One person was injured when a bomb exploded in Liberty Market at about 7:35pm on Tuesday, However, Pervaiz Akhtar, who works for a private company, said he was driving out of the market when the bomb exploded and that two naval personnel in the vicinity and a civilian were injured.

He said Rescue 1122 immediately took the naval personnel to hospital, while another ambulance took the civilian to some other hospital. Rescue 1122 officials said the injured were taken to Ibne Sina Hospital, Liberty Market, and Services Hospital.

It is suspected that the naval personnel were on the security detail of the Bangladeshi naval chief, who is currently in the city. It is not confirmed if he was in Liberty Market at the time.

Major Shahid, an Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) official, said he was not aware of the presence of the Bangladeshi naval chief in the market. An ISPR release issued earlier in the day had stated that Bangladeshi Chief of Naval Staff Rear Admiral Muhammad Hasan Ali Khan had visited the Pakistan Navy War College on Upper Mall and had later gone sightseeing.

However, Additional Inspector General Khawaja Khalid Farooq said only one person was injured and that he had been taken to Services Hospital. He also said the bomb was of about two kilos and was placed on the inner side of a car tyre. He said the car was parked opposite Reema Optics and Milli Shoes and that the explosion damaged eight cars parked around it and a few parked inside the horseshoe (lower parking deck).

Witnesses said the explosion caused panic and shopkeepers and customers were seen scampering for cover. They also said windows of shops and nearby buildings shattered and shards of glass landed about 50 yards away from the explosion site.

One witness said women and children were crying and a few of them had slipped on the glass and cut themselves. People close to the explosion thought that a car bomb had gone off and that the damage was much more than actually done. Some people thought one of the buildings in the market had collapsed and hence the loud explosion. A few women said they suspected that a transformed had packed up and hence the loud blast while others thought the blast was cause by a gas cylinder going off.

Police sealed the area immediately and a Bomb Disposal Squad checked the area for other explosives after which it started investigating the incident.

The deputy inspector general (operations), district coordination officer and Lahore nazim were also at the site.

Police had said a few months ago that a control room had been set up in Liberty Market, which was operating more than 50 closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras installed in the market. However, the Lahore nazim told reporters at the site that CCTV cameras would soon be installed in the market. Courtesy

Sorce: Daily Times