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  1. Sajjad Haider

    on   said 

    Is DHA Quetta a reality or just wishful thinking? If in fact, it is announced, what would be process of applying for it.

  2. Shah

    on   said 


    Dear Members , it’s being a year to hear about dha Quetta, but no official news yet, may any one mention was that a rumour, or the probject is in pipeline and May announced some time ?

  3. Khan

    on   said 

    Aslamo Alaikum

    Any one have any information about dha quetta, is the project in Pipeline or any progress or is it delayed..

  4. syed

    on   said 

    how many application can be submitted through a single name, to increase the chance of plot being allocated, and incase one person can submit one form on his name, can we submit another form on parents or siblings name to increase the chance during balloting. before or at the time of balloting we are supposed to submit only the processing fee that is almost 10000 or do we have to submit the 10 percent as well. pleased advise.

      • syed

        on   said 

        sir just need a short answer, when balloting is done and you want to pay all amount in cash, after that what is probable time you can start your construction on earliest, though i am asking about this for quetta but you can answer from your experience of multan, karachi, lahore or any other city where DHA had announced its earlier project.

        Will be thankful if you could comment on it.

        • Dear Syed Bhai,

          First of all DHA Quetta is not announced and no booking offered or available in the market. Usually a housing development take 5 to 7 years to be developed after launch. If DHA Quetta announced this year it may ready for construction in next 5 to 7 years.

      • Rai Ahmed

        on   said 

        AOA Atif Bhai,

        I sold my plot in DHA Phase 6, I have an investment of 2 Crore 5 Lakhs, which I would like put up for short term investment. Please guide me all the good options where I can invest then sell once the prices go up (Short-term)

        • Dear Rai Ahmed Bhai,

          It is recommended to invest this budget in different projects, there is no short term investment. Minimum holding time is required 1 year and for good return 3 years.

          DHA Bahawalpur
          DHA Phase 9 Prism
          New Town Gwadar
          Sangar Gwadar

    • Dear Sikandar Ali Bhai,

      DHA Quetta recently invited logo design submission. Hope fully it will be launched soon, But we do not have any tentative date of launching. But we expect it will be launched within this year. First cash files will be available for sale in the market once its started.


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