ISLAMABAD, Feb 6: Leader of the house in Senate Nayyar Bukhari on Monday tried to shift responsibility of non-development of sector E-12 to former military government of Ziaul Haq.

Replying to a call attention notice raised by Jamaat-i-Islami (JI) Senator Professor Khursheed Ahmed on the apathy of the Capital Development Authority (CDA) towards development of sector E-12, Mr Bukhari said the sector was announced was announced in 1986 by Zia’s government without acquiring land for the sector.

However, the ruling party senator agreed that the sector was opened for allotment in 1989 when Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) was ruling the country.

“It is the responsibility of the CDA that why it had started receiving applications from the people for allotment of plots without acquiring land for the sector,” he said.

He said the then chairman of the CDA and all its board’s members were responsible for the suffering of plot owners and they should be taken to task.

The JI leader said the 4,090 ill-fated people who had been allotted plots in the sector more than two decades ago had been waiting for the possession of plots. They were widows, serving and retired government servant of low income group.

The Upper House was informed that the possession of plots could not be possible unless compensation is given to the genuine landholders.

However, Mr Bukhari assured the issue would soon be settled.

The CDA’s former chairman Imtiaz Inayat Elahi had said in May last year that the authority had served final notices to illegal landholders in the sector under the directives of Supreme Court to acquire the land but no follow-up action was taken.

However, villagers of Bhekar Akku, Bhekar Fateh and Dheraik Mori, the villages where the sector falls, are still sitting in the area despite several attempts made to compensate them for acquiring their land.

Two years ago Islamabad High Court had taken note of inordinate delay in laying infrastructure there. At that time the court was apprised that alleged interference of influential groups, who misguide landholders for not surrendering their land, and slackness on the part of National Accountability Bureau (NAB) were main reasons of the delay in opening the new sector.

The record of Sector E-12 remained in NAB’s custody for almost eight years and it was returned to the CDA in 2008.