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Property buying and selling was never easy before. Simply choose your location and call us to our representative for best deal in town. We offer 100% cofirm up to date properties for Sale. You can find DHA properties for sale in accordance with your budgets and needs in the list given below. We have 100s of direct and confirm sellers with us. Therefore we are able to find best properties for you. Please share your budget and property requirements with us at our WhatsApp Hotline +923111042111

DHA Lahore Maps
DHA Lahore News
DHA Lahore Fees

DHA Lahore Phase 6 Plots for Sale +923111166042

DHA Lahore Phase 6 Specialist: Asad Shahzad Voice / WhatsApp: +923111166042
SectorNear Plot #PriceSizeUpdatedComment
A87495 Lacs1 Kanal21-1-202250 ft Rod
A462340 Lacs1 Kanal21-1-2022Corner
B518500 Lacs1 Kanal 21-1-202250 ft Rod
B588470 Lacs1 Kanal 21-1-2022
B264400 Lacs1 Kanal 21-1-2022Facing Mosque & Scetor Shops
C632460 Lacs1 Kanal21-1-2022
C665510 Lacs1 Kanal21-1-2022 Corner 120 ft Rod
C725510 Lacs1 Kanal21-1-2022 150 ft Rod
D476425 Lacs1 Kanal21-1-2022
D489440 Lacs1 Kanal21-1-202222 Marla
E122410 Lacs1 Kanal 21-1-2022
E333395 Lacs1 Kanal21-1-2022
E335375 Lacs1 Kanal21-1-2022
F414350 Lacs1 Kanal21-1-2022
F606375 Lacs1 Kanal21-1-202270 Ft Rod
F186410 Lacs1 Kanal21-1-2022
G61525 Lacs1 Kanal21-1-202270 Ft Rod
H91500 Lacs1 Kanal21-1-2022Back of 2 Kanal
K636,37,38,39,4030 Crore4 Kanal21-1-202270 Ft Rod
K58495 Lacs1 Kanal21-1-2022Plot 50 Ft Rod Near to 150 Rod
K352475 Lacs1 Kanal21-1-202270 Ft Rod Near to Club
K1003425 Lacs1 Kanal21-1-2022
L477435 Lacs1 Kanal21-1-2022Near to Commercial
L932430 Lacs1 Kanal21-1-2022Near to Commercial
L932430 Lacs1 Kanal21-1-2022Near to Commercial
M294281 Kanal21-1-2022Near toFacing Golf Culb
N229435 Lacs1 Kanal21-1-2022Back to 100 ft Rod

DHA Lahore Phase 7 Plots for Sale +923111166042

DHA Lahore Phase 7 Specialist: Assad Shahzad Voice / WhatsApp: +923111166042
SectorNear Plot #PriceSizeUpdatedComment
X8733151 Kanal17-05-2022Direct Access From 150ft Road
Y2819275 Lacs1 Kanal17-05-2022Back to 2kanal Near 150ft Road
CCA-471300 Lacs4Marla 17-05-2022Next to Corner

DHA Lahore Phase 8 Plots for Sale +923111188042

DHA Lahore Phase 8 Specialist: Asif Ali Khan Voice / WhatsApp: +923111188042
SectorNear Plot #PriceSizeUpdatedComment
V1056330 Lacs 1 Kanal17-05-2022Possession, Near 100ft road
X897320 Lacs 1Kanal17-05-2022Non-Possession Near Ring Road
Z2236310 Lacs 4Marla17-05-2022Non- Possession 100ft Road

DHA Lahore Phase 9 Prism Plots for Sale +923111199042

DHA Lahore Phase 9 Specialist: Ijaz Arif Voice / WhatsApp: +923111199042
SectorNear Plot #PriceSizeUpdatedComment
9P-A249265 Lac Army update1 Kanal17-05-2022Near Park, 150ft Road
9P-B302260 Lac All Paid1 Kanal17-05-2022Corner Road, Near 150ft road
9P-C256265 lac Army update1 Kanal17-05-2022Back to 150ft Road
9P-E175215 Lac All paid1Kanal17-05-2022Near Sector Park
9P-F21+22650 Lacs All Paid(1+1) 2Kanal17-05-2022 Main150ft Road
9P-F1083258 Lac Army Paid1Kanal17-05-2022Near Park & 150ft Road
9P-F1212295 Lac All Paid 1 Kanal17-05-2022Corner +80ft Road
9P-G109275 Lac Army update1Kanal17-05-2022Back to 150ft road
9P-J286075 lacs All Paid5Marla17-05-2022Near To Park
9P-J3154133 Lac All Paid10Marla17-05-2022Back to Ring Road
9P-L922235 Lac All Paid1 Kanal17-05-2022Closed to Park & Near 150ft Road
9P-L1341150 Lacs All Paid10Marla17-05-2022Near Park
9P-M966250 Lac All Paid1Kanal17-05-2022Corner Near Sector Park
9P-N645275 Lac All Paid1Kanal17-05-2022150ft Road Near All Faciallities
9P-Q548290 lac All Paid1 Kanal 17-05-2022Near Theme Park
9P-R26260 Lac All Paid1Kanal17-05-2022Near Theme Park
9P-R35280 Lacs All Paid1Kanal17-05-2022Corner Near 120ft Road, near Theme Park
9P-R102785 Lac All Paid5Marla17-05-2022Back to 60ft Road
9P-Zone 1811075 lac All Paid8Marla17-05-202260ft Road, Back to 150ftb Road

DHA Lahore Phase 9 Town Plots for Sale +923111155042

DHA Lahore Phase 9 Specialist: Arshad Ali Voice / WhatsApp: +923111155042
SectorNear Plot #SizePriceUpdatedComment
Residential Plots
A125 Marla125 Lac07-05-2022Back To Main Boulevard
A2385 Marla135 Lac07-05-2022Good Location Direct to Main Boulevard
A14875 Marla100 Lac07-05-2022Possession Low Budget
A16445 Marla125 Lac07-05-2022Facing Park Good Location
B6685 Marla117 Lac07-05-2022in a Cluster of Houses
B9425 Marla128 Lac07-05-2022Direct to Main Boulevard
B12025 Marla130 Lac07-05-2022Close to Main Boulevard Good Location
C2305 Marla126 Lac07-05-2022Back To 50 feet Road
C2555 Marla 125 Lac07-05-2022Back To 50 feet Road
C3535 Marla138 Lac07-05-2022Facing Park Good Location
D110 Marla225 Lac07-05-2022Corner,Main Boulevard Ideal Location
D2675 Marla125 Lac07-05-2022Next to Corner Good Location
D3365 Marla135 Lac07-05-2022Corner Close to 100 feet Road
D5765 Marla120 Lac07-05-2022in a Cluster of Houses
D7695 Marla 114 Lac 07-05-2022Back To 100 feet Road
D13035 Marla 112 Lac 07-05-2022Close to Q Block Phase 9 Prism
D10348 Marla 175 Lac 07-05-2022Back To 100 feet Road
D766/610 Marla 186 Lac 07-05-2022Corner in a Cluster of Houses
E245 Marla 128 Lac 07-05-2022Corner 50 feet Road Best Investment
Commercial Plots
E3634 Marla340 Lac07-05-2022None Possession Best investment
About LDA City
LDA City News
DHA City Fees

LDA City Lahore Plots for Sale +923111120062

DHA City Specialist: Hamza Ali | UAN: 042-111042111 Voice / WhatsApp: +923111120062
SectorNear Plot #PriceSizeUpdatedComment
A1501101Kanal29-03-202275ft Road Facing Commercial Market
A110065 Lacs10 Marla29-03-2022Corner 75ft Road
A43075 Lacs10 Marla29-03-2022150ft Road
C16990 Lacs1 Kanal29-03-2022
C44168 Lacs10 Marla29-03-2022Corner
C45062 Lacs10 Marla29-03-2022
C108443 Lacs5 Marla29-03-2022
C119346 Lacs5 Marla29-03-2022Corner
C141880 Lacs10 Marla29-03-202275ft Road
C155385 Lacs10 Marla29-03-2022Corner 75ft Road Facing Park
D24280 Lacs1 Kanal29-03-2022
E4185 Lacs1 Kanal29-03-2022
E8995 Lacs1 Kanal29-03-2022Facing Park
F52833 Lacs5 Marla29-03-2022
F17380 Lacs5 Marla07-04-2022200ft Road
F18385 Lacs5 Marla01-04-2022Corner 200ft Road
G74110 Lacs1 Kanal29-03-202275ft Road
G168655 Lacs10 Marla29-03-2022
H29950 Lacs10 Marla29-03-2022
H33355 lacs10 Marla30-03-2022Corner, Back to Park
H65450 Lacs10 Marla29-03-2022
H57552 Lacs10 Marla29-03-2022
J30832 Lacs5 Marla29-03-2022
J96738 Lacs5 Marla29-03-202275ft Road
J55338 Lacs5 Marla29-03-202275ft Road
J35935 Lacs5 Marla29-03-2022Facing Park
J6862 Lacs5 Marla29-03-2022150ft Road
J2580 Lacs5 Marla29-03-2022200ft Road
L8358 Lacs10 Marla29-03-202275ft Road
L19050 Lacs10 Marla29-03-2022
L753130 Lacs10 Marla29-03-2022300ft Road
L118955 Lacs10 Marla29-03-2022Corner
L119565 Lacs10 Marla29-03-2022
N858 Lacs10 Marla29-03-202275ft Road
N46110 Lacs1 Kanal29-03-202275ft Road
N16237 Lacs5 Marla29-03-202275ft Road
Q23355 Lacs5 Marla29-03-2022Corner 150ft Road
DHA Peshawar Maps
DHA Peshawar News
DHA Peshawar Fees

DHA Peshawar Plots for Sale +923111062111

DHA Peshawar Specialist: Rao Ali | UAN: 042-111042111 Voice / WhatsApp: +923111062111

SectorNear Plot #PriceSizeUpdatedComment
C1447250 Lacs1 Kanal11-12-2021115ft Road
C ext1850205 Lacs1 Kanal11-12-2021
H62075 Lacs Own10 Marla11-12-2021
DHA Multan Maps
DHA Multan News
DHA Multan Fees

DHA Multan Plots for Sale +923111120061

DHA Multan Specialist: Ghalib Nawab | UAN: 042-111042111 Voice / WhatsApp: +923111120061
SectorNear Plot #SizePriceUpdatedComment
A6261 Kanal115 Lacs
D6371 Kanal165 LacsFacing Park on M.B
F2701 KanalSoldCorner
H959/60Pair285 LacsNear 120 Ft Road
H1551 Kanal125 LacsNear Park Driect M.B Approch
K1471 Kanal128 LacsVery Near Central Square
L489/488Pair222 LacsCorner 120 ft Extra Land Pair
M1431 kanal140 lacsFacing Park Driect M.B 300
Q9841 kanal120 LacsFacing park direct 150 ft
Q4421 kanal118 LacsNext 2 Coner65 Ft3vSide Park Line
Q 13081 kanal124 lacs150 Ft Facing Park
Q19311 kanal130 LacsCorner Facing Park on 80 FT
QOn call1 kanal130 LacsCorner+Facing Park Driect 120 F.t
R1251 kanal120 LacsNext 2 Coner Driect 300 F.t
R6031 kanal125 Lacsfacing park direct 150 ft
U133810 Maral74 LacsVery Near 150 Ft Road
U131210 Maral69 Lacs65 back Near 1 Kanal Park.Masjid
T45855Marla43 LacsOn 60 Ft Road
T30475Marla41 LacsNext 2 Corner Near 150 Ft
V4818 Marla55LacsCorner
G1144 Marla /Com250 Lacs
I158 Marla480 LacsFacing Park
Affdivat FilesAvailable10 Marla 56 Lacs
Available1 Kanal 79 Lacs
DHA Bahawalpur Maps
DHA Bahawalpur News
DHA Bahawalpur Fees

DHA Bahawalpur Plots for Sale +923111062111

DHA Bahawalpur Specialist: Rao Ali | UAN: 042-111042111 Voice / WhatsApp: +923111062111

SectorNear Plot #PriceSizeUpdatedComment
C156042 Lacs10 Marla11-12-2021
D17343 Lacs10 Marla11-12-202165ft Road
F120960 Lacs1 Kanal11-12-2021Corner Facing Park
G36163 Lacs1 Kanal11-12-2021
J116465 Lacs1 Kanal11-12-2021
J41965 Lacs1 Kanal11-12-2021
J 38965 Lacs1 Kanal11-12-2021

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