Phase 7 and 8. He is also planning to do the same here. He will buy the land with the money invested from people in terms of plot applications. Every one’s application will be entertained. You can now imagine that your plot will be in air even if it is announced as there is land demarcation for only 720 plots. This is an example of cheating.

    Above all, I still feel that he will set up the city 5~6 years from now there. I have shared my honest reviews and it is up to you guys to decide whether you still want this or not. For reference, I have shown the maps link for both Bahria Enclave and Park Enclave. The fake Bahria Enclave is even marked near Park Enclave, so don’t believe it. I have shared the actual location of Bahria Enclave in separate links below. If the price of canal offering of 120 Million from CDA is taken and compared with that of Bahria Enclaves 6 Million for canal, I still stay CDA Park Enclave is still better. The Park Enclave is 6 Km away and where there is no road access so far and one says 60 Lacs for canal. It’s simply ridicules and illogical. The max cost for the canal at that site cannot be more than 30 Lacs.

    Location of Park Enclave by CDA:

    Actual Location of Bahria Enclave:

    Other Related Links:

    • Nadeem

      on   said 

      Well Done Madi
      for providing a detailed analysis. I don’t know much about previous scams of Malik Sb. but it seems correct what you are saying about judicial war between CDA and Malik Sb, I am discussion post zardari scanario.


    • In fact situation will be quite different after this Govt. subject to the fairness of the next elections, if it remain same as past then nothing would be changed as it is Pakistan. However I am very much hope full for good days in Pakistan soon.

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