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Ravi City Lahore

Ravi Urban Development Authority (RUDA) intends to develop urban areas of the province into sustainable, livable and well-managed engines of economic growth. Urban development and its management are critically linked with sound, comprehensive and strategic metropolitan level long-term planning. Over the years, rapid urbanization has changed the socio-economic and physical characteristics of the cities. The physical growth of the cities has emerged in a very different way from the land uses proposed in master plans and other such documents.

Ravi Riverfront Layout

In north: Starting 5 Km downstream from Syphon to Pakhiyala Villege towards Kala Shah Kaku Interchange and further towards M-2 Interchange

In West: M-2 Interchange towards Lahore Sheikhupura Faisalabad Road (Near Javaid Nagar) which further extends towards Jaranwala Road (Near Langiyan da Thattha), then after, it travels along Jaranwala Road till Sharqpur City where Upper Chennab Canal falls in Ravi River.

In South:
Upper Chennab Canal falls in Ravi River and connecting with Hudiara Drain at Sukh Chayn Garden Housing Scheme at Multan Road.

In East:

Area running along left side of Multan Road from Sukh Chayn Garden Housing Scheme to Thokar Niaz Baig M-2 Motorway interchange which runs along till Babu Sabu Toll Plaza.
From babu Sabu Toll Plaza Run area runs along left side of Bund Road till Saggia wala bridge at Lahore Ring Road (LRR-20) which further travels along it towards Quaid-e-Azam Interchange LRR and upto BRB.

Ravi River City Lahore

Salient Features

  • It will start from Ravi Siphon and finished at Baloki.
  • Purpose Built Cities desidned on the eco friendly guidelines
  • Promotion of Education, Cultural, Technology, Sports & Economic activities generating employement oppertunities
  • Construction of 3 barrages enabling 46 KM long lake to store 271 billion litters of water
  • Flood Management & Stabilization of subsurface water level
  • River water purification for potable purposes
  • Sewage water treatment plan
  • Plantation of 6 Million Trees maintaining ecological footprint
Ravi River Urban Development Project

Sapphire Bay Zone 3

A mega consortium of more than 10 firms led by a known group of companies has succeeded in getting development rights of the phase-1 (Sapphire Bay) of the country’s first mega riverfront development venture in Lahore — Ravi Riverfront Urban Development Project worth billions of dollars.

He said under the business development model, the bidders were required to offer percentage of developed residential and commercial plots and money to RUDA against the land they would be getting for development and contribution in the development of river channelization, construction of barrages, river’ training, roads, infrastructure etc. “But I cannot tell you the bidders’ offers exactly right now since we will announce this by Tuesday,” he maintained. “Everything related to the bidding process was done in a very transparent manner by following PPRA rules and other regulations,” the RUDA head claimed.

RUDA Sapphire Bay Location Map

Ravi Chahar Bagh

Ravi Chahar Bagh is located on Lahore Ring Road just 10 min drive from Lahore Internation Airport in the heart of City of Gardens Lahore. Project is consist of 1000 Kanal area including very limited inventory of 10 Malra, 1 Kanal & 2, 3 Bederooms Apartments.

Salient features of Chahar Bagh:

  • Safe tap drinking water
  • Cornea recognition
  • Drone/Quade deliveries
  • CCTV monitoring
  • Project’s own organic market
  • Project’s own smart forest
  • 0% carbon footprint
  • Renewable energy
  • Smart garbage collection
  • Connection with river
  • Wastewater treatment plants
  • Rooftop gardens
  • Self-sustained water reservoirs
Ravi Chahar Bagh

Ravi Industrial Zone

Ravi Industrial Zone is a thriving industrial area located in the heart of Lahore, Pakistan. Situated along the eastern bank of the Ravi River in RUDA Phase 1, Zone 13. This zone is renowned for its contribution to the industrial development of the region. Its proximity to major highways and the city’s transportation network enables efficient movement of goods and raw materials, reducing logistics costs and improving overall productivity. economy.

Ravi City Industrial Estate

RUDA Location Map

Ravi Riverfront Location Map
Ravi Riverfront Location Map

Notified area of RUDA

Area of RUDA's Authority
Area of RUDA’s Authority

Mouzas in RUDA

Mouzas in RUDA's Authority
Mouzas in RUDA’s Authority

RUDA Phase 1 Location Map

RUDA Phase 1 Location Map
RUDA Phase 1 Location Map

RUDA Phase 1 Master Plan

RUDA Master Plan Proposed Landuse Phase-1
RUDA Master Plan Proposed Landuse Phase-1

RUDA Ravi City Latest Development Update

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39 thoughts on “Ravi City Lahore | Files | Plots | RUDA

  1. RUDA Chahar Bagh Ballot will be held on 31st March 2022

    Last date to apply for RUDA Chahar Bagh is 21st March, 2022. Ballot will be held on 23rd March, 2022

    RUDA Chahar Bagh Ballot will be held on 31 March 2022

  2. CEO Ravi Urban Development Authority Imran Amin visited the Industrial Area

    CEO Ravi Urban Development Authority Imran Amin visited the Industrial Area at the invitation of Ravi Industrial Estate Association. RUDA will provide better roads, sewerage, high power transmission lines and gas to the existing 1000 Industrial Units and aims to regularize every entity.

    CEO Ravi Urban Development Authority Imran Amin visited the Industrial Area

  3. Ravi Chahar Bagh Location Lahore

    The Ravi Chahar Bagh project is consist over an area of 1,000 Kanal with Lahore Ring Road Location. The RUDA claims that project is ‘Modern, Majestic and Smart’, the first of its kind in the City of Gardens Lahore.

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