ISLAMABAD:The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has warned through public notice to the all occupants of CDA land and encroachers especially and slum dwellers in Sector I-11 to vacate it in seven days. The public notice issued in the national newspapers informs the encroachers to vacate the land owned by CDA to avoid the operation planned by the authority for vacating the acquired land from adverse position. It tells that operation would be carried out against all occupants at their own risk and cost without any further notice, after laps of the seven days period.

The CDA has launched an operation after the direction from Supreme Court (SC) to get its acquired land released from grabbers in different areas of the Capital. The Islamabad City Administration and police are cooperating with the CDA to get the possession of the land from illegal occupants.

Acting upon the directions, the CDA Chairman Imtiaz Inayat Elahi ordered the enforcement teams to get the grabbed land vacated from the possessors and directed that the operation should be across the board and no concession should be given to anyone in this regard.

The chairman said CDA was setting up pickets in the area after getting the possession of land. He said Islamabad City Administration and police were fully cooperating with the CDA. He asked the occupants to amicably vacate the CDA acquired land. He said the adverse possession of land and subsequent ill-planned construction had damaged the beautification of the Capital. Elahi said the development in the city, in a planned manner, was the basic responsibility of the Authority and CDA would start development activities after getting the possession of that land.

The Chairman said they were implementing a comprehensive strategy in collaboration with the ICT Administration and police to get the acquired land vacated from the illegal occupants. He said the Authority had given prior notice to all such occupants through national media to vacate CDA land in their possession in their own interest. He said that he would appeal to the people to extend cooperation and vacate the land to prevent any untoward incident by creating any sort of confrontation with CDA teams.