Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) on the 65th Independence Day of Pakistan announced the launch of the country’s first 3G-enabled tablet computer with built-in EVO wireless broadband connection.

The “3G EVO Tab” is a seven-inch touch screen tablet computer powered by a Google Android Froyo 2.2 operating system and equipped with 3G (3rd generation mobile telephony) and Wifi connectivity, a 5-megapixel camera and a variety of built-in applications.

Available in Grey Stone and Ivory White colour, the tablet is being offered in three, six and 12-month contracts, for Rs27,999, Rs29,999 and Rs31,999 respectively, bundled with an unlimited EVO wireless broadband connection for the contract period.

Naveed Saeed of PTCL said that the tablet computer is packed with features of both a tablet and a GSM phone that will give PTCL customers “the freedom to surf the internet, talk, tweet and do a lot more simultaneously on -the-go in more than 100 cities nationwide”.

He said PTCL is determined to build good relationship with its customers while meeting their demands most effectively.



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