LAHORE: Daily Times wishes to clarify a news item printed in the paper on June 4 regarding the Asian Development Bank (ADB) suggesting a medium-term policy package for Pakistan.

The Asian Development Bank clarified the news item, “Asian Development Bank (ADB) suggests medium-term policy package for Pakistan”, printed in Daily Times on Thursday.

“We would like to clarify that the views expressed in the Economics Working Paper No 163: A Reinterpretation of Pakistan’s “Economic Crisis” and Options for Policymakers, available on the ADB website, are personal to the authors and do not at all represent the official position of the ADB. In fact, these papers carry the prominent disclaimer that the views expressed do not reflect those of the ADB, its executive directors or those of the members they represent,” the ADB said. “The Economics Working Papers only provide a forum for stimulating discussion and eliciting feedback on key contemporary economic development issues. ADB, however, does not express its official views and perspective through these papers. Unfortunately, your correspondent seems to have missed this point. Let us also add that the ADB fully agrees with and supports the economic stabilisation programme prepared and being executed by the government with support from the International Monetary Fund.”

Source: Daily Times