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SectorNear Plot #PriceSizeUpdatedComment
A22058 Lacs1 Kanal12-08-2020150 ft Road
A34260 Lacs1 Kanal12-08-2020Corner
A300-301-302-303-304250 Lacs5 Kanal12-08-2020Corner
A35052 Lacs1 Kanal12-08-2020150 ft Road
A40638 Lacs1 Kanal12-08-2020
A49638 Lacs1 Kanal12-08-2020
A118142 Lacs1 Kanal12-08-2020
A126540 Lacs1 Kanal12-08-2020
A137050 Lacs1 Kanal12-08-2020Near Dancing Fountain
B840 Lacs1 Kanal12-08-2020
B57032 Lacs1 Kanal12-08-2020
B74732 Lacs1 Kanal12-08-2020Facing Park
B76237 Lacs1 Kanal12-08-202080 Feet Road
B80235 Lacs1 Kanal12-08-2020
B96840 Lacs1 Kanal12-08-2020Corner, 80 Feet Road
B96735 Lacs1 Kanal12-08-2020
B98228 Lacs1 Kanal12-08-2020
C21320 Lacs10 Marla12-08-2020
C39520 Lacs10 Malra12-08-2020
C133425 Lacs10 Marla12-08-2020
D3725 Lacs10 Marla12-08-2020
D74223 Lacs10 Marla12-08-2020
D190027 Lacs1 Kanal12-08-2020
D190430 Lacs1 Kanal12-08-2020Facing Park
F95820 Lacs10 Marla12-08-2020Corner
F124625 Lacs1 Kanal12-08-2020
F144128 Lacs1 Kanal12-08-2020Facing Park
G38725 Lacs1 Kanal12-08-2020Near Masjid, Park
G58725 Lacs1 Kanal12-08-2020
H176-17770 Lacs1 Kanal Pair12-08-2020
H24235 Lacs1 Kanal12-08-2020Corner, Facing Park
H58028 Lacs1 Kanal12-08-2020
H55828 Lacs1 Kanal12-08-2020
H75928 Lacs1 Kanal12-08-2020
J120732 Lacs1 Kanal12-08-2020
J135732 Lacs1 Kanal12-08-2020
J137734 Lacs1 Kanal12-08-2020Facing Park
N17632 Lacs1 Kanal12-08-2020
N34534 Lacs1 Kanal12-08-2020
N47532 Lacs1 Kanal12-08-2020
N54338 Lacs1 Kanal12-08-202060 Feet Road
N97032 Lacs1 Kanal12-08-2020
N116332 Lacs1 Kanal12-08-2020
N117032 Lacs1 Kanal12-08-2020

DHA Bahawalpur Map

DHA Bahawalpur Map
DHA Bahawalpur Map

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319 thoughts on “DHA Bahawalpur Maps

  1. Aoa. Dear Atif Bhai ,Is DHA Bahawlpur going to launch 3rd Ballot of 125 yards (5 Marla) plots in the nearest future.

  2. Dear Atif. Assalam o Alaikum. Can u tell me plesse,what is the price for one canal file on full payment now? Is that available?

    1. Dear Shahzad Bhai,

      Sir there is no transaction until down payment and intimation letter. Without down payment and intimation letter we are not dealing with it.

  3. Aoa Atif Bhai please ap btain gy 1 kinal ka kia own he down payment pay ke he instalment pay nahe ke

  4. Aoa.Atif bhai ,Are prices going down in DHA Bahawalpur. Is it a suitable time for buying or one should wait for further correction in the market.

    1. Dear Kamran Bhai,

      Prices go up and down on daily, but in longer run prices are always up. So every time is best buying time. However in the correction period its better to wait for some time and see.

  5. Aoa.Dear Atif Bhai ,Are prices going down in DHA Bahawalpur.Is it the right time for buying or one should wait for further correction.

  6. Atif Bhai AoA

    I have two 10 marla plots for sale.
    Down payment not paid.
    If u know anyone with back dated draft kindly refer.

    I shall b thankful


  7. What is the Price of 4 marla Commercial and 2 Kanal Residential if i want to buy what price i want to pay to the person?

    1. Dear Shahzad Bhai,

      It is highly risky to buy 4 Marla Commercial and 2 Kanal Residential plot at this stage. It just two days before ballot is done. I do not recommend to make any selling or buying decision before down payment clearance and transfer open by DHA Bahawalpur. Transaction before down payment Clarence and transfer opening may return into high risk.

      As DHA rule first DHA will give a last date of down payment for 4 Marla Commercial & 2 Kanal Residential plots. After the last date of payment DHA will take time for payment clearance and then allow transfer. However when transfer of plots open we will update it here. Before transfer opening it is highly risky to make any deal. Usually people do such deals and later on face problems. We at eProperty highly discourage such deals and do not want to be part of such highly risky deals.

  8. Please tell me what is the rate for 4 Marla commercial plot.. and you have available if I like to buy

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