KARACHI: The City District Government Karachi (CDGK) has linked some 70 pre-partition villages in the rural areas of Keamari Town and Scheme-42 through a 62-kilometre long road network, extending it to the RCD Highway, Hub Chowki and Hawkesbay Road at a cost of Rs 400 million.

City Nazim Mustafa Kamal, along with Keamari Town Nazim Humayun Khan, inaugurated the road network on Tuesday. Talking to the media at Mubarak Village, Kamal said that a model school is in the final stage of construction at the village. Besides, three dams have also been constructed in the area to meet the requirements of drinking water and farming. The dams, once filled, would be enough to meet the area’s needs for three years besides promoting agriculture, he said.

He said that in order to protect the network from storm water drains, 52 culverts have been constructed at various points as a result of which these roads would continue to provide communication facilities to people without being affected by flood or rain water. He pointed out that thousands of people are living in these old villages of Karachi but were never provided even the basic facilities for the last 60 years. He said that without considering party affiliations, he was working to make the city a better place. “We considered entire Karachi as a city without discriminating as to which people live in which areas, what language do they speak and which party they are affiliated with. Our manifesto is that wherever human beings live, they should be provided basic facilities of life,” he announced.

The nazim said these villages are part of Karachi and hence development work is being carried out here. He said that Mubarak Village is an old settlement and it loses connection with the city during rains and supply of eatables, medicines and other items of daily use become difficult. He said that sick people in these villages used to reach the city in 3-4 days but with the steps taken by us a visible change could now be seen and the process has started.

Kamal pointed out that when development works were initiated, these goths comprised of huts but now construction of concrete houses has started because the transport facility is now available and now job opportunities will be generated here soon. He described the roads, dams and culverts a gift from the city government to these 70 old villages.

Replying to a question, Kamal thanked President Asif Ali Zardari and said that he listened to our submissions regarding Karachi with great interest and endorsing the same directed the Federal and Provincial governments to take special measures in relation to the problems of Karachi. He hoped that the action taken on the President’s directive would be visible on the ground.

Keamari Town Nazim Humayun Khan thanked Kamal and said these projects would bring a change in the area. He said that since the creation of Pakistan, it’s the first time that these areas were given attention and hoped that the construction of roads would bring visible economic and social changes in this area.

Source: Daily Times