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File = Area which is not balloted yet or on ground or not on ground, and possession (where construction can be started immediately) is not granted by the Builder / Developer / Authority

Plot File = Area which is balloted yet or on ground or not on ground, and possession (where construction can be started immediately) is not granted by the Builder / Developer / Authority

Plot = Area where physical possession (where construction can be started immediately) is granted by the Builder / Developer / Authority

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  1. Asalamu Alaikum Atif Bhai, Pl. evaluate market value of my plot 556 ,T Block, Phase7 Dha Lahore. If I want to sell it now in what price i can sell it. Should i wait or sell it now, pl. advise


    1. Dear Tahir Bhai,

      DHA Phase 9 Prism Sector J & K are highly recommended for investment. 5 Marla plot may touch 60 to 65 lacs after completion of Lahore Ring Road SL1 & SL2 Loop. For your information development work has been started at Kamahan for SL1

  2. Salam, Atif bhai I am looking for a plot scheme where I can start with a deposit of 2-3 lacs and then continue to deposit monthly instalments for 3-5 years. It could be in any major city of Pakistan. Can you please suggest a few options?

  3. Dear Atif Bhai,

    Thank you very much for informing us in details about issues i asked you in previous quires.
    Can you please explain few more details regarding DHA Sale and Transfer procedure :

    1. If Site Plan and NDC is complete, purchaser paid the transfer fee, Transfer completed in DHA office then is it final transfer or wrt to possession of plot (Site Plan), the Control buildings requirement for transfer of plot still exist. If so then what formalities are required?

    2. Is transfer of the plot can be done without site plan?

    3. Once plot transfer to the name of Purchaser in DHA office by the Transfer Officer, the transfer letter would be issued to the purchaser in due course of time but is there any intimation/Copy send to seller as well for information.

    4. Whether the purchaser can proceed to start construction on plot with site plan issued on the name of previous owner (Seller) or He is to applied for new possession of plot (Site Plan) prior construction.

    5. The Purchaser is supposed to submit transfer papers at DHA reception within 30 days from the date of transfer of plot for issuance of Transfer Letter on his name. If with any reason he can’t do so what would be the FINE/PENALTY as per DHA procedure after 30 days & How long purchaser can live with this fine/Penalty Is there any time limit?

    6. What would be the Transfer date of Transfer of plot on transfer letter issued to the purchaser after submission of transfer paper at DHA recepton.whether it would be the date when both seller & purchaser appear before Transfer Officer or the date will be given when transfer papers were submitted to DHA reception.

    7. I am asking all this after transfer of plot if i go back abroad then is it any problem for my self or buyer.

  4. Atif Bhai,

    Would you please explain following:

    a)      If the seller’s plot ownership is legal, all dues paid, site plan and NDC is ready. The purchaser pays the transfer fee, the transfer of plot completed in DHA main office by transfer Officer. Would it be the final transfer or wrt to possession of plot (Site Plan), the Control buildings requirement for transfer of plot still exist. If so then what formalities are required?

    b)      Is transfer of the plot can be done without site plan?

    c)      Once plot transfer to the name of Purchaser in DHA office by the Transfer Officer, the transfer letter would be issued to the purchaser in due course of time but is there any intimation/Copy send to seller as well for information.

    d)      Whether the purchaser can proceed to start construction on plot with site plan issued on the name of previous owner (Seller) or He is to applied for new possession of plot (Site Plan) prior construction.

    e)      The Purchaser is supposed to submit transfer papers at DHA reception within 30 days from the date of transfer of plot for issuance of Transfer Letter on his name. If with any reason he can’t do so what would be the FINE/PENALTY as per DHA procedure after 30 days & How long purchaser can live with this fine/Penalty Is there any time limit?

    f)       What would be the Transfer date of Transfer of plot on transfer letter issued to the purchaser after submission of transfer paper at DHA recepton.whether it would be the date when both seller & purchaser appear before Transfer Officer or the date will be given when transfer papers were submitted to DHA reception.

    1. Dear Zain Bhai,

      Sorry for the late reply.

      a- It will final transfer, just new purchaser need to apply for possession of plot, once get the possession he can proceed for due construction procedure

      b- If it is possession plot then it is not possible transfer without possession, if seller has not taken possession then he has to first get possession. He will apply NDC with Site Plan. Once the NDC is ready with Site Plan he can get transfer

      c- No there is no need to send the intimation / copy of transfer to seller because seller was present in DHA Office while transfer

      d- He is has to apply for the new possession / site plan on his name to start construction

      e- Yes there will penalty of Rs. 1500 per month. I need to check the time limit from DHA. But 3 years delay case is in my knowledge. I am not sure more then it

      f- Transfer letter date will be when you submit the transfer paper along with Stamp Duty, CVT and Membership fee at DHA Office

  5. Dear Atif Bhai,

    i live overseas and want to invest in property at Lahore DHA.But i have concerns with the Estate Agents who asked to sign the agreement with following kind of clauses as one of my friend had a deal to sell his property Last year , can you Please explain:
    Why estate agents put clauses that ” Buyer have a right to sell the property during the Biana period” in sale agreement and what are the disadvantages/Advantages for this to the seller in future.
    why they ask seller to come and sign in so many offices like Cantt Board, registrar Office, DHA Office etc while practically transfer of property took place only in DHA Main Office.
    and What is the practical role of an Esate Agent during transfer/exchange of property.
    Although DHA discourages to such clauses to be included in sale or purchase agreement. However DHA does not want to present such agreements during the transfer process.

    1. Dear Zain Bhai,

      First of all thank you for your concern that you have pointed out these questions. I am not sure if any Estate Agent is doing this by force. However this clause it the market practice. Agent should clear this that he doing Biana himself or for his investor client and he can sell this during Biana period. Or you may force agent that you will not do any Biana nor get any token money even. Simply meet with buyer in direct meeting in the presence of agent and set time for transfer and get transfer in DHA Office.

      I think you are talking about selling a house in DHA, in case of house only NOC is required by Cantt Board but owner presence not required for it. Owner can sign the document and agent can get NOC from Cantt Board office on behalf of owner. Rest of all process happen in DHA Office. DHA has nothing to do with agreement between seller & buyer until unless there is some dispute arises between seller & buyer.

      There is no disadvantage for seller from this clause, seller has accept the price and given time with his consent. I dont think that agent can get this consent by force. When sign the document it mean he agreed with the terms & conditions. Like when booking we sign a document of any DHA Booking Form we are bond with the terms and conditions what so ever they are.

      Advantage for Buyer or Biana Holder is that if he can find a buyer mean while he can get transfer on his / her name and can make money. So if seller dont want some one to earn from this deal. He might can straight away refused this term and bound the Buyer or Biana Holder the he will only transfer on his name only and will not entertain any other name.

      But mostly sellers are not concerned with it as far as they are selling on market price on the day deal is done. They dont bother that at what price now buyer sell it or get transfer on his own name or transfer to some other name.

      So before making selling decision you must check the market that you are selling on current market price.

      1. Atif Bhai,

        Thanks a lot for answer of my queries. I wounder how you are maintaining simultaneously with you own business, market rate updates, detail of plots under selling, detail of plot sold out and other miscellaneous information like property exchange/ transfer fee, taxes, etc. updates and meanwhile for public interest you are available to give answer question by question. So time demanding activity. Unlike other property dealers/ Estate agents your efforts are unique and appreciable. Would you like to explain following:

        a)      Is it your own initiative/ creative setup or it’s DHA’s additional role given to your company.

        b)      Why not other property dealers are doing so.

        c)       Why most of the property dealers give their plot under selling to your company for sale as well

        d)      Why one property dealer give his plot for selling to so many property dealers for what interest whereas the owner of the plot has given to the one property dealer to sell his plot.

        e)      Is there fixed days of transfer of plot at DHA’s main office

        f)       Is it possible the plot transfer to the name of purchaser the same day in main DHA office, when from the seller through his estate agent delivered ‘The Forwarding Letter’ for transfer of plot addressed to secy. DHA Lahore with attached required documents.

        g)      Who performs duties of registrar in DHA office, either administrator DHA, Secretary DHA or anybody else with what designation? 

        1. Dear Zain Bhai,

          Thank your for your valued feed back. In fact it is really a hard duty I am performing. Still I could not perform all as well because it is not possible to work on different tasks simultaneously, but I try my best to do this all. I am Industry focused person. I believe if I will do work for Public Benefit in return I will get some thing for my living. I dont need to work for my living. My aim to be “Pakistan Real Estate Industry Resource” A resource which can benefit the industry overall. By doing this all I am definite earning reasonable for my living. Life is too short. I am working for Pakistan Real Estate Industry since 2004.

          From 2004 to 2006 I was working with Bahria Town but due to some principal dispute I left Bahria Town in 2006. I was among few registered agent of Bahria Town from 2005 to 2006. In March 2006 I return my registration certificate to Bahria Town to cancel my registration. I am the only one who him self request Bahria Town to cancel his registration, so that I cannot work with Bahria Town any more as CNP (Channel Network Partner). Although Bahria Town is an out class development with marvelous infrastructure and facilities. I really admire the work of Malik Riaz and his team, but as Agent, dealing with Bahria Town, I had some issues which were against my dealing so I quit.

          I am not performing this duty on behalf of some one or DHA. Alhamdulillah it is my Father training to be industry focused. We are dealing with Engineering Steel (Hi Tech Industrial Alloy Steels including Tool Steel, High Tensile Steel, Carbonizing Steel, Induction Hardening Steel, High Speed Steel and many more) Since 1968 with name Malik Muhammad Iqbal & Co. Since I join my family business, at the day first my father told me that “My son the product we are dealing with is not a perishable item like vegetable or etc so there is no need to lie while selling this. We are selling Steel, it has no effect of fire, rain, sun light, if the building destroy in which it is store nothing going to be happen to it. There will be no model or design Change, round will remain round, square will remain square etc. So it is very easy to sell such a long life durable product as compare to many other perishable item. Our slogan is “We sell Strength, Standard & Quality in terms of Steel”

          In 2004 my interest develop with Real Estate and I found this product same as Steel or more durable and long life then even Steel. Plot sizes are common 5 Marla, 10 Marla & 1 Kanal etc. No effect of rain on plot, sun light, even it is immovable no one can steal it. Only disadvantage is “Qabza Group” and in DHA, it is also eliminated. Ant way it was just a brief intro about my back ground of this work.

          a) It is my own initiative

          b) I have found many other dealers are doing so. But most of the dealers are focused on their business rather industry. As one of my initiative is to provide the high resolution Maps for Pakistan Real Estate Industry. Although I am not dealing with all the areas and in fact I cannot. But I receive appreciations from Cargo and Delivery personal and request to upload missing maps so that they can get help for their services.

          c) They dont give us but we work on daily news papers ads and ask them what they are selling and display this on our site, so that visitors can be aware that these options are also available in the market. However Every agent has a network or group, they interact with each other and inform each other what they have for selling & buying with them.

          d) It is a fact that all DHA Lahore buyers and sellers are not with me. I have few options for sell with me of my clients and I have few option to buy for my clients, and same is for every Agent. Usually when a buyer contact us, we first tell him direct property but if the location and price do not suit him we search the appropriate match for him and get commission from our side. In fact it is not possible that you have all the stock of the market direct and it is also fact that it is not necessary that properties for sale you have is in liking of your buyer. So it is obvious that agents contact with each other to sell or buy to meet the demand of their respective clients.

          e) From Monday to Friday, if the transfer documents are completed and fulfill the requirements.

          f) Transfer fee and other dues required by DHA (if any) must be submitted in DHA account and paid voucher must be submitted at transfer counter to inform DHA that dues has been paid before 48 hours. For example if you submit paid voucher on transfer counter today you can get transfer day after tomorrow.

          g) Transfer is being executed in front of Transfer Officer. Once the transfer complete DHA hand over covering letter to seller and ask him to get payment from buyer and handover this covering letter to buyer after getting final payment. DHA give membership form to Buyer and ask him to complete the paper formalities and submit the document back to DHA Office at Transfer Customer Service Desk. Buyer pay (or his agent do this task on his behalf) the stamp duty, CVT and Membership fee and submit the document back to DHA Office. Customer Service Desk issue a letter showing all the documents received and now Buyer can collect the transfer letter from DHA Letter Collection Desk after 15 working days.

        2. Atif Bhai,

          So kind of you for providing valuable information. Would you please tell more in this regard:

          a)      Specifically, overseas buyer or seller who purchases or sell the property through property dealer (Estate Agents) to choose better option, to save time and completion of required documentation fast in time. Once engage property dealer (DHA Authorized registered) will have to remain associated till transfer of property or he may deviate during the process of transfer of property. Is there a proper term and conditions set out like WAKALAT NAMA of advocates used in the courts?

          b)      In case of complain with reference to transfer of property, to whom complaint is addressed at DHA.

          c)       How many witnesses are required during transfer of property? Relative like;  Son, Daughter or Brother can be witnessed and what will be the role of Estate Agent during the transfer of property before transfer officer.

          d)      Do you have any setup like DHA Lahore in DHA Islamabad?

          e)      In DHA Lahore, Price of 1 kanal residential plot in phase-9 prism? After how long these plots would be opened to construction and what would be the market value after 5 years as compared with the present market.

          f)       What you suggest the green area for investment in DHA Lahore for overseas.

          g)      Is the Phase-9 falls in Cantonment Area or under the local provincial government?

          h)      Which phases of DHA Lahore are not under cantonment board. 

        3. Dear Zain Bhai,

          a) One should remain associated with the Agent till transfer completed, however if there is any complain about the agent one can refer to DHA Lahore regarding complain

          b) You can contact Director Transfer & Record for complain

          c) 2 witnesses are required for transfer of property, yes any of the relative can give witness. Agent is responsible to execute the transfer. Agent can be also a witness

          d) No I do not have any setup in Islamabad

          e) DHA Lahore Phase 9 Prism 1 Kanal average location plot price is 90 to 120 lacs excluding development charges. After 5 years expected price will be 250 lacs

          f) Phase 9 Prism (construction in next 5 years) & DHA Phase 7 (ready for construction) are the best option at the moment in this budget, however it depends on the budget.

          g) Please contact DHA for this information

          h) Please contact DHA for this information

        1. Dear Akhtar Bhai,

          Kindly provide complete plot details to assess its value. Following information required:

          Society Name
          Phase, Sector or Block
          Plot Number
          Plot Size

  6. i want to purchase a property valuing rs.1 crore. kindly guide me in this regard for purchasing the hot property having good/solid return within lahore dha of bahria. in which phase. either commercial of residential. further i should purchase one plot or more.

  7. Important Note:

    Dear All Members,

    We have now dedicated pages for all DHA Lahore& Bahria Town Lahore please refer all inquiries regarding Rates, Assessments Evaluations and Other news to the respective area under:

    DHA Lahore Phase 1-4
    DHA Lahore Phase 5
    DHA Lahore Phase 6
    DHA Lahore Phase 7
    DHA Lahore Phase 8
    DHA Lahore Phase 9
    DHA Lahore Phase 11

    At eProperty you’re always welcome; whether you have an inquiry, feedback or want to talk to us about your investment needs for buying, selling or renting, there are a number of ways you can reach us.

  8. AOA!

    kindly tell me the property rates of 10 marla commercial building badar block, allama iqbal town, main multan road lahore. Also tell me the rent prices related to whole building or shops in that area

    1. Dear Ammar Raheem Bhai,

      At the moment we are not dealing with Allama Iqbal Town Lahore. You are requested to please contact any local area Agent for further assistance. However we have plan to soon add Allama Iqbal Town in our portfolio.

  9. Looking for investors for over 4 Kanals of Commercial Property on Main Road Wafaqi Colony, Johar Town, Lahore for Residential Complexes.

    1. There can be many reasons for rates to come down in property. But these factors are not seen market at the moment. Market can stop growing but will not come down at the moment.

  10. Dear sir, I have few queries in my mind. Thought I’d ask them one by one succinctly.

    1. Around 1 and half years ago, I thought of buying a cheap 1K plot in NFC –Phase 2(J Block) for 24 lacs as someone advised me that the rates would jump significantly after six months. Though I haven’t bought it that time but I see the rates of the plot are still the same (around 25 to 27) even after 1.5 years. WHY IS IT SO? WHY HAVEN’T RATES GONE UP THERE?

    2. Although I have a budget of around 1 Crore, but I was thinking to divide it and invest in four different properties of worth 25-30 Lacs rather than a single property of 1 Crore. WHAT DO YOU SAY?

    3. In this budget of 25-30 Lacs, what are the best opportunities available for me within Lahore?

    4. I have gone through a lot of pages offering properties in PRISM & IVY DHA? WHAT ARE THEY?

    5. What sectors in BAHRIA are good for investment ?

    6. Recently, I have seen the ad of a property in DHA Peshawar, The balloting hasn’t taken place but Dealers are offering confirm files of 1K and 10 Marla for the same rate that is offered by DHA through balloting. i.e. 1 Kanal confirm file rate is around 50 Lac.? WHY IS THAT SO?

    I would be very grateful sir.
    Thanks in advance.

    1. Several reasons are there for NFC Phase 2 for not growing.

      1- Ring Road
      2- Still under development
      3- Due to poor management

      But all these factors still do not stop me to highly recommend NFC Phase 2 for investment. NFC Phase 2 will have good return in future

      It better to invest in different options for various factors. One of them is that you can liquidate partially. If you need some money at any stage you can liquidate one of them. Also there are more chances for higher return as compare to buy a single property. All of the above it peace of mind that is more important.

      In this budget there can be many options but few of them I know:

      DHA Phase 9 Prism
      DHA Phase 8 Z Block
      DHA City
      DHA Phase 11 (DHA Rahbar)
      Lake City
      NFC Phase 2
      Sui Gas Lahore
      AWT Phase 2
      Bahria Orchard

      Prism is DHA Phase 9 Lahore
      IVY Green is DHA Phase 8 Z Block

      Only on ground with possession plots are recommended for investment in case of Bahria Town Lahore

      In Peshawar DHA has offered booking, you saw ad of booking. Details are here DHA Peshawar

      There is a difference between DHA File and Bahria Town File or any other society File. DHA issue files against land surrender by Land Holders. Where as other societies like Bahria Town etc. print from and book the plot. So can print as many booking form as they want. The Land Owners who have surrender their files with DHA Peshawar, DHA has issued them files for a specific ratio against their files. So they are actually selling their own land which is now part of DHA. So purchaser dont need to pay any cost of land against these files and these files are called as full paid files mean confirm allocation. Because seller is not selling you a booking he is selling you his own land which now became part of DHA. In general DHA give 2 file of 1 Kanal against 8 Kanal of land. DHA issue two files to land owner and rest of 6 Kanal remains with DHA. Now DHA have access land always then the file issued. It mean DHA has 75% of land available after issuing 25% of files against 100% land.

      Same is the case of DHA Bahawalpur. You can get 1 Kanal cash payment file @ 28 lacs and booking is available in 38 lacs on installment package.

  11. Salam Atif bhai,

    I read your suggestions & advices, these are very helpful. Thanks & JazakAllah. I am planning to invest 22-25 lacs in DHA Phase 9. Is a plot of 5 marla in J-block a better option? Please suggest.



    1. In fact it is a good option, currently Phase 9 Prism Sector R rates are more then Sector J, but in future I assess that Sector J rates will close to Sector R if not more then Sector R due to Lahore Ring Road access.

  12. Asslam o alaikum sir ,
    i appreciate your work.i need your precious advice.i have 15 lacks and i want to invest for 2 years.my retirement is in 2018.so kindly suggest me some society in which you think i should invest and expect some raise in 2 next years.

  13. Aoa
    Sir i am planning to buy 1 kanal plot in PIA society block C for 120 lacs very close to PIA main buleverd, please suggest me should i go for it or should i buy plot in any dha phase. Please guide and advise. Thanks

    1. Umer bhai location is always selected on your personal choice. Both are good locations I mean PIA Society and DHA Lahore.

      In fact in DHA Lahore you will not find any good location plot in possessor area in 120 lacs budget.

      Kindly real our FAQ, it might help you for decision.

  14. Assallam O Allaikum. Brother may I invest in DHA Peshawar or not? Kindly tell me the market analysis of this Project? Thanks and Jazakallah

    1. Peshawar is the capital of KPK and has a history from centuries. From Centuries people using Grand Trunk Road from Kabul to Dehli which passes through the city of Peshawar. It is the fist time that Pakistan top most developer DHA is now in Peshawar. I recommend to invest in DHA Peshawar, and also suggest to invest till maturity to get best out come from DHA Peshawar.

    2. Asslamu Alekum Wa Rahmatullah e Wa Barakatuhu

      Bhai I want to sell my plot no 43A phase 6 DHA lahore . Please advise and assist . Thanks.

        1. Asslamu Alekum wa rahmatullah e wa barakatuhu Bai is there any improvement in the rates.After disposing off my plot in DHA Lahore I am thinking of investing the amount for regular Halal income in Rawalpindi /Islamabad. Please advise. Regards

  15. I want to purchase plot in lake city Lahore in M3A block 12 Marla plot. please inform what will be market price close to round about and away from round about.

  16. Wish to sell a 2 -Kanal plot on the main, next to corner, in the UET Housing Soc. Your guidance is requested as far as the price range is concerned. Will be obliged.

  17. AOA! Please advise should I sell my plot in phase7 block T 556 or hold it and how long should I hold it and also please let me know the price of my plot at this time and what should I expect out of it in future. Thanks

    1. Your plot current worth is 110 to 115. People are demanding this price in these numbers. Possession is given in this area and price will take gain. You should hold this plot for year or more. I expect 40 to 50 lacs gain within two years in this area.

  18. Please let me know the market value for my plots in DHA Shuhda Town, any suggestion regarding sale please
    Ploy No D-1874

    1. DHA Phase 9 Prism Plots

      H-107 @ around 68 lacs without development charges (main boulevard back)
      P-632 @ around 72 lacs without development charges (close to boundary)
      Q-586 @ around 68 lacs without development charges (on boundary)

    1. Best blocks are A, P, C and D are top of the line blocks. At time there is no market rate but expected value among these plots for good locations will be near to 90 to 100 lacs including development charges

  19. I have been alloted plot no 1109 in M sec.It is close to Anmol Housing society. Please let me know the prospects for this plot.

    1. Your plot is just 2nd to boundary of Anmol Housing Society, I will suggest you to better sell it and buy a good location plot with some additional budget of 5 to 10 lacs

    1. Dear Maj Imran, N block location is overall general location on map. Your plot location is good and assessment is 85 lacs. This assessment does not mean that it is current sale price of this plot. It is the worth of plot today even it can be traded or not today. There is no offer of plots in market. Market will take some time to be adjust. You should hold this plot at time. Check the market within a month to evaluate again. Keep in touch with our DHA Rate Section to learn more about your plot value in coming days.


  20. I really appreciate your efforts and thank full for providing such a informative website for overseas Pakistanis. Can you plz evaluate my dha ph 9 plot i.e. P 1100

    1. With the Grace of Allah Almighty first of all I am thank full to Allah Almighty created me and allowing me to help people in this field. I am nothing at all. I feel honor that I am serving overseas Pakistanis since 2004 in this field. Your comments are always welcome for the betterment of this website as well as are the guide line for eProperty and its Team.

      Your plot is located in top location block of Phase 9. DHA Phase 9 has 4 top location blocks A, P, C and D. Each has its own reason to be top. P block is centrally located in Phase 9 surrounded with Golf Course and first Central Commercial Area called Zone 1. I think the biggest Masjid of Phase 9 will be in the same Zone 1 Main Civic area. Your plot is located on Main Boulevard although it is at an end of Sector P but still a very good location over all. Its current worth is 95 to 100 including development charges.

  21. Presently I am employed and residing in Dubai UAE. I am interested in buying a 500 Sq. Yds. plot in DHA phase 6.

    Kindly provide me with the general information about development including but not limited to roads structure, electric, gas, transportation and the cost range etc. Kindly also tell me about the administrative procedure for the transfer of the property, its time duration and its cost.

    Thanks and best regards.


  22. AOA I want to sell my plot in DHA phase 6 A and buy some property in Islamabad G8—–G10 sectors. What is the price now a days. Please advise and guide.

  23. AOA sir I have a plot in phase one TM bloc measuring about 8 marla in Cantt View Scheme in Gujranwala Cantt. I want to sell it and buy some property in Rawalpindi / Islamabad . Please advise me sincerely. Thanks

  24. I am residing abroad and is interested to purchase 10 marla house at askari-10 lahore in block B,C & D. Owners. No brokers please.

  25. Hi Sir,

  26. Dear Mr eProperty and Dr. Z. Chohan,

    I don’t find the referral to local dealers offensive at all. Mr. eProperty is doing a fine job i.e. giving information for what is his domain expertise and referring to local experts for what is not his domain. Unlike most Pakistani’s who seem to know everything about everything. And like to pitch in their 2 cents on subjects that they know nothing about.
    It is similar to your (Dr. Chohan’s) profession (if you are a medical doctor).
    If you are practicing Dermatology then you can’t be seeing patients for Opthalmology.

    Give the eProperty guy a break. He seems to be trying to earn money the old fashioned way – that is by working hard and honestly.

    A concerned citizen.

  27. Hi I am in norway I want to buy a 10 or 8 marla house in behria town (safari villa). Please let me know the price.

  28. i want to invest about 50 lack plase guide where shall i invest please guide me.what u think is a good idea invest in phase 7 or phase 9 allocation files. thanks

  29. Hi, I am anjum Ali I live in USA I want to know about the price of a plot 10 Marla in Tariq garden Lahore in f -block,10 Marla in Nashe an-e iqbaal phase 2 and one canal in phase 2 both are in block thanks.

  30. Sir,
    I want to confirm the rates in the DHA Rahbar sector in Phase II. Could you please tell me the rates of a 8 Marla plots

  31. I have found the answers are politely rude.If they have to contact the local dealers for almost every enquiry, then what the he.. are you doing here.You better close down your eprop chit chat.These pakistanis living abroad still do not understand that there is no free information or help in pakistan.

    1. Thank you for your feed back. I will consider it when I will see that I do not have enough time and money to run this. Till God is giving me money and time to maintain this I will maintain it InshahAllah.

      I do apologize for any inconvenience.

  32. Please advise me as i have 2 plots which have recently been added to Phase VII from Park View Phase VIII.

    What would be the price of those plots if we want to sell them now ?

    what do you think price will be once we get the possession ?

    Both r in U Block.


  33. Can you advise about availability of plots in DHAI II (Commoners Town), price and development related information. Is it wise to go for DHAI II (commoners town) 1-K plot or Bahria Town Phase 8 A block 1-k plot. This information is required to construct a house to shift within 3 yrs

  34. Hi,
    I am looking forward to sell an old house in samanabad area with 1 kanal area. can you pls guide me the rate in that area?

  35. Thanking you fo rthe response. I want to know the prices of 5 and 10 marla plots in Bahria Orchard Lahore.The current prices and resale prices also.

    1. 10 Marla average locations plots price vary between 13 to 14 lacs in Bahria Orchard Lahore. I am not aware about current price of 5 Marla plots in Bahria Orchard Lahore.

      Also you can reply within the same conversation by clicking “Reply” button at bottom of each conversation.

  36. hi..i would like to know what is the price of 10 marla home in bahria town, the sector which is near to thokar niaz baig…i live in dubai and one of my friends has moved there…so i just want to double check the price

  37. Please let me know the price of 10 marla plot in DHA Lahore Phase 7. I have a range of 1.5mln to 2.0 mln Pak rupees.

  38. Can you informe me about the purchasing price of plots in Bahria educational and Medical city Lahore ferosepur road Lahore.

  39. kindly i require the price rates for the followings
    1. DHA Valley= 8 marla= normal
    2. I-16 = 8 marla
    3. National Police foundation=1 kanal

  40. Dear Sir, I’m interested in buyin 10 marla plot in Canal View Housing Scheme near Bahria town, Could you please tell me the price range. Thank you

  41. I have a question can i buy a plot in phase 7 what are the prices of 1 kenal these days

    I am in overseas i cann’t come to Pakistan can i buy the plot in phase 7 if i reach the deal with the seller.


  42. I am thinking to purchase a plot in “Central Park Housing Scheme. Ferozepur Road Lahore” Can I get the price specificly 10 marla and 1 Kanal in lumpsum payment.

  43. Salam,plz let me know whats the range price for 1 kanal and 2 kanal residential plot in phase 8…..yes would be diff in diff sectors of phase 8….but if u can give me sector wise range….or a general range….plus would u guide from which source or agent or direct i should buy the plot???thanks.

  44. please tell me about 5 marla plot in any society of lahore for residential purpose where all facilities are available, and prices are also resenable and afordable, because i cant invest huge amount but for living purpose, i need a plot in very low prices but in a good society.so guied me.

  45. AA I wanted to know about bahria nasheman and multan road schemes 5 marla plots residential rates and also if there are any 5 marla single storeys residential in nasheman what is the latest on rates what do you see the rise in next two years, remember your advise is more valuable that the plot itself, thanks

  46. I am wondering about the price for one kanal and 10 marlas in DHA phase 7, any one have idea??? pl do let me know.

  47. Dear Mr.Atif.

    I like to buy two plots of 8 marla in Bahria Town Lhr in .Umer block,Usman Block,or Ali Block can u please tell me the price range in all the sector in details and if there is joint plots thats more better for us ,please tell me the which block is good if we compair with each others and what is the price of that.


    1. All are good for investment and living, however Ali block has a better location block wide. Price range for 8 Marla plot vary between 18 to 20 lacs. For pair seller may ask more then it.

  48. Salam,
    What is the price of 10 marla residential plot in DHA EME SECTOR lahore near thokar niaz multan road…?
    2ndly price in bharia enclave of 10 marla residential plot..?
    Im interested to buy in both of them.

    1. I am not update to with current price of State Life Phase 2 Lahore. Please contact any local area agent in State Life Phase 1 for current price in State Life Phase 2 Lahore.

  49. Dear Gents,

    I want to buy a Residential Plot of 7 Marla in Bahria Town. Can any body guide me what is the current price including development charges?

    If 7 Marla is not available then I will got for 5 marla.

    Best Regards,

  50. HELLO, I see in different soceities the Overseas Blocks. Does it has any link with pakistanies living abroad…is there any advantage for them ? Thanks

    1. In fact there is no relation with name Overseas Block in different schemes with Overseas Pakistanis. It is just a name. Any one can get plot in these blocks. E.g. in Bahria Town there is no features, development, amenities difference between Overseas Block or any other Sector or Block like Sector B, C etc. Development and facilities are the same for all.

    1. Its really hard to find 5 or 10 Marla plot in this budget in above mentioned societies. Rate is quite higher.

      Wapda Town Lahore 5 Marla plot price range vary between 25 to 35 lacs
      In surrounding it vary between 16 to 22 lacs

  51. Asalamu alaikum!
    Please give me information regarding a plot of 10 marlas I want to buy in overseas enclave Lahore.
    Thank you

  52. i want to purchase 7 marla plot in any suitable location of lahore.now current location on Cival sectreate.please guide ma about the prices.

    1. Please select the desire area. Lahore has expanded into various drirections like:

      Multan Road
      Ferozpur Road
      Raiwind Road etc.

      Kindly be specific about your inquiry.

  53. Sir, I plan to buy a 10 marla plot in Bt sector c because of its close vicinity to ring road. what sectors are close to rr and what is the price.

    1. Hi,
      can u please provide some details. how much is total price ? how much we have to pay in advance ? when will they give possession ? and how much is monthly or quarterly installment ?

  54. aoa admin i want to buy a plot on instalment in lahore some where around bahria town or near jinah hispital some where can you please advise me regarding this bit,…quick answer will be much appriciated

    1. AOA Haad,

      i have just completed my house in bahria town lahore. there are diffrent rates of constrution but avrage rates going 160 Pkr Sqft to 200 Pkr. My experience is that Builder/Workers mostly they try to convince u to give the job after they get job they don’t do proper work. Always have writen contract with builder and make payments after job is done.

  55. hi,i am looking for 10 marla plot in bahria town pindi overseas enclave,does this project completed all devolepment any idea about prices structure for phases wise thank you

    1. Bahria Town Overseas Enclave Rawalpindi is ready for possession. Please contact any local area agent in Bahria Town Phase 8 Islamabad for price range phases wise and plots availability.

  56. please i need information about state life 2 ,if i buy a plot when will i be able to built a house there,is there any hope of development soon?thnx

  57. please let me know that sector d bahria town balloting has been done?if so i have 2 files of 5 marla plots i want to sell any buyers?

  58. wanted to buy10 to 15 marla house 4 to 5 bed rooms price around 70 to 80 lakh, can you please e mail some pictures and map location please. lahore or islamabad only. thank you

  59. salam,i need a 5 marla plot with installments in a reasonable price in rawalpindi/islamabad location.what will be ur advice??

    1. I will recommend Bahria Town Lahore Sector D for 5 Marla plot. It is available on installment package. For Islamabad Properties please contact any local area dealer Islamabad.

  60. I need to buy a plot of 10 Marla in Phase 2 of wapda town lahore, how much on an average is the rate in this particular area?

  61. i need one plot in good location or where you suggest for investment purpose my target money is 10lac do you have some suggestion i m waiting your reply guide me like a brother i m very thnk full to u

  62. Bahria Town Phase 8, Overseas enclave, Sector 6, Plot # 1204. Please advise estimated cost price? How much I should buy it?

    1. It worth between 19 to 20 lacs with all dues clear including development and possession charges. Kindly contact a local area dealer in Bahria Town Phase 8 Commercial Hub for more accurate assessment.

  63. im looking for a 10marla house in a good location, and my budget is no more than 50lac, i need to buy a house within a month so kindly if u have anything to offer plz contact me asap i dont wish to go at last corners of lahore to buy a house. jz looking for a decent, pleasant environment. thanks regards

    1. In this budget you might get in societies in the last corners of Lahore. Minimum budget required for a good society within populated area is between 60 to 80 lacs. In case of DHA for Brand New house you budget should be 90 to 115 lacs.

  64. i want house in eden new sceem low price installment pls let me know about 5 marla home in eden sceem

  65. I want to buy a 2 to 2.5 marla single story home in 9 to 10 lacs. is it possible. if yes than in which area ??
    Waiting for your reply.

  66. sir what is position of Eden Gardens is that complete . whwt is rate of 5 marla independent house . plz Reply
    Thanks Sir

  67. Plaza For Sale
    A commercial plaza / market for sale in Main Saddar Bazaar, Cantt, Lahore.
    Furnished location for business persons, demand 30 m fixed.

  68. hi i want to buy a 5 marla house in dha lahore and give it on rent which phase is best for it so that i can get a good rent

  69. I want a small house like 2/50 or 3 Marala with very very reasonable price in johar town or eden or Bahria Town

    1. Please find the price range as under:

      Bahria Town Lahore 5 Marla home price vary between 38 to 42 lacs
      Johar Town Lahore 5 Marla home price vary between 48 to 53 lacs

  70. I want to purchase 10 marls plot in DHA lahore, plan to consturct ater 5 year. Advise which sector is good and have low price

  71. Assalam-Alaikum: I am interested to construct a house in 8 marla of land 30×60. There would be basement, and double story building with independent upper portion. Bahria Town by laws would be applicable. How much would the expected cost on tun key basis.

    1. I am not involve in construction business, however can you an idea bout range. It vary between 1800 to 2000 per sq feet excluding basement cost. Please contact any builder for further assistance.

  72. Asalam-o-Alaiqum… Sir i am a job doing person and i want to Purchase my home in Instalment at a very reasonable price.. so i will be very grateful to you if you recommend me such type of home in such a society where will i make my home..

    1. Would you please define very reasonable price. There is no reasonable price but your affordable budget. Kindly be specific about your inquiry. I am unable to assist un till I know your budget.

  73. I need to purchase a 10marla plot in a populated area of Bahria Town, Islamabad, Phase 8. I need to construct a house in a year time to rent it out. Please recommend sector? please also advise what is the average cost of per sqft to build 10marla house.

    1. Price range for Phase 8 Bahria Town Rawalpindi is between 13 to 15 lacs for construction area. Sector C to F are good. per sq ft cost for 10 Marla house vary between 1500 to 2500 as per material and accessories quality.

  74. AOA. sir i want to buy 10 marla plot in jasmine block bahria town lhr on a good location.plz tell me if u have any for sale.thanks

  75. i m intrested to buy a plot in DHA vally islamabad, i wish to buy it with my cusion who is going abroad, and giving me at low cost, and most of the installments updated has also been paid, and i m getting it without profit, please just let me know it would be successful project / socieity in future, for puprose of resident and with reference of best investment too. although it is long time investment however with urs experience . plz mail me urs openion.


    1. Off course it will be a good investment but required to 4 to 5 years to get good return. Current market price for DHA Valley Islamabad vary between:

      Minus 150,000 to 200,000 of paid amount. I do not deal with this project. You can get plot easily at above mention price range.

  76. I have two plots, one at Main Boulevard NFC commercial area (4 Merla) and other Wapda Town A-1 Extension, I want to sell them and buy one 5 / 10 merla plot. How much I can get for individual plots and what will be the price in case I buy 5 merla plot in NFC or Wapda Town

    1. It is in booking process, there is no market price for this project at the moment. You can get booking form from CDA office or authorized branches of Askri Bank and Muslim Commercial Bank (MCB).

  77. there are two projects launched recently, Park Enclave of CDA and Bahria Enclave of Bahria. Which project is good for investment? how long will it take for possession, development, etc…?

    1. Off course Bahria Town price is much more attractive. However I am not dealing with Islamabad Property please contact any local dealer in Islamabad for any further assitance.

  78. i want to sell my plot in army welfare trust in sangjani islamabad…its a one kanal plot and a very nice location..please give me a little information about the rates going on in that area ..thank you 🙂

  79. i want to take a single house on rent in dha phase 1 in islamabad. so give me little information , rate etc


  81. Dear i want to purchase a 10 marlla plot in LDA avenew phase 1. What is the price and is it fully developed or still under development. Thanks

    1. Although possession is announced in few block like G and H but in fact it is still under development and no facilities are there for right now living.

      10 Marla plot price range in LDA Avenue 1 Lahore is between 9 to 11 lacs for average location plots.

  82. Just wondering is there any possibility to rent out two houses in Bahria town for almost a month period. I am not sure if I am posting at a right place.

    I’d really appreciate your reply at earliest


  83. i need to purchase a 10marla plot (short term investment/long term residential) in Bahria Town, Islamabad. Please advise which phase should i go to? If you have any availability in your recommended phase please let me know the location and its price.

    1. I recommend Bahria Town Phase 8 Rawalpindi for investment.

      Price range for Phase 8 as under:

      10 Marla Developed Area Plots @ 12 to 14 lacs (with up to date payment)

      10 Marla Un Developed Area Plots @ 8 to 10 lacs (with up to date payment)

    2. i own plot no 822 sector E street 6 Phase 8 bahria town rawalpindi plot is developed i paid possession fee 135000 in addition to all development charges. i want to sell for 13 Laks.

      khalid 00971506680130 (khalidnmalik68@gmail.com)

  84. Dear Concerned
    I want to buy plot or 5 marla house on installment.Could you please guide me .
    If somebody wants to buy low coast scehme file then do inform me as well

  85. I want to buy a plot in Model Town. One of my acquintance told me about a plot in F block measuring 15.5 marla. It is 5th plot in a street connected to road around Main park of Model Town. Any idea of approximate price?????
    If the deal of above plot is not finalized. I would like to buy a residential plot preferably corner plot in Defence Ph-6. Please give some idea of price. Thanks

    1. First of all in Model Town minimum 1 Kanal plot can have membership and Share Certificate. You can buy less then 1 Kanal plot but it will not be transfer able in Society office, however you can go for registry.

      Model Town Lahore 1 Kanal average location plot price vary between 115 to 150 as per front of plot. In Model Town usually 1 Kanal plots are divisions of 4, 6 and 8 Kanal plots. So mostly plots having front from 35 to 40 feet. Standard 1 Kanal plot have 50 feet front in other societies.

      DHA Phase 6 Lahore average location 1 Kanal plot prices vary between 60 to 65 lacs.

  86. I want to sell a 1 Kanal Plot in Imperial Garden, Paragon City with all dues clear and Development Charges and Site Plan Charges paid. Please advise.

  87. Dear
    i am looking a 1kanal plot in DHa phase 6
    perefable corner /above 70or 100, 150feet road/blocks like B, C ,K,J H,G

    1. Price range for DHA Phase 6 Lahore 1 Kanal average location plot vary between 60 to 65 lacs, however you may need to pay premium prices for premium locations plots.

  88. I am planning to purchase apartment on instalment basis either in DHA Residency or DHA Heights in Islamabad. Those are the projects of Al Ghurair Giga at GT road. Please advise if it’s worth to get an apartment?

    1. off course it is worth full if you have a holding capacity. However there are many other opportunities available in Lahore and Islamabad in same budget. If purpose is only investment and best ROI then I will recommend to invest in open land in small units like 5 or 10 Marla plots.

    2. Thanks. You are doing a good job by facilitating people with good advises.

      What are the other opportunities available in Islamabad? I also want to purchase a commercial plot in Hub Commercial of Bahria Phase 8, Islamabad to build a plaza. please advise scope in terms of rental in the coming years.

    3. Bahria Town Hub Commercial is recommend for investment for long as well as short term, yet short term investment in property mean at least 1 year. Return value will be good in near future for Bahria Town Hub Commercial phase 8.

  89. I am looking for a pair plots of 5 marlas in Overseas Enclave Sec # 5 Rawalpindi. do you have any reasonable price, plots

  90. asalamualaikum i want to buy a 10 marla plot in bahria orchard good view nice block not so far from mosque if i can get it please let me know plzzzzzz all with details

    1. You can get a good location plot in Bahria Orchard between 9 to 9.50 lacs please contact any local area dealer in Bahria Orchard for further assistance.

  91. Assalamualikum dear sir,

    We need 8M or 10M house in Bahria town for rent. Do you have such house(s)? If so, please let us know the details along with some pics. We intend to move in by October.

    many thanks,


  92. Dear Concerns,
    I need two plots of 10 M in Behria Town C Sector. But my price range is 11 Lac for 10 Marla Plot. I want Plot in IRIS block but it should not close to the village boundry.

    I need confirm cash deals. I will be highly obliged if you can arrange for me.

  93. Dear sir,
    I am looking for a three bed room house with a good view covered parking in golf city Islamabad ,could you guide me on location ,view design and price.


  94. I want to sell a file of 8 marla (30*60) plot in Bahria Nasheman
    Zinia block. it is 2010 booking with Rp 637500 paid. Can you
    advise me or help me out

  95. I want to sell a plot in Johar Town Lahore.
    Plot size 5 Marla (25×50).
    Can you help me to get estimated selling price.

  96. I want to buy 1 or 2 kanal plot in Suigas Phase II
    What is the price?
    Installments or full payment?
    transfer procedure & amount?

  97. hi, i want to buy a 3 bed (5 marla) home in safari villas, bahria town, lahore. or 2nd option that if it is costly then i am interested in 10 marla plot in bahria lahore. but my 1st priority is home. if it less then 5 marla but 3 bed then no problem.
    kindly reply via email with exact price.

  98. I have one house of 5.75 Marla, in Samanabad, Lahore. condition is good. double story. want to sale out. in Gulzaib Colony, Samanabad, beside Dr. Robina Clinic. Last price 60,00,000Rs.

  99. Is there any new phase is going to be started in Lake city lahore, i want to buy a plot in lake city on installment

  100. Hellow… Its Abdul Rehman can you please tell me that which scheme of eden is better for investment on installment basis

  101. Please confirm the price of 2.5 marlas in eden developres with actual price and installment with set procedure.


  102. Dear Sir,

    Do you have any information about DHA City Lahore Project? What you will advise to those who have invested in this project? Any ideas about the location? Is this a safe investment?


    1. If you have already booked a plot in DHA City Lahore then wait for the location. Its current value is in negative. However as location will be defined and transfer will be open it will start gain.

      For location, development and transfer related quires please contact DHA City office directly.

  103. hi there,
    i want to buy a 1 canal corner plot in f 8 bahria town. may i know the price of a corner plot or any other plot situated in a suitable place. cheers

  104. please guide me the rates of commercial area plot 6 marla in DHA EME and DHA phase 6. waiting ur reply soon hope

  105. i want to invest on long term basis (4 to 5 years) which one is better out put
    after 4, 5 years bahria nasheman or NFC 2

  106. Dear Sir, I want to buy a 3 marla house in Lahore Cantt area, near to saddar or DHA, Plz advise the budget and best location in lower rates?

  107. sir me 4ya5 marla ka comercial plot chahta ho jis ki price 20 lakh tak ho johar town; wapda town ya shoukat khanam ke pass ho please contact

    1. I recommend NFC Phase II at cash payment if budget is available. New Lahore City is launched by Rafi Group (a well known builder in market). if some one cannot pay cash payment for NFC Phase II plot and location is accepted for living in next 8 to 10 years, then investment will be feasible for New Lahore City.

  108. i want to sale my 8marla(with 10 % extra land) plot in bahria rwp,phase 8 Rafi block.
    have you any idea where the market is going on?


    warm regards

    1. Investment is recommended for NFC Phase II but for long term. Price is low, however as you want to construct house in next 4 years, yet area is under developed. I think 4 years from now is enough time for development to be completed but still you need to contact NFC Society Office for confirm date of possession.

  109. I am looking for a plot ranging (8-16) kanal in defence or around defence for a well capacious house. Please give me price list. My business is near Bhani, Mahmood botti ring road. I need a plot whereby i could reach to that plot within 15 mint drive from my business premises.

  110. Hello Sir , Assalam-o-alaikum , I am interested in buying property in Defence Islamabad and in Bahria town lahore . My budget for 1 preperty in about 25 lakh and if available in installment i can pay upto 150000 per month . Kindly reply me . Thank you !

    1. Well Lahore is too big kindly specify the area. There are many locations in Lahore which are suitable for living in this this budget, kindly be specific about your area of preference.

    2. require me a plot in bahria or P&D society please reply me must my budget is under 10

      best wishes

      Shah Nawaz (advocate)

  111. Hello,
    1-I’m interested in 10 marla plot range from 10-20 lacks in well known and ready to build area. Would you don’t mind to suggest me anything.
    2-In other case, I’m also interested to buy 10 marla house 3-4 bedrooms attached bath and well equiped range from55-65 lacks lum sump or installment basis. Please advise.


    1. In defence you may go for DHA 11. There are several option available in this budget. Kindly be specific about the area of Lahore of your preference.

  112. hi bro actually i m lookng for a plot of 5 marlas in canal view or cantt side etc
    which should be range 8 lac to 12 lac or on installments so plz find for me if u can
    i will wait for ur relpy..

  113. Asalamualikum bro i need a plot in nice location i want to make my house after 2 or 3 years.It is better if it is near from Johar Town my range is 7lac to 12lac or on instalment . thanks.

    S.Afzal Hussain

    1. Price range for 1 Kanal in NFC Phase II Lahore is between 9 to 12 lacs for average location plots. I do not have any plot for sale with me at the moment.

  114. Hi

    I am looking to buy a plot on installments. I can pay installment of up to 30000 a month. Kindly suggest some suitable location in Lahore which is not far away from the city.

  115. dear, asalamualikum bro i need to plot in nice location .mean by my talk good housing project and fully furnished.my range is 15lac to 20lac. thanks

  116. I need a seperate house on Girvi basis for my small family in Lahore Cantt Area, near Abid Majeed Road, Shami Road, or Tufail Road,.

    My offer is maximum 300,000

  117. I want to know which bharia town islamabad has good value and want to know where I can buy a plot and construct and start living. I am looking for a bigger plot then 10 marla.

    1. You can start construction in Phase 8 Bahria Town as it is available at lowest price. Current price range for 1 Kanal plot is between 20 to 25 lacs as per location and block.

  118. AOA Sir,

    I want to purchase 5 marla plot and want to construct a house, Is there any block in Behria where I can shift after construction, and please tell me the price of 5 marla including other expensis

    1. You can start construction in Bahria Town Sector C Tulip Extension and Sector B Ali, Umer and Usman blocks. Many houses are already constructed there and people are living.

      Price range for 5 Marla vary between 9 to 13 lacs as per location and block, however you can get average location plot between 9 to 11 lacs.

  119. Regards!
    Currently which one is better investment, BAHRIA NASHEMAN or CENTRAL PARK?
    Does the launch of BAHRIA NASHEMAN has affected CENTRAL PARK price wise?

  120. Please guide me which is better (10 Marla Plot in Nargis Block / Iris Block) or (5 Marla plot in Umer Block / Tulip Extension).

    1. First of all there is no compensation between 5 and 10 Marla plot. It is your need, if you can adjust your self in 5 Marla then Tulip Extension and if your family size is big then 10 Marla in Iris Block.

  121. I want to buy 5 Marla in Bahria Town, Jublee Town or Izmir Extension. Please guide where I invetment for secure future (for 3 to 5 years).

  122. I have a pair of commercial plots no MB-183 &MB184 in Phase-6 DHA lahore.What is the best rate i can get for both.These plots are at the corner of J Block facing main boulevard.

  123. I’m looking for 2-3 bedroom house or portion for rent in behria town. can you please give me the estimated price range.

    1. Fahad I do not have any house for rent yet but rent range is as under:

      Safari Villas (very low quality construction by Bahria Town)

      5 Marla Single Storey: 12 to 14 thousand / month
      5 Marla Double Storey: 15 to 17 thousand / month
      8 Marla Double Storey: 20 to 22 thousand / month

      Private Builder Homes

      5 Marla Double Storey: 18 to 20 thousand / month
      8 Marla Double Storey: 23 to 25 thousand / month
      10 Marla Double Storey: 28 to 30 thousand / month

      3 Month rent advance + Security equal to 3 Month rent.

      General market practice is for 11 month rent agreement. However any time frame, advance rent and security deposit can be decided with mutual understanding of both parties. Given rent range is for average location and average maintained house.

  124. Dear
    I am looking for a 350-400Sq yard newly built house in Johar town or I would appreciate if you can advise me on any other good location.

  125. Urgent-Can you tell me 8 Marla plot prices in DHA Valley Overseas Block Rawalpindi and 10 Marla in Bahria Town Islamabad Phase 8.

  126. I am looking for a 10 marla ready home in Sector A or Sukh Chayn Bahria Town. Kindly advice on the best available deals.


    1. I can offer brand new house in Sector B Bahria Town Lahore. It is 10 Marla double storey house 4 Beds attached bath, DD, Tv Lounge, Store etc. Kindly check your email for more details.

  127. Respected Sir,

    Can you tell me that Canal Garden Housing Society (Opposite Sukh Chayn) is a legal entity and investment in this society is safe or not.


    1. I do not have enough knowledge about it, please contact the society office and ask for NOC issued by relevant authority to confirm it is legal entity or not. Contact the local area dealer for any further assistance.

    1. Plot near 804 Jasmine @ 17.50 lacs
      Plot near 762 Gulmahar @ 17.50 lacs
      Plot near 339 Janiper @ 16 lacs
      Plot near 878 Overseas A @ 24 lacs
      Plot 145 Tulip @ 21 lacs

  128. I need a 10 merla plot in NFC phase 1 or Gulshan-e-Lahore. Can you suggest any good residential plot for investment in any of these socities.

  129. Hi Dear, I’m interested in 2 Kenal plot in Valencia, Lahore, preference would be park facing, seek your assitance for price range and if any reasonable deal in hand.

  130. Dear

    I want to purchase house 8 to 10 marle. My preference is 1st Baharia Town, 2nd DHA and so.

    Can you show us few ready made houses in any categories but location and security should be good.

    And what will be the status of documentation. How it transfer fees. I am more interested in Permanenet Registery System.
    Can you guide us.
    If we require detail visit. so can you make us a visit of those built in house.

    And how much it take time to transfer the house.


    1. Some locations are at profit and some are still at loss. Over all price range for booking paid plot is 75,000 to 115,000 for 8 Marla plot and paid amount is 95,000

  131. Hello,
    Please tell me the price range of ready10 Marla homes in DHA Villas, DHA Homes and Askari 10 and 11.

    1. Price range for DHA Villas 10 Marla vary between 80 to 85 Lacs
      Price range for DHA Homes 10 Marla vary between 90 to 95 Lacs
      Price range for Askari 10 for 10 Marla vary between 80 to 95 Lacs

  132. Can you please suggest me 5-10 marla developed house in any Bahria town scheme either lahore or Islamabad budget range is 35-40 lacs.First preference would be lahore and if I put it up for rent what could be the expected monthly rent.


  133. What is present price range to buy 100, 150 and 200 sq yard residential plot in DHA Phase VII Ext Karachi (west open, facing big road/park)?

  134. Can you please suggest me 5-10 marla ready made house in the range of 25-30 lacs?
    Please also let me know the rates in State life society,

    1. I am not aware about current rates of State Life Society. In budget of Rs. 25 to 30 lacs you can go for Single Storey 5 Marla House in Bahria Town Safari Villas.

      If you can increase your budget up to 35 lacs then you can get 5 Marla Double Storey House in Bahria Town Sector B Umer, Ali or Usman Block.

  135. Salam,
    I have 5 Marla plot in Bahria Naheman , whats the future of this project and plot value (complete) is 8,75000 so will it go up once I pay all the money ?

  136. Hey,

    I’m interested in buying a plot in Bahria Town Lahore. Can anybody suggest me some price range for 10 Marla. Also, is there any company who can lease that on installments

    1. Main features of Bahria Town over Sukh Chayn Gardens:

      Big Commercial Area
      Blocks Sector Shops
      Multi National Chains
      Community Center
      Mini Golf Course
      Mini Zoo

    1. Yes it is good to live but when if Sukh Chayn is the selection then you are just adjcent with Bahria Town now so why not Bahria Town. Bahria Town has much more features than Sukh Chayn Gardens.

      Price range for Sukh Chayn Gardens: 19 to 23 lacs
      Price range for Bahria Town: 15 to 17 average location plot

  137. ok so is the roads properly built in nargis block
    and if i have a budget of about 35 lac for built house where can i get it
    do u have any grey structures of houses for sale whats there range

  138. i want a plot where i can just start building a house my range is maximam 12 lac whould prefer canal but 10 marla also sufficient where can i get the plot

    i also heard sukhchyn as a good society what the price range there

    1. Dear Musa, you can start consruction in Sector Nargis and Iris block in budget of 12 lacs for 10 Marla plot. Price range is high in Sukh Chayn Gardens i.e. 19 to 23 lacs for 10 Marla.

  139. Hi,
    I am looking for a house 3 to 5 marla . my budget is low , kindly tell me about possibilities. how much is awami villa for ? are they ready or still under construction ?

    1. My budget for house is between 8 to 13 lacks . If the price is more and there is a possibility to pay in installments then i am fine with that ..

  140. hi sir , we 2 brother need 2 plots 10 merla each, our total budget is 1.4 millon please let me know about any scheme . we want to build house after 1year.kindly mail me about central park, sui gas phase 2 or nfc phase 2 .

    1. Its better to first visit the locations of Central Park, Sui Gas Phase 2 and NFC Phase 2 and decide a location of your preferences then compare it with your budget.

  141. Salaam,

    I have a residential plot in Marghazar Officers Colony (C-Block). The area is around 8 Marla. It is well developed society with all basic amenities. I want to sell the plot at reasonable price. Can you give me some idea about the price? I am also looking for a 10Marla house in Wapda Town.

      1. Thanks bro,

        How is the situation in Bahria Town Lahore? Still very few people live there? What is price of a decent 10M house there?

    1. 60–70 lac for 10M, is it for a single storey or double?
      And if I intend to give at rent? What is the probability of having tanners in Bahria Town? What will be the rent of 10 M house?

  142. Salaam,

    I have a 500 sq yd plot in Bahria Town phase 4. I would like to sell it ASAP. Can you please tell me what the value is and how to proceed?

    Allah hafiz,

  143. Dear Atif,
    Good day to you.

    Pair of 10M plot req in bahria. i am on a very short visit about 6 more days,, is it possible to finish all documentations ?.


  144. Salamz
    Sir i am looking for a corner plot in Dha ,Bahria town or aasround or near airpot any socity i had in cash arround 15lacs and then instalments ,,,kindly suggest me will appriciate.

  145. I would like to purchase a 2 canal plot in Central Park Lahore, would you please kindly let me know what the price would be.

    1. I can offer house on cash payment, I am time I am not dealing with any installment package. There are various builders like Eden, Sahir Associates etc. offering home in installments. Please contact them directly for any further assistance.

  146. Sir,

    i have a budget not more than 17lac, i want 7 to 10 marla plot in lahore where i can build house after 1 year, please recomend me the best choice.


    1. Phase 5 minimum 72 lacs maximum 125 lacs
      Phase 6 minimum 45 to maximum 85 lacs

      *Minimum and maximum ranges are approx, may slight differ. Please do your own research before making any selling or buying decision.

  147. I want to buy a 10 mirla house or villa in isb or rawalpindi, i want to buy on installment, what would be the rate and procedure

    1. i want to know the details of plots and home in lahore on instalment in dha lahore and bahria town lahore and eden housing at lahore at my email address as son as possible

Discuss, analyse & share your views (kindly avoid sharing your email & contact number for your safety)