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LDA City Lahore Overview

Spreading over an area of 58,000 Kanal, LDA City is located between Ferozpur Road, Defence Road, Kana Kacha Road and Lahore-Karachi Railway Line with its entrance along the Butcher Khana distributary, Just 1.5 KM from Terminal Station of Metro Bus Service. Construction of New 2.1 KM long and 180 feet wide access road from Gajju Matta to LDA City has already been completed at the cost of 1.13 billion. The scheme also has been provided a link from Kacha Flyover, the first ever fly over constructed in Punjab on Public-Private partnership basis, on Kacha Railway crossing along with Defence Road.

Town Planning has been completed, beside housing units of different categories, high rise buildings, large public parks, theme park, golf course, diplomatic enclave, world class Central Business District (CBD), educational and health cities (universities & hospitals) and modern commercial centers have been planned, aiming to give residents at affordable cost. project will be developed into two phases comprising of 9 Sectors. LDA is going to commence the development work in the scheme.

Location Map

LDA City Lahore Location Map

Location Map

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Official Contact:

  • LDA Office: 042-99262273
  • 042-111-532-222
  • [email protected]
  • 12-A, K-Block Main Boulevard Gulberg II, Lahore, Pakistan

LDA City Rates Trends JAN 14 to JUN 17

  • 2 K
  • 1 K
  • 10 M
  • 5 M


    • Dear Zaman Bhai,

      It is good buying time for the project, prices are low. But project is under investigation. If one can take risk (which is not high) it will be a good buying.

    • Asad Imran

      on   said 

      Dear Afzal sb, What is future of this investment for next two to three years and what is cash rate of 1 kanal now and at the time of launch of this project

      • Assalam o Alaikum ASAD IMRAN Sahib.

        Right Now rate for 1 Kanal Exemption Letter of LDA CITY, also known as LDA Letter is between 38.50 lacs to 39.00 lacs and and its price was 25.25 lacs when this Project was started.
        It is an investment of three to five years. This project has a prime location and its an economical investment if we compare it with other running projects e.g. DHA, Behria etc

  1. LDA CITY, a project of Lahore Development Authority having area of 60,000 kanals located near Ferozpur road, 1 kilometer after Gujumatta Metro Bus Station. After 1 kilometer a road of 180 feet leads you toward LDA CITY project site. LDA CITY has these villages in it Kahna, Kacha, Rakh Jaydu, Haloki, They Punju and Sidhar. More than 70% of land has been acquired by LDA. Lahore Ring Road is also crossing from LDA CITY project, there are three interchanges designed by FWO for LDA CITY. It has two phases, Further there are five sectors in Phase 1, Anfal, Ikhlas, Luqman, Ibrahim and Shamas. And in Phase 2 name of two sectors has been decided Yousaf and Younas yet other sector names are in pipeline. There is a mosque, one big Family park and two small parks are designed in every block of all sectors and green area of LDA CITY project is 11%. There are no extra charges on corner and park facing plots and there is 50% off on development charges by Lahore development authority in this Project. Plotting is size of 2 Kanals, 1 kanal, 10 Marlas and 5 Marlas. 2 kanal is not available for booking but other categories are available.

    • Community Center
    • Cineplex
    • Education City
    • Five Star Hotels
    • Health Facilities Including Hospitals
    • Hyper Markets
    • Recreational Facilities such as Joy-Land and Mini Zoo
    • Shopping Malls
    • Separate Sites for Fruits and Vegetables
    • Sports City
    • Spacious Road network, Approachable via Metro Bus
    • Theme Parks
    • 18 Hole International Standard Golf Course

    When you will entered in booking process you will find files based on Exemption Letter (Issued by LDA), Intimation Letter and Transitory Letter. Intimation Letter and Transitory Letter have also their legal worth by LDA, but I recommend you convert your Intimation Letter and Transitory Letter in Exemption Letter as later on Blotting for LDA CITY will be done on only Exemption Letters. And you need pay order of 5000PKR to convert your file in exemption letter.

    File Transfer Fee/Taxes

    5 Malra
    Transfer Fee 10,000
    Stamp Duty 5% of DC Value 27,500
    Advance (236 W) 8,250
    TMA Tax 1% of DC Value 5,500
    Total 51,250

    Seller Tax Filler 8,250
    Seller Tax Non Filler 16,500

    10 Malra
    Transfer Fee 20,000
    Stamp Duty 5% of DC Value 55,000
    Advance (236 W) 16,500
    TMA Tax 1% of DC Value 11,000
    Total 105,500

    Seller Tax Filler 16,500
    Seller Tax Non Filler 33,000

    1 Kanal
    Transfer Fee 40,000
    Stamp Duty 5% of DC Value 110,000
    Advance (236 W) 33,000
    TMA Tax 1% of DC Value 22,000
    Total 205,000

    Seller Tax Filler 33,000
    Seller Tax Non Filler 66,000

    2 Kanal
    Transfer Fee 80,000
    Stamp Duty 5% of DC Value 220,000
    Advance Tax Filler (236 K) 132,000
    Advance Tax Non Filler (236 K) 264,000
    Advance Tax (236 W) 66,000
    TMA Tax 1% of DC Value 44,000
    Total 674,000

    Seller Tax Filler 66,000
    Seller Tax Non Filler 132,000

  2. LDA City project: Punjab govt offers 65 acres to US Consulate for new building

    LAHORE: The Punjab government has offered 65 acre (520 kanal) to the United States Consulate to shift its offices outside the city and negotiations being held between the officials of the both sides for the last couple of months have entered into a final round.

    Sources in the Lahore Development Authority (LDA) say the decision to offer this chunk of land was taken after both the sides agreed that shifting the consulate to a place far from the city area was the need of the hour from the security point of view.

    “The US Consulate officials had requested the Punjab government to allocate land a bit away from the main city that could be secured. Therefore, we offered 65 acre land in the proposed diplomatic enclave in the LDA City,” an LDA official told Dawn on Sunday.

    The land of seven villages– Kahna, Kacha, Thay Panju, Sidhar, Halloki, Rakh Jhedu and Toor Warraich –is being acquired for this mega housing project. The scheme has 2,000 kanals land for a diplomatic enclave and the 520 kanal of it has been offered to the US Consulate for its building.

    “The land allocated for the new US Consulate exists exactly in Sidhar where the LDA has completed 80pc acquisition of the land. The total land being acquired in this village is about 4,000 kanal. We have so far acquired 3,500 kanal. The rest of 500 kanal will be acquired soon,” the official explained.

    He said that besides the US, the officials of others countries, including Saudi Arabia and China, were also interested in establishing their consulates/diplomatic missions at the proposed diplomatic enclave. Sometime back, the Chinese ambassador visited the area and sought space for the Chinese consulate there. Near the diplomatic enclave, an educational city has also been proposed where leading private education groups and individuals had shown their interest in establishing schools and colleges, the official claimed.

    He said the enclave area was in the scheme’s phase-1, comprising about 24,000 kanal.

    “We are planning to start development work in the phase-1 soon after acquiring the remaining land.”

    It may be mentioned that both the government and US officials had agreed to shift the existing US Consulate near Shimal Hill to a new place due to the security situation caused by demonstrations.

    In September 2012, a clash had erupted between the police and workers of the Majlis-i-Wahdat-i-Muslimeen when they, during a protest against a profane film, had tried to march on the consulate. The protesters had forced their way through many pickets before being stopped by police less than 50 metre away from the consulate. As the police baton-charged the marchers, some protesters managed to sneak through the last barrier in a bid to forcibly enter the building and the place turned into a battlefield. Additional force had to be called to control the situation. Some protesters, who had succeeded in climbing up concrete barriers, set the US flag on fire and hoisted their flag on the roof of the building.

    Published in Dawn, June 20th, 2016

  3. LDA CITY Files Rates 15, March, 2017

    LDA CITY 10 Marla File Rate is 25.30 lacs
    LDA CITY 05 Marla File Rate is 16.25 lacs

    Adnan Hussain +923224701001
    UAN: (042) 111 042 111

  4. LDA CITY Files Rates 14, March, 2017

    LDA CITY 10 Marla File Rate is 25.30 lacs
    LDA CITY 05 Marla File Rate is 16.25 lacs

    Adnan Hussain +923224701001
    UAN: (042) 111 042 111

  5. LDA CITY Files Rates 14, March, 2017

    LDA CITY 10 Marla File Rate is 25.50 lacs
    LDA CITY 05 Marla File Rate is 16.50 lacs

    Adnan Hussain +923224701001
    UAN: (042) 111 042 111

  6. LDA CITY Files Rates 11, March, 2017

    LDA CITY 10 Marla File Rate is 25.50 lacs
    LDA CITY 05 Marla File Rate is 16.50 lacs

    Adnan Hussain +923224701001
    UAN: (042) 111 042 111

  7. LDA CITY Files Rates 24, February, 2017

    LDA CITY 1 Kanal File Rate is 35.00 lacs
    LDA CITY 10 Marla File Rate is 25.00 lacs
    LDA CITY 05 Marla File Rate is 16.00 lacs

    Adnan Hussain +923224701001
    UAN: (042) 111 042 111

  8. LDA CITY Files Rates 20, February, 2017

    LDA CITY 1 Kanal File Rate is 34.50 lacs
    LDA CITY 10 Marla File Rate is 24.50 lacs
    LDA CITY 05 Marla File Rate is 15.50 lacs

    Adnan Hussain +923224701001
    UAN: (042) 111 042 111

  9. LDA CITY Files Rates 18 February, 2017

    LDA CITY 1 Kanal File Rate is 34.50 lacs
    LDA CITY 10 Marla File Rate is 24.50 lacs
    LDA CITY 05 Marla File Rate is 15.50 lacs

    Adnan Hussain 0092-322-4701001
    UAN # (042) 111 042 111

      • Dear Nawaz Ali,
        AOA ,
        Plot Size TMA{1%} Transfer Fee CVT{2%} Stamp Duty{3%} W/Tax(3%) StampVendor
        5 Marla 3000/= 10000/= 6000/= 9000/= 15750/= 5000/=
        10 Marla 6000/= 20000/= 12000/= 18000/= 31500/= 5000/=
        20 Marla 12000/= 40000/= 24000/= 36000/= 63000/= 5000/=

        Thanks and Regards,
        For further inquirey dont hesitate to call me 00923224701001
        UAN: (042) 111 042 111

  10. LDA CITY Files Rates 16 February, 2017

    LDA CITY 1 Kanal File Rate is 32.00 lacs
    LDA CITY 10 Marla File Rate is 24.50 lacs
    LDA CITY 05 Marla File Rate is 15.50 lacs

    Adnan Hussain +923224701001
    UAN: (042) 111 042 111

  11. LDA CITY Files Rates 01 February, 2017

    LDA CITY 1 Kanal File Rate is 32.20 lacs
    LDA CITY 10 Marla File Rate is 21.30 lacs
    LDA CITY 05 Marla File Rate is 13.50 lacs

    Adnan Hussain +923224701001

    • Jawad Amjad

      on   said 


      Adnan bahi since LDA city is selling like hot cake now a days. What is your recommendation in it for 5 Marla exemption letter?

      1. Is it safe to invest as there was some litigation involved in past?

      2. What are expected prices of 5 Marla within 6 months?

      Thanx and regards,

  12. LDA CITY Files Rates 30 Jan, 2017

    LDA CITY 1 Kanal File Rate is 32.30 lacs
    LDA CITY 10 Marla File Rate is 21.30 lacs
    LDA CITY 05 Marla File Rate is 13.00 lacs

    Adnan Hussain 0322-4701001

  13. LDA CITY Lahore Files Rates 23 Jan, 2017

    LDA CITY 1 Kanal File Rate is 32.00 lacs
    LDA CITY 10 Marla File Rate is 21.00 lacs
    LDA CITY 05 Marla File Rate is 13.00 lacs

    These rates are for LDA Exemption Letters only.

    Transfer Fee
    1 Kanal 190,000
    10 Marla 90,000
    5 Marla 50,000

    Adnan Hussain 0322-4701001

      • Dear Nawaz Ali Bhai,

        Exemption letters are against land. Actually LDA has 2 categories of files as under:

        1- Exemption
        2- LDA Allotment

        LDA Allotment has various categories mostly are as under:

        1- CM Quota
        2- Public Quota
        3- Employee Quota
        4- LDA Auction etc.

        Now LDA Exemption is just like DHA Affidavit files which are given against land. Once you pay membership of DHA and become member your affidavit convert into allocation. So we can say Exemption files are just like DHA allocations or we can say that DHA actually adopted LDA Exemption process for its files.

  14. Haider

    on   said 

    Salam Atif Bhai,

    Kindly share your expert opinion regarding the investment in LDA City ?
    Plot price seems reasonable as compared to DHA,

    Is it a good investment and safe to invest in LDA City ?
    Balloting time frame ?
    When LDA will provide the plots to the owners ? approximately say in 5 to 7 years or 10 to 15 years

    May Allah(swt) reward you abundantly for your efforts

    Best Regars

    • Dear Haider,

      LDA City is project backed by Lahore Development Authority, LDA is true master planner of Lahore. LDA has developed a lot of Housing Schemes in Lahore which meet the living demands of Lahore City. In fact LDA the largest developer who is meeting public demand at low prices in Housing Sector in Lahore.

      LDA City is a long term investment. It will be fruit full investment but not now. When time will come I will recommend to invest in LDA City. At the moment we should wait and see.

      • Haider

        on   said 

        Dear Atif Bhai,

        Kindly comment on these 2 points:

        1) When LDA will provide the plots to the owners ?
        Any Rough Estimated …approximately say in 5 to 7 years or 10 to 15 years ?

        2) Can you please also comment on NAB investigating this project, is there any updates

        [.. demanded the chief minister, as chairman of LDA, take notice of it which is going to be a Mega Land Scam that was depriving people of their hard earned money.]

        Really appreciate your help

        Best Regards

        • Dear Haider Bhai,

          These questions can be best answered by the relevant developer / builder / authority. We are only facilitator between seller, buyer and builder / developer / authority.

          1- Only LDA can give best answer when they can deliver plots to owners, as per previous history LDA track record is not satisfactory in this regards, but due to emerging trends in Real Estate sectors and also some positive steps in LDA regarding LDA Avenue 1 may lead to a good out put by LDA in case of LDA City. However in previous track record LDA usually take more them 10 years like DHA & Bahria Town.

          2- Please refer to NAB for any further assistance, they can better shed light on this issue as they are well informed about it.

          Please read our FAQ for quires like development, possession and procedures.

        • Nawaz Ali

          on   said 

          Thanks Atif bhai, by the way is this clearance provided by court or source is the news paper. Are you recommending it to buy now ?

        • NAB gives a clean chit to LDA City project

          LAHORE: The National Accountability Bureau (NAB) has given a clean chit to the LDA while closing the inquiry into reported illegalities in the LDA City project with a direction to its chief to computerise the scheme’s record to ensure transparency in the project, said to be the country’s largest public housing scheme.

          “NAB has closed the inquiry into LDA City project after investigation and issued certain directions – computerisation of the record of the project and checks and balances – to ensure complete transparency in it,” a NAB official told Dawn on Tuesday.

          When asked whether there was any pressure from some top officials of the Punjab government to close the inquiry as it was making the project controversial, the official’s answer was in negative.

          The NAB Lahore had initiated the probe into the project on complaints that the LDA and its development partners were selling the land (plots) more than they had acquired.

          The Pakistan Tahreek-i-Insaf had also pinpointed irregularities in the project, alleging four private companies owned by some favourites of the government’ had collected huge sums of money in the name of the scheme, using name of a state entity. The PTI had also accused the government of blocking water supply to the crops to force the farmers to sell out their agriculture land for the scheme.

          An LDA official said transparency was being maintained in the LDA City project and NAB’s directions in this regard would also be followed.

          The LDA City project was launched about two years ago along the Ferozepur Road.

          The Punjab government has already notified seven villages– Kahna, Kacha, Thay Panju, Sidhar, Halloki, Rakh Jhedu and Toor Warraich — to be acquired for the project. The land acquisition in the aforementioned villages has reportedly been completed.

          The LDA has not acquired the land directly from landowners and hired six development firms for the purpose. Under the agreement, the development partners would get one-third of developed plots of the total land they would surrender or transfer to the LDA and the authority would also pay them one per cent of the total cost of the surrendered land as commission.

          Published in Dawn, August 31st, 2016

      • haider

        on   said 

        Dear Atif bhai, Do you recommend to invest in LDA city now or should I go for sui gas phase 2?which one is better option within 3 to 4 years?

        • Dear Haider Bhai,

          Sui Gas Phase 2 is recommended for near future construction. In LDA City you will not be able to start construction in near future. Location of LDA City is much more prime then Sui Gas Phase 2. LDA City is located at Lahore Ring Road and has 3 interchanges, due to traffic congestion in Lahore, future is ring road.

  15. Hafeez

    on   said 

    Please advise if you have any confirmed file available for LDA city Lahore for 10 marla & 1 Kanak and the price. Also if it is a safe investment?


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