Bahria Enclave

Consumer body advises caution in investing in CDA and Bahria housing enclaves

Advising the luxury seekers to observe extreme caution in investing in either the newly launched CDA’s Park enclave or Bahria’s enclave, The Network for Consumer Protection, has warned that both the societies are heading toward a clash at the cost of consumers’ money. “Instead of intimidating because of short deadlines given by both the societies […]

Park Enclave, Bahria Town project’s competition takes a new turn

* Malik Riaz uses influence to force CDA change advertisement boards declaring Park Enclave only approved housing project in Zone-IV * CDA refuses NOC for Bahira Enclave without meeting requirements ISLAMABAD: After Daily Times reports against the illegal housing project in Zone-IV and increasing public pressure, the Bahria Town management has changed their claim that […]

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