Lahore Ring Road

Latest Lahore Ring Road Master Plan Map. Northern Loop is assigned gray Color, Southern Loop is assigned Red Color, where as Northern Loop Interchange is assigned Red color with black ring and Southern Loop interchange assigned Gray color with black ring.

Latest Lahore Ring Road Master Plan Map
Latest Lahore Ring Road Master Plan Map

Lahore Ring Road Northern Loop 40 KM
Lahore Ring Road Southern Loop 49 KM

List of interchanges, intersections, and overhead bridges at Lahore Ring Road

  • Babu Sabu Interchange
  • Gulshan-e-Ravi Interchange
  • Saggian Interchange
  • Niazi Interchage
  • Badami Bagh Intersection
  • Underpass near Shadbagh Pumping Station
  • Mehmood Booti Interchange
  • GT Road Interchange (Quaid-e-Azam Interchange)
  • Canal Bank Road/Harbanspura Interchange
  • Railway Line Intersection
  • Jallo Road overhead bridge
  • Barki Road Intersection
  • Abdullah Gul Interchange (Airport Access road Interchange)
  • Airport Interchange
  • Ghazi Road Interchange
  • DHA phase V/VI Interchange
  • Sui Gas Society Interchange
  • Ferozpur Road Interchange
  • Shalimar Interchange

All proposed / future interchange are assigned respective color but with dotted line black ring.

Lahore Master Plan Roads
Lahore Master Plan Roads

As you can see a dotted line black ring with gray back ground between Bahria Town and NFC II, it mean there is an interchange proposed for future but not the part of the current ring road. All dotted line rings are proposed interchange for future but not the part of current plan.

Lahore Ring Road with Future Link
Lahore Ring Road Map with Future Link

77 thoughts on “Lahore Ring Road

  1. Salam, Is there any news and chances of improvement for Statelife Phase 2? I have a 1 kanal plot there for 10 years and prices have not gone up. People still say its a good long term investment because of the ring road getting completed the prices will increase a lot. is it true?

    1. Dear Ezaz Paracha Bhai,

      Definite Ring Road will have impact on prices of all surroundings soceities / areas but if we are expecting too much increase in this slow market situation then I dont think so.

      1. salam, Is there any news and chances of improvement for Lake Cit M2-A? I have a 10 Marla plot there for one years and prices have not gone up. People still say its a good long term investment because of the ring road getting completed the prices will increase a lot. is it true?

        1. Dear Ateeq Ahmad Khan Bhai,

          Not dealing with Lake City at the moment, not updated, please contact a local area agent in Lake City for further assistance.

    2. aoa,

      1. Dear Muhammad Afzal Bhai,

        Bagh-e-Iram is LDA Approved society, please verify the plot status and documents from Bagh-e-Iram Society Office before making any buying decision.

      2. Tanks very much Atif Sb.
        Kindly guide me is it suitable for house construction as they do not give possesion but dealer said that possesion will be grant in march.

        1. Dear Muhammad Afzal Bhai,

          I am not well about this society. But it is LDA Approved Society. However you need to check status of society with LDA Lahore.

  2. Dear i listion govt going to run train inside ring road quaid e azam interchange to mehmood booti interchange and govt will take more place in side ring road for green it possible?
    Plz i am waiting for reply

      1. Dear Bilal Sager Bhai,

        Lahore Ring Road Southern Loop 1 and Southern Loop 2 images were given by a valued visitor of our site. I will request him to provide a larger image, if provided I will upload here.

  3. I also have a plot in Khayaban e Amin and facing the same problem. Agents have been informed that your plot will be effected by LRR. If you have any further news so please share.

  4. hi m block khayaban e amin, will any residential plots will be effected by Lahore ring road? there are rumours that whole block will be needed by LRR and all owners of m blocks will be effected? can you please advise?

  5. Dear Atif sb, kindly inform regarding future prospects of Punjab University ph 3. Wether LRR effects this housing scheme. Regargs

  6. Atif Bhai, kindly inform about future prospects of Punjab University ph 3. Does LRR will effect this scheme. Regards

  7. sir i have an 8 marla plot in dha phase 11 halloki garden awarded from pak army .does LRR southern loop affect prices in this small town…now adays dealers call us to sale our plot offering approximate 4milloion.pls sir guide me

    1. Dear Javiad Bhai,

      Yes Lahore Ring Road development will affect the prices in Halloki Garden. I have no idea about prices there please contact any local area agent in the area.

    2. dear javed ,
      i have already investment in halloki garden your 8 maral plot worth is between 5 to 6 million you can give idea for prices from zameen .com so please beware dealers offers and it is good future investment if you can hold i suggest you for minimum 1 year you get good return INSHALLAH


  8. sir can u please be guide if i may get a plot in CITY GARDEN , project of PCHS, near LDA city, 5 mirla of Rs:10 lac including development charges on installments. what would be the future of this housing scheme ??? as i m low paid government servant , also this society is faraway from Lahore city at about 40 km from Lahore chuburji .

  9. Sir I plot in bahria town lahore, sector e, johar block . Now it’s market value is about 70 lack. Should I hold my plot till the complete of ring road. The ring road route will benefit my plot site and price or no effect . Thanks for your nice advice.

    1. Dear Farrukh Bhai,

      At the moment only SL 1 and SL 2 will be developed. SL 3 will not be constructed at this time. SL 3 sill benefit Bahria Town. I better recommend you to sell this plot and invest in DHA Lahore. In first Phase SL 1 from Sui Gas to Gaju Matta will be completed, this benefit DHA Phase 9 Prism and prices will shoot.

  10. Southern Loop of Ring Road to complete in a year

    Lahore—FWO has been awarded the contract of construction of (southern loop) of Lahore Ring Road. Commissioner Lahore Division and Chairperson Lahore Ring Road Authority, Abdullah Khan Sumbal has said that Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif has directed FWO to complete southern loop of Lahore Ring Road within one year.
    Due to special interest of Punjab Chief Minister, Punjab government has succeeded in saving 1.70 billion rupees in this contract, he added. He said that under public private partnership, Punjab government has played its role in viability gap financing in the construction of 30-kg long southern loop convinced FWO to complete construction work in 4.25 billion rupees instead of 5.90 billion rupees.

    Abdullah Khan Sumbal told that southern loop of Lahore Ring Road consists of three sub-loops including southern-I, II and III. FWO will first start work on I and II loops which is 22 kilometer long, he added.

    He said that this agreement has been given to FWO on the basis of BOT (build, operate and transfer) under public private partnership.

    He said that Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif has especially directed to complete southern loop of Lahore Ring Road within the stipulated period and ensure high standard.

    It is worth mention that Punjab government has made savings of 215 billion rupees in different mega projects and saving of 1.7 billion rupees in Ring Road Project is part of campaign of Chief Minister.

    1. according to my informations, southern loop from sui gas society to multan road will be completed at a strech..

  11. My plot is located in L block of Khyaban e amin near L block park. Will it be affected by ring road.Plz guide.

    1. Dear Waqas Bhai,

      I am not much aware about Khayaban e Amin. I have no idea which block will come in Ring Road or not. Please contact any local area agent or Khayaban e Amin directly for further assistance.

  12. No news about the start of Ring Road after the last date for Bids (Expression of Interest). Can anyone tell whats happening about the Ring Road Southern Loop?

    1. Lahore Ring Road Southern Loop 1 and 2 contract has been awarded to Federal Work Organization (FWO). Cheif Minister directed to compete the Ring Road Loop 1 & 2 within one year.

    2. after funds transfer from punjab government to fwo the work will start. it may take another 2-3 months

  13. Dear Atif Sb, My plot is located in NFC2 A block,which block of NFC2 is effected by LRR. Additionally please confirm if plot gets effected, what options do we have in terms of compensation. Will we be paid by Government or NFC will provide us alternate plot? Please confirm. If possible please share current map of LRR passing through NFC 2.

    1. Although there are strong news in market for change of SL3. But only LRR Authority can confirm it. We do not have any confirm news in this regards. Till last information route will remain the same. But because SL3 is not going to developed in next 2 or 3 years. So this may help Bahria Town meanwhile. For more information please contact Bahria Town also.

    1. Request for Proposal – Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Finance of Lahore Ring Road (Southern Loop)

      Southern Loop (Project)

      The Project starts from the end point of Package-17 of Northern Loop of Ring Road having Sui Gas Town on its right side and Bankers Town on its left and is almost 30.4 km long, divided into three (3) sections namely SL-1 (9.35 km), SL-2 (13.0 km) and SL-3 (8.0 km). Brief description of the alignment is given below:

      I. SL-1: Starts from Sui Gas Town and ends at Ferozepur Road. The alignment passes through Kamahan village, crosses the Hadiara drain and ends at interchange to be constructed at Gajju Mattah on Ferozepur Road.
      II. SL-2: Starts from Gajju Mattah Interchange and ends at Raiwind Road. This part of alignment passes near Islampura, Halloki, through Fazaia Housing Society and ends at interchange to be constructed on Raiwind Road.
      III. SL-3: Starts from Raiwind Road and ends at Multan Road. The alignment passes through Bahria Town, NFC-II and ends at interchange to be constructed on Multan Road.

      Alignment of Southern Loop of Ring Road has been illustrated on the location map provided on the following page. A Right of Way (ROW) of ninety (90) meters has been adopted in general for the whole alignment of the project except at interchanges proposed at Ashiana-e-Quaid Housing Scheme, Gajju Mattah (on Ferozepur Road), Kahna-Kacha Road, Halloki (over railway line), near Lake City, Adda Plot (on Raiwind Road), near Pakistan Medical Society and Gujjarpura (on Multan Road) or in the areas where such ROW could not be maintained due to site/design constraints. Details on the ROW are provided in Volume IV

      In first stage SL-1 and SL-2 will be developed, SL-3 will be developed at later stage.


    Brother …Don’t worry about your plot, you invested for your grand Childs. Eden will not give you possession of this plot before 50 years.

    So it doesn’t matter if any road being passed over your plot. Keep consider that LDA has to remove these all ring roads after each 40 years life cycle ultimately you will have free plot without any infrastructure at that time.


  16. lahore ki sahn botah hay. lahorion ko mali ring road gasy saholat mali main b visit karoon ga. khoob maza ay ga. main pirmahal main rahta hoon karia both zaida hay iss liay main a nahi sackata thank you go karia baghay go

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