DHA Lahore Phase 13 Plots & Houses for Sale

DHA Phase 13 (Ex DHA City Lahore) has been planned to be an exquisite piece of land spanning over thousands of Kanals, and endowed with ultra modern town planning, superb living facilities, recreational openings, lush green public parks, elite educational institutions, lavish shopping malls and eventually the most ornate surroundings fortified by state-of-the-art infrastructure for the esteemed residents.

DHA Phase 13 (Ex DHA City) News Updates:

DHA Lahore Phase 13 Transfer Fee Schedule

DHA Lahore Phase 13 Transfer Schedule 2019-2020
DHA Lahore Phase 13 Transfer Schedule 2019-2020

At eProperty you’re always welcome; whether you have an inquiry, feedback or want to talk to us about your investment needs for buying, selling or renting in DHA Lahore Phase 13 (Ex DHA City Lahore), there are a number of ways you can reach us:

+92 3 111 042 111
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eProperty, 23 Shabbir Sharif Road, Phase 6, DHA Lahore, Pakistan

DHA City Lahore Official Contact:

  • UAN: + 92 42 111 342 547
  • eMail: dhacity@dhalahore.org
  • www.dhalahore.org
  • NTN # 0801647-0

122 thoughts on “DHA Lahore Phase 13 Plots & Houses for Sale

  1. Is it a good time to invest in DHA City file?

    It seems to be a long term investment but wanted to have some idea regarding how long will it take to have a reasonable return on investment

  2. DHA Lahore Phase 13 (Ex DHA City Lahore) transfer opening from 1st August, 2019

    DHA Lahore Management proubd to announced the opening of transfer process for Ex DHA City now DHA Lahore Phase 13.

    eProperty dont deal until transfer open, now eProperty will also starts its services again for Ex DHA City Lahore. Please contact us for buying or selling requirements in DHA Lahore Phase 13.


    1. wonder why DHA being given green light to go ahead with new projects while clearly failed to deliver DHA city deliberately as such project has now proved a scam. surprisingly neither Army not judiciary taken any step yet to deliver justice to its victims and DHA new projects should have been suspended until further notice.

  3. Dear Atif bhai,
    I have deposited six instalments of dha city lahore thenafter I could nt pay remaing instalments meanwhile case started n I intentionaly stopped to pay.at this time I can afford to pay arrears,what would u advise whether I should pay or wait for tha final verdict.thanx

    1. Dear Maqsood Bhai,

      I am not sure how DHA will proceed with un complete payments but as DHA could not deliver the project even though location of project is not define. I think you should wait for the final decision. But please consulat a laywer as well for leagal complications in such case.

  4. Dear Mr. Atif Iqbal The DHA City Lahore case is now with NAB Lahore. If you know any expected date of final verdict. Already 7 years finish is there any hope & DHA is not taking responsibility ? All installments all amounts transferred in DHA account. This is un justice with us. Muhammad Aslam

    1. Dear Aslam Bhai,

      I do agree with you. DHA is responsible to deliver this project as it is. Worst can be that DHA should accommodate these effectees it’s other projects if cannot deliver DHA City Lahore.

      I am very hopeful about DHA City. DHA will definitely give some acceptable solution for this. We are also eating for NAB hearing result.

      1. Dear Rajab Bhai,

        Being a DHA Consultant it is responsibly to show the other side of the picture. DHA is responsible to deliver these affectees as soon as possible with the best alternate if any other wise to develop the same area. People trusted DHA and people still do trust in DHA. I am pretty sure that DHA will resolve this issue on urgent basis. Our platform is open for all kinds of feed back and response form any one. Every one is welcome.

  5. DHA City affectees to launch campaign

    LAHORE: The affectees of the DHA City project have decided to launch a campaign to press the authorities for allotment of the plots. As a part of the campaign, they will stage a peaceful demonstration on March 4 besides following the proceedings of a case in the accountability court, starting from Feb 15.

    They have also decided to submit 250 applications for allotment of land before the authorities of the project within the next few days, according to one of the affectees who attended a recent meeting of the joint action group formed by a number of affected people.

    “The DHA City Project affectees met with DHA authorities and discussed with them their issue. The DHA officials expressed their sympathy with file holders over the delay in delivery of the project and advised us to follow up the case proceedings in the accountability court. This case has been filed by DHA for the recovery of funds, which were transferred to Globaco for procurement of land but it failed to provide the required land,” Imran, an affectee told Dawn on Sunday.

    He said the authorities had also assured them that the affectees would be given possession to the plots within two years after resolution of the court case. He said the affectees had also decided to regularly attend every hearing in the court.

  6. yes its worthwhile if you can hold upto the time when its transfer being opened which might be in months or more than a year

  7. todays raftes for dha city lahore are as follows
    1225000 for 5 marla file
    2150000 for 10 marla file
    3800000 for 20 marla file

  8. AOA
    Sir i want to ask that i want to invest in Phase 8 X Block 5 Marla Residential Plot. Now the rates are about 65 Lac what will be the maximum price in future.

  9. DHA City Lahore News Update

    While addressing with audiences at DHA Auditorium Phase 2 Sector R on the ballot of DHA Phase 1 to 6 Plots for Sale 2016 Brigadier Zafar Yaseen Babar, Administrator DHA Lahore told that DHA management has decided to deliver rather refunding to DHA City Victims. He added that it took decades for DHA to build credibility and DHA Is the Pakistan top most credible Housing Schemes and in all Pakistan DHAs DHA Lahore is top of the list. So we will not let it go to loose our credibility by a single act. He further added that we are working on this how to deliver the DHA City. There are several proposals under consideration. Brigadier Zafar Yaseen Babar will retire in August 2016.

    1. Dear Sir what do you suggest now to invest or not ? Further can i get file of 5 marla with your assistance in next few days ? and what is current rate?

        1. Atif sb despite of many efforts, my call yet not got enough luck to be answered by you so please guide when and how i can approach to you and please also let me know what is rate of 10 marla

        2. Dear Asad Imran Bhai,

          I do apologize that you can get your call due a lot burden on me. I received 100s of call daily from local as well as overseas clients. More over 1000s of whatsapp messages from Investors and Agents. It really hard to get each and every call. Some time I miss 2, 3 call within a call in waiting. I am not well aware of DHA City Rates. I think it was 22.50 lacs today. You may reach me at 03218469951

    2. Sir, i am new on your website, i saw your recommendation for buy can u please advise the current status of dha city.

      1. Dear Nawaz Ali Bbhai,

        DHA City is a high risk long term investment. As project is backed by DHA so we can trust on the project. However this project is under NAB, Land is not available to developed the project. Now what DHA will do with this project, only DHA can give best answer. DHA may have following options:

        1- Develop & deliver the plot in the same location after clearance of land
        2- Relocate the plot to a new location
        3- Refund the amount

        In first two options return will be good, the last and worst option will be that DHA will refund the amount. In this case own money paid in the market will be loose.

    3. Dear Atif sb,

      What is today’s rate of file ? Do you have files? I learned that transfer of files is stopped by DHA, is it correct ?

  10. Dear Atif Bahi,

    Assalam Alakium, I hope all is well with you.
    I’m Interested to buy 10 Marla Residential plot for my house.
    Please advice in which block is good in phase 7.
    My current location is in Harbanspura.

      1. Thanks Atif Bahi….. Jazak Allaha Khair

        When you ve free time. I want to talk w you on Imo, Line, Tango or Whats App.

    1. There is no confirm news, however in previous history DHA did compensate people in any of such case. Hope fully DHA will honor its commitment with investors who invested in DHA City Lahore.

  11. DHA City Lahore File Rates 31st January, 2015

    DHA City Lahore 5 Marla File price is 10.50 lacs
    DHA City Lahore 10 Marla File price is 17.50 lacs
    DHA City Lahore 1 Kanal File price is 31 lacs

    1. what is the future of DHA city Lahore…Is it wothy to keep the file at this time or sale it….How much is there that Dha will build this DHA city lahore

      1. Brother there is no project in Lahore where you can find a 5 Marla plot in 10 to 11 lacs approx with name like DHA. Hope fully that DHA will deliver this project. However there is a risk, DHA can have several options.

        1- Deliver the same location
        2- Change the location
        3- Adjust these affectees in other DHA Projects
        4- Refund the amount

        A budget of Rs. 10 lacs is small amount for property investment now a day. You will not be able to find this price for 5 Marla for a good development. Higher the risk higher the gain. Most wort chance will be that DHA will refund the amount, still your amount is safe. You will get back your paid amount. DHA will return the booking price not the market price.

  12. Dear air my name is muhammad ijaz mai dha lahore city ki YEH price jo aap na batai hai yeh only cash mai hai ya yeh payment instalment mai bhi ki ja sakti hai or agaar instalment hai bhi hai to plz sheduol bhi bataa daien JAZAK ALLAH KHAIRA

  13. Atif Bhai what is the case of DHA City in today news paper? Do you think one should invest in DHA City now after DHA Lahore notice?

    1. This case is about Fraud allegation on Eden Group Cheif Hammad Ashraf. DHA claims that Hammad Ashraf committed to developed the project DHA City Lahore on 25,000 Kanal land. But he fails to do so. Currently he is arrested by NAB on the request of DHA Lahore. Today DHA Lahore Issued Public Notice for contacting NAB for the recovery of amount involved in this project collected by Hammad Ashraf from people on the name of DHA City Lahore. DHA has not warned public to not to buy or sell files of DHA City Lahore. This notice is just for the recovery of amount by Hammad Ashraf though NAB. However I will recommend to wait and see what next action will be taken by DHA Lahore and then decide accordingly.

      Public Notice DHA City Project DHA Lahore 09-01-2016

      1. Atif:
        Could you please tell me how much it cost to transfer the commercial.
        Location: Punjab University Housing Society
        The plot is directly purchased during the auction.
        Size: 4 Marla
        How much is stamp duty?
        How much is CVT?
        What are the other expected fees?

  14. hi
    i am looking to unload a safari villa unit one street behind tafalgar square, european style, it is fully furnished and i have moved overseas. I like to find out how selling is possible and what reasonable price can be expected. furnishing includes spli acs in each room, all three beds rooms living and drawing fully furnished.

    would eb interested to sell it as is, it may need some repair of about 60-80k, new paint etc, i spent 100 just 2 years ago in repair and paints, i need the answer quite urgent;y, your website says donot recomment for living these, any particular reason.

    mohammad siddique

      1. Atif Bhai, please suggest investment in DHA city now? Are file prices down due to this issue of NAB or not ? Friends suggest that it is cheap and hopefully DHA will find some solution in near future

        1. In fact DHA City is owned by DHA Lahore. The issue is between DHA Lahore and Eden Group. DHA has capability to solve the issue. Where you can get 5 Marla plot in 10 lacs with name DHA in Lahore. In DHA Valley Islamabad you can get 5 Marla plot between 7 to 12 lacs. I recommend DHA City Lahore for investment but there is a risk. Higher the higher the gain. DHA has to resolve the issue to recover it good will. Due to this project DHA is facing many problems. But I will recommend one must avail this change in budget of 10 lacs, a small amount. What is maximum possible that DHA will refund the amount to file holders (chances are less then 1% for this). Ultimately DHA has to deliver the project, its already too late. There can be several options with DHA. File holders can be shifted to else where in other DHA projects like Phas 9 Prism, DHA Phase 11, Phase 8 Sector Z. Where ever they will shift file worth is more then DHA City Lahore.

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