Additional development charges in DHA

THE Defence Housing Authority, Karachi, has been demanding additional development charges one after the other for phase VIII.

In October 2004 they levied additional development charges at the rate of Rs500 per square yard for a residential plot payable by those persons who had not ‘A’ leased their plots up to Oct 1, 2004, while plots ‘A’ leased prior to Oct 1, 2004, were exempted.

Now again they are demanding a fee of Rs350 per square yard on all residential plots in phase VIII.

This means that after Oct 1, 2004, plots ‘A’ leased owner of 500 square yards have to pay Rs425,000 (Rs250,000 + Rs175,000) and prior to Oct 1, 2004, ‘A’ leased owner had to pay Rs175,000, besides initial development charges paid by everyone equally.

There is no justification for such a demand with such a big difference.

The controlling authority of the Defence Housing Authority (DHA) and the ministry must look into this matter and instruct the Defence Housing Authority to withdraw this unnecessary burden on property-holders who had built their property and obtained completion certificate and are living peacefully and paying cantonment taxes, etc.

Every now and then a demand for such unfair charges is creating a sense of harassment among the residents.


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