LAHORE: Students of the Kinnaird College (KC) miss the liberty they used to enjoy as members of one of the oldest educational institutions in the region.

Students voiced concerns over the curb placed on their cultural diversity and freedom before the wave of extremism hit them in the form of a ban on wearing specific kinds of dresses. A student even referred to the ban as ‘war on jeans’.

Kinnaird is considered the oldest women’s college of the country where intermediate level classes were started in 1913 followed by graduate classes four years later. There are around 3,300 students currently enrolled at the university. The autonomous institute mainly offers Masters degrees in English Literature, Applied Linguistics, Mass Communication, French, English Language, Environmental Sciences, Science Education, Statistics, and Computer Sciences. MS in Accounting and Finance and MPhil in English Literature have been introduced very recently.

“I think it’s a bad idea to give in to the demands of terrorists. The administration should instead decrease activity outside college premises and boost security arrangements,” second-year student Anum said.

All students are extremely perturbed due to the rumours about terrorist threats and we don’t feel secure in and around the college premises.’
Third-year student Sana

I believe it is a bad idea to act exactly how the extremists wants us to. It will only encourage them to push us further and take pride in their success while we will lose by doing so.’
Fourth-year student Saima

An atmosphere of fear and confusion has engulfed the college and it is closely linked to the introduction of new rules banning jeans and making dupatas mandatory.’
Fourth-year student Hina

The college administration has warned the students of stern disciplinary action if they talk to reporters.’
First-year student declining to be named

One of my classmates was shivering with fear when she told us of two women who reprimanded several students for exposing themselves by wearing figure-hugging dresses. She also threatened of divine punishment if we did not mend ways.’

Source: Daily Times