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About Chahar Bagh

The community takes its historical name from the Mughal era, perfectly blending our traditional past with the concept of contemporary & modern living. It’s the Ravi Urban Development Authority’s (RUDA) inaugural project, consisting of cutting-edge mixed-use and commercial complexes. Exclusive Villas, Sky rises, Mid rises, condominiums, apartment buildings, and commercial complexes make it the first of its kind. The community offers you economical, highly secured and swift connectivity to the basic necessities of sustainable living. In the first phase, Ravi City Chahar Bagh offers 1 Kanal & 10 Marla plots.

Chahar Bagh Booking

Chahar Bagh Features

  • Sky rises
  • Mid rises
  • Exclusive Villas
  • Condominiums
  • Apartment Buildings
  • 1 Kanal Residential Plots
  • 10 Marla Residential Plots
  • Mixed Use and commercial complexes
Chahar Bagh Plots for Sale

Chahar Bagh Location

  • 10 min drive from Lahore International Airport
  • 30 min drive from Lahore Railway Station
  • 15 min drive from Quaid e Azam Interchange
  • 20 min drive from Kala Shah Kaku Motarway Toll Plaza
  • 30 min drive from Gulberg Liberty Market
RUDA Chahar Bagh Lahore Location

Chahar Bagh Enclave

Ravi Urban Development Authority now offers Chahar Bagh Enclave Ravi City Lahore on a 4-year installment plan. The following categories are available for booking:

  • 3 Marla
  • 5 Marla
  • 7 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal

Booking on 10% downpayment, payment in 4 years & possession in 3 years.

Chahar Bagh Enclave Lahore

Chahar Bagh Enclave Booking Openig

Chahar Bagh Enclave Lahore Booking Open
Chahar Bagh Enclave Lahore Booking Open
Chahar Bagh Lahore Notified Area
Chahar Bagh Lahore Notified Area

Chahar Bagh Enclave Booking Plan

RUDA Specialist: Atif Iqbal Voice / WhatsApp: +923218469951 | UAN: +923111042111
DescriptionDue Date3 Marla5 Marla7 Marla10 Marla1 Kanal
Total Price3,600,0006,000,0008,400,00012,000,00024,000,000
Down payment 10%360,000600,000840,0001,200,0002,400,000
2nd installment202,500337,500472,500675,0001,350,000
3rd installment202,500337,500472,500675,0001,350,000
4th installment202,500337,500472,500675,0001,350,000
5th installment202,500337,500472,500675,0001,350,000
6th installment202,500337,500472,500675,0001,350,000
7th installment202,500337,500472,500675,0001,350,000
8th installment202,500337,500472,500675,0001,350,000
9th installment202,500337,500472,500675,0001,350,000
10th installment202,500337,500472,500675,0001,350,000
11th installment202,500337,500472,500675,0001,350,000
12th installment202,500337,500472,500675,0001,350,000
13th installment202,500337,500472,500675,0001,350,000
14th installment202,500337,500472,500675,0001,350,000
15th installment202,500337,500472,500675,0001,350,000
16th installment202,500337,500472,500675,0001,350,000

Chahar Bagh Enclave Booking Form

RUDA Chahar Bagh Ravi City Map

Chahar Bagh Lahore
Chahar Bagh Lahore
Ravi Industrial Zone
Ravi Industrial Zone
Sapphire Bay Lahore
Sapphire Bay Lahore

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RUDA Chahar Bagh Latest Development Update

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14 thoughts on “Chahar Bagh File Plot Rates Booking Ballot Map Development

  1. Acution for Commercial Plots in District Souq Chahar Bagh Ruda Lahore

    RUDA is redefining the horizons with great development opportunity. Grand Auction of eight commercial plots at The Souq District Chahar Bagh is happening on December 21, 2022.

    The Souq District Chahar Bagh RUDA Lahore

  2. RUDA Chahar Bagh Ballot will be held on 31st March 2022

    Last date to apply for RUDA Chahar Bagh is 21st March, 2022. Ballot will be held on 23rd March, 2022

    Ruda Chahar Bagh Ballot will be held on 31st March 2022

  3. Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What is RUDA?
      • The Ravi Urban Development Authority (RUDA) is a government entity established in July 2020 by statement of Act of Parliament was signed by Pakistan’s Honorable Prime Minister, Mr. Muhammad Imran Khan. RUDA will oversee the creation of Pakistan’s first “planned” sustainable city over a 46-kilometer section of the Ravi River.
    2. Does RUDA own the land?
      • Yes. Land would be owned by RUDA, allowing Pakistanis to develop residential and commercial structures.
    3. What is Chahar Bagh?
      • RUDA’s first project is Chahar Bagh. It is a gated community founded and constructed by RUDA that is located on the ring road in Harbanspura, Lahore.
    4. What are the advantages of purchasing property in Chahar Bagh?
      • Buyers will receive developed plots after two years, even if they have chosen a three-year payment plan, allowing them to construct homes before the conclusion of their separate payment plans.
    5. What is the plot division in Chahar Bagh?
      • RUDA will award residential plots of 10 Marla and 1 Kanal, as well as apartment and commercial structures, through a fair public balloting procedure. In the initial phase, RUDA will provide plots of 10 Marla and 1 Kanal. In the second phase, apartment and commercial buildings will be built.
    6. Could you please explain the plot prices and payment terms?
      Regular PKR 20,000,000 PKR 12,000,000
      Corner PKR 22,000,000 PKR 13,200,000
      Park Facing PKR 22,000,000 PKR 13,200,000

      *Overseas Pakistanis will be entitled to a 5% discount on the aforementioned prices

      Plan 1: 100% Upfront Payment NIL 10%
      Plan 2: Two Year Payments 10% Down Payment 8 5%
      Plan 3: Three Year Payments 10% Down Payment 12 NIL

      *Example: A person acquiring a 1 Kanal plot under Plan 3 for a Regular plot must make a PKR 2 millin down payment and then make 12 quarterly payments of the remaining amount: PKR 18 million divided by 12 payments = 1.5 million PKR Quarterly

      ** Clients paying 100% within 24 months will be eligible for a 5% discount on the full price of the plot.

    7. What is a balloting procedure, and how will it be used in Chahar Bagh?
      • Balloting is essentially a draw, with numbers issued to each form submitted to RUDA. Individuals may submit multiple forms to increase their chances of receiving plots; however, in order for the forms to be included in the balloting process, each form must be accompanied by a fee for the corresponding plot size.

        *Example: Individuals who submit multiple online forms must pay for each one in order to participate in the balloting process. For example, a person purchasing three forms for one kanal plots must pay PKR 10,000 x three = PKR 30,000.

    8. How do I participate in the balloting process?
      • Fill out the form on the website or at the bank, then deposit the balloting fee into the appropriate account. To make selections, a transparent balloting system will be employed. If you are successful in the balloting, please submit a 10% deposit and choose one of the following plans to confirm the plot in your name:

        *Please Note: The forms are free of cost and can be submitted online or downloaded by visiting our website on the following link chaharbagh.ruda.gov.pk/

          1 Kanal 10 Marla
        Online Applications PKR 10,000 PKR 6000
        Manual/Physical Forms PKR 12,000 PKR 8000

    9. What happens if I am unsuccessful in the balloting process? Will I get a refund of my fee?
      • The balloting fee is non-refundable.
    10. Am I taking part in balloting for files or plots?
      • Buyers are casting ballots for verified plots. In the instance of the Chahar Bagh balloting procedure, RUDA would ensure that developed plots are handed over to the victorious allottees.
    11. Is it possible to obtain a discount on my plot if I select Plan 3?
      • Plan 3 clients are only eligible for a 5% discount if all payments are made within two years of allotment. As a consequence, the client in this case can make a final lump-sum or balloon payment to qualify for a 5% discount on their property before the end of the second year of their payment plan.
    12. What happens if I fail to make or delay my quarterly payments?
      • A penalty of 14% per annum, of the missed quarterly payment, will be charged until the next installment or regularizing of the payment plan. Clients who have defaulted or delayed three or more payments risk losing their investment in Chahar Bagh.
    13. How & where do I make payments?
      • Payments can be made in RAVI URBAN DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY CHAHAR BAGH BOP Account No: PK45BPUN6010217231600020 at any of the Bank of Punjab branches across Pakistan and/or either through Online Transfers, Demand Draft, Pay Order; and/or through your Roshan Digital Account.
    14. Please share the online payment process & account details?
      • Roshan Digital Account (PAK Rupee) / Online

        How to generate your PSID?

        (a). Fill out the application for with the required mandatory details. Select Roshan Digital Account (PKR) under the Mode of Payment Section

        (b). Click on Generate Challan / PSID

        (c). The system will successfully display your PSID on the screen (e.g., 10011302217714525)

        (d). Please note down your PSID for online payment

        How to make payments?

        Pay online using your Roshan Digital Account (PAK Rupee) payment channels. Please follow the instructions below:

        Step-1: Login to your Mobile Banking/Internet Banking

        Step-2: Go to Bill Payment

        Step-3: Select 1Bill

        Step-4: Select Voucher/Invoice

        Step-5: Enter six-digit 1BILL prefix “100113” followed by PSID No. e.g., 10011302217714525

        Step-6: Verify bill details Step-7: Enter Pin/OTP Step-8: Pay amount

        PAYMENT DETAIL FOR DD/PO (Attach Original)

        All PO/DD should be in Favor of RAVI URBAN DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY CHAHAR BAGH BOP Account No: 6010217231600020. RUDA NTN No: 9022047-6

        *PO / DD No:________________________________

        *PO / DD Amount:____________________________

        *Bank Name:________________________________

        *Branch Code:_______________________________

        *Branch Name: ______________________________

        *PO /DD Date:_______________________________

    15. What are the developmental timelines of the community?
      • Developmental timeline is 2 years from the launch date. The plot owner will then be permitted to build their home
    16. Developmental charges?
      • The successful plot owners will be levied development charges based on actual rates, which will be due upon ownership of the plots.
    17. What services would RUDA offer to the Chahar Bagh community?
      • Management of water, gas, electricity, and wastewater. The proposed site is designed to provide areas for regional-serving retail, commercial, and residential uses in a dynamic mixed-use environment that promotes pleasant day and nighttime activities. Mixed-use development includes dynamic taller buildings and building complexes with a maximum FAR with stories ranging in height from (G+1) to (G+25) that are scaled appropriately to create a comfortable pedestrian environment and to be compatible and accessible with adjacent neighborhoods in order to promote regional economic development.
    18. What is the area of the Chaharbagh Community?
      • The planned site is located in Zone 1 of RUDA’s Jurisdiction and has a proposed land use of Residential.
    19. What are the Road Sizes?
      • The primary road is 200 feet wide whereas the secondary road is 100 feet wide. The streets are 40 feet in size.
    20. What does the Master Plan include?
      • Mughal Gateway, Detached Housing, Semi-Detached housing, Condominiums, Public Square, Dynamic Hub, Signature Towers, Communal Conventions, Open View Corridors.
    21. Can an overseas Pakistani acquire property without visiting Pakistan?
      • Yes, an overseas Pakistani can purchase property in Pakistan without visiting Pakistan.
    22. When Can I start construction on my plot in Chahar Bagh?
      • Plot owners can start construction of their homes after 2 years of launch.


    1. Chahar Bagh is the sole product of the Ravi Urban Development Authority and the Authority has not authorized any 3rd parties i.e., Sales agents, Property Dealers, External Consultants to be involved in the launch of Chahar Bagh or its balloting process.
    2. The ONLY permitted mode of payment for balloting forms or instalment payments for successful allottees is through RUDA’s account with the Bank of Punjab. For further information on the payment method, please see the FAQs.
    3. RUDA accepts no responsibility for monies stolen by firms or individuals claiming to be agents of RUDA, or for frauds committed under the guise of external parties posing as RUDA-authorized representatives.
    4. RUDA accepts no responsibility for undeposited funds given out in cash to individuals or businesses pretending to be RUDA agents.
    5. It is the successful allottee’s or client’s obligation to guarantee that payments are credited or transferred to our accounts before the due date. As a result, in order to avoid late payment costs, it is advisable to make payments a few days ahead of time.

    Apply now for 1 Kanal & 10 Marla Plots in RUDA Chahar Bagh

      1. Dear Umer Farooq Bhai,

        Yet no date for ballot announced by RUDA, but in advertisement for booking they mentioned month March for ballot.

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