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Property buying and selling was never easy before. Simply choose your location and call us to our representative for best deal in town. We offer 100% cofirm up to date properties for Sale. You can find DHA properties for sale in accordance with your budgets and needs in the list given below. We have 100s of direct and confirm sellers with us. Therefore we are able to find best properties for you. Please share your budget and property requirements with us at our WhatsApp Hotline +923111042111

DHA Lahore Maps
DHA Lahore News
DHA Lahore Fees

DHA Lahore Phase 6 Plots for Sale +923224636652

DHA Lahore Phase 6 Specialist: Ijaz Arif Voice: +923224636652 WhatsApp: +923224636652
SectorNear Plot #PriceSizeUpdatedComment
E130315 Lacs22 Marla24-12-2020

DHA Lahore Phase 7 Plots for Sale +923224636652

DHA Lahore Phase 7 Specialist: Ijaz Arif Voice: +923224636652 WhatsApp: +923224636652
SectorNear Plot #PriceSizeUpdatedComment
Y3223120 lac10Marla11-12-2020Back to 100ft road

DHA Lahore Phase 8 Plots for Sale +923215602787

DHA Lahore Phase 8 Specialist: Rao Ali Voice: +923215602787 WhatsApp: +923131042111
SectorNear Plot #PriceSizeUpdatedComment
T847250 Lacs1 Kanal08-10-2020
V709350 Lacs1 Kanal08-10-202070 ft Facing Park
X1199155 Lacs1 Kanal08-10-2020

DHA Lahore Phase 9 Plots for Sale +923224636652

DHA Lahore Phase 9 Specialist: Ijaz Arif Voice: +923224636652 WhatsApp: +923224636652
SectorNear Plot #PriceSizeUpdatedComment
9P-A196160 Lac Army update1 Kanal19-01-2021Near To Park
9P-A432185 Lac Army update1 Kanal19-01-2021Near To Park
9P-B223130 Lac All Paid1 Kanal19-01-2021
9P-B319Sold1 Kanal
9T-B82475 Lac5 Marla19-01-2021Near To Park
9T-C124380 Lac5 Marla19-01-2021100ft Road
9T-D19675 Lac Letter5 Marla19-01-2021
9T-D200190 Lac7.6 Marla19-01-2021Corner Back to 150ft Road
9P-J175055 Lac All Paid5 Marla19-01-2021Closed To Park
9P-J270652 Lac All Paid5Marla19-01-2021Naer to park
9P-K903Sold5 Marla
9P-M253+254375 Lac All Paid1+1 Kanals19-01-2021
9P-N778120 Lac All Paid1 Kanal19-01-2021
9P-P196+197450 Lacs All Paid1+1 Kanal19-01-2021Facing Park
About LDA City
LDA City News
DHA City Fees

LDA City Lahore Plots for Sale +923044475795

DHA City Specialist: Waqar Khan Voice: +923044475795 WhatsApp: +923044475795
SectorNear Plot #PriceSizeUpdatedComment
A19532 Lacs10 Marla01-12-2020
A41145 Lacs10 Marla01-12-2020150 ft Road
A43145 Lacs10 Marla01-12-2020150 ft Road
A49833 Lacs10 Marla01-12-2020
C16955 Lacs1 Kanal01-12-2020
C44639 Lacs10 Marla01-12-2020
C64240 Lacs10 Marla01-12-2020
D1675 Lacs1 Kanal01-12-202075 ft Road
D38654 Lacs1 Kanal01-12-2020Near Park
E7955 Lacs1 Kanal01-12-2020
E16655 Lacs1 Kanal01-12-2020
E31980 Lacs1 Kanal01-12-202075 ft Road
E51960 Lacs1 Kanal01-12-2020Corner
F4822 Lacs5 Marla01-12-202075 ft Facing Canal
F66221 Lacs5 Marla01-12-2020
F69526 Lacs5 Marla01-12-2020Corner Facing Park
G5575 Lacs1 Kanal01-12-202075 ft Road
G43565 Lacs1 Kanal01-12-202075 ft Road
J35922 Lacs5 Marla01-12-2020Facing Park
J96524 Lacs5 Marla01-12-2020Next to Corner 75ft
J104219 Lacs5 Marla01-12-2020Back of 75 ft Road
J120119 Lacs5 Marla01-12-2020
H30339 Lacs10 Marla01-12-2020Corner
H19040 Lacs10 Marla01-12-2020Corner
K4638 Lacs10 Marla75 ft Road
K82435 Lacs10 Marla10-10-2020Facing Park
K93833 Lacs10 Marla10-10-2020
L40630 Lacs10 Marla10-10-2020
L51231 Lacs10 Marla10-10-2020
M640 Lacs10 Marla10-10-202075 ft Road
N4670 Lacs1 Kanal10-10-202075 ft Road
N18022 Lacs5 Marla
N36823 Lacs5 Marla10-10-2020
N66825 Lacs5 Marla75 ft Road
L104930 Lacs10 Marla10-10-2020
Q7232 Lacs10 MarlaFacing Park
Q45417 Lacs5 Marla10-10-2020Corner
Q52317 Lacs5 Marla10-10-2020
DHA Peshawar Maps
DHA Peshawar News
DHA Peshawar Fees

DHA Peshawar Plots for Sale +923218469951

DHA Peshawar Specialist: Atif Iqbal Voice: +923218469951 WhatsApp: +923111042111

SectorNear Plot #PriceSizeUpdatedComment
H90010 M
DHA Multan Maps
DHA Multan News
DHA Multan Fees

DHA Multan Plots for Sale +923218460084

DHA Multan Specialist: Ghalib Nawab Voice / WhatsApp: +923218460084
DHA Bahawalpur Maps
DHA Bahawalpur News
DHA bahawalpur Fees

DHA Bahawalpur Plots for Sale +923215602787

DHA Bahawalpur Specialist: Rao Ali Voice: +923215602787 WhatsApp: +923131042111
SectorNear Plot #PriceSizeUpdatedComment
A42645 Lacs 1 Kanal01-12-2020

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