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  1. saqib ishfaq abbasi

    on   said 

    i have a plot 10 Marla in DHA Bhawalpour. last ballot result i win that plot. I did not pay any installment till now. i want ti sell my plot. Only serious buyer please contact.

  2. Tariq Baloch

    on   said 

    Kyoun aap log poor people ko brbaad krne p tulley howe ho? Jo log yahan rehtey hein unn ko uthaa k kya mily ga aap logoon ko only bad prays hi milen gi. Khuda ra rehm kr do inn ghareeboon p.

  3. Yasir

    on   said 

    Sir after registration what is the next procedure guide me in detail please & when they ask me for membership fee

  4. Rao Saleem

    on   said 

    Dear ,

    what is the procedure to buy a file , how can we confirm it that there is no fruad, Either file will be transferred to buyer name by DHA .

    • In fact file will be transferred to buyer name in DHA Office. Initially you need to pay Rs. 6500 only as transfer fee and later you need to pay membership fee once your allocation letter is ready.

  5. Khan

    on   said 

    Dear Sir,
    What is the file rate today of 1 canal size on cash and how much are the other charges including Allocation letter and intimation

    • File available in 30.25 lacs now, it is affidavit. Transfer expense it Rs. 6500 now and after intimation you have to pay membership fee expense of Rs. 370000

  6. Mohamed

    on   said 

    I can tell you easily the files will be available much cheaper than balloting price. However it will pickup after 2 years

  7. mukhtar

    on   said 

    dear atif, as per information, DHA 1 kanal files are already available in 3 to 3.2 million in open market. where as DHA is offering 1 kanal plots in 3.8 million through balloting. Dont u think there is no major incentive for people applying through balloting. i think there will be no significant upward appreciation in prices after balloting. Rather their are chances that files will be available even in lesser prices than being offered by DHA through balloting. your expert views on this?

    • Your analysis are based on market practice and are very close to result of such practice. In fact it is a facility for people who cannot pay lump sump amount, so it is assumed that this facility mean a long term investment. Applicant is not supposed to be sell it before time other then due to a certain reason (it will be a unique case). I will recommend to do not invest in this project for short term gain. As property is not for short term gain. It is always for a long term gain.

  8. Hassan

    on   said 

    Sir I am living in Dubai. I am not able to come Pakistan then what is the possibility for me to buy a plot

  9. Arshad

    on   said 


    What are the future prospects of DHA Bhawalpur, what will be the estimated value of 1 canal plot?? Will appreciate if any body can share market knowledge.


    • It is a long term project, in fact it is first project of DHA Bahawalpur. We may call it Phase 1, once the phase 2 will be launched sooner or later the price of phase 2 will be higher then the phase 1 depending upon the location of phase 2. Some one living near Chak # 11 and 12 BC can better explain the property value there and value of 1 Kanal plot in near by developed society.

  10. sajid

    on   said 

    Dear Atif Iqbal, what if the files available in market for 1-Kanal included the Development charges amounts, OR development charges will be paid by those files holders ??

  11. Muhammad Moen uz zaman

    on   said 

    please Gide me DHA Bahawalpur form available in LAHORE. or not ? If available please locat me. thanks [Bank name or Branch etc ]

  12. Mr. Malik

    on   said 

    can a person apply for a plot out of open as well as reserved quota if he qualifies for both

  13. Aamir

    on   said 

    I think DHA Bahawalpur is the most expensive project of Defence Housing Authority for general public. I kanal is 38 lacs + development charges (20 lac) and if someone has to buy from open market then another 30 Lacs own( as of now ) makes the file around Rs, 1 crore. I has never been so with any of the DHA Chapter on the onset. What do you say…..?

  14. Malik Umar Farooq

    on   said 

    A.a Air force kay SNOCO Apply kar sagaty hy 10% Retred Armed force Cotay ma Kia?

  15. Ghulam Dastageer

    on   said 

    Dear, what is the cost of 10 Marland including development charges?
    Secondly what is discounted price if someone wants to pay at cash totally at once?

    • Dear Sajid there are no development charges are announced by DHA Bahawalpur. Development charges will be announced later. Please contact Bahawalpur DHA for any further assistance.

  16. Muddasar Anwar

    on   said 

    I heard that Confirmed file of DHA Bahawalpur is for 1 kannal 3 Million is this true which is authorized By DHA? kindly reply me

    • Dear Muddasar your information is 100% correct. DHA already has issued confirm files to land holders who give their land to DHA for the project. If you check our main page there is a rate ticker on the top showing DHA Bahawalpur 1 Kanal available in 30 lacs. However it vary from 30 to 32 lacs as per demand.

  17. azizullahkhan

    on   said 

    payment kis tarah karni hy by cheque ya cash aur form kis tarha send karen aur kis address par

    • You can pay by Cheque or by Cash. Cash is more convenient. Form will be submitted in the bank. You dont need to send form to any other address.

  18. Haroon Qureshi

    on   said 


    I live outside of Pakistan, in Saudi Arabia. How can I apply for the plot? How can I submit the form and pay the fees.
    Thank you.

  19. Hashmi

    on   said 

    Will the downloaded form is OK for submission or we have to get forms from any Dha office

  20. Waheed Ahmed

    on   said 

    Please confirm me it plot price or development charges is including in this price

    • Ar the moment there is only one phase announced, in future if the is demand for more it may possible that DHA extend is Bahawalpur Project.

    • Please contact DHA Bahawalpur office for extension of payment schedule option if available. As per advertisement payment schedule is 12 equal installments quarterly.

  21. Mian Shahid (UAE)

    on   said 

    Where I can find location map or Housing plan?
    When development will be started and how much charges will be?

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