ISLAMABAD: Capital Development Authority (CDA) former deputy director (Land) Zahid Bhatti, one of the main accused in Rs 7 billion corruption case, had been involved in allotting 1600 plots to the fake affectees of sector I-11 and I-12, Daily Times has learnt.

Bhatti has been appointed deputy director of Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) Anti Corruption Wing, despite the fact that an inquiry is still on against him in FIA.

According to the reliable sources, Bhatti had been involved in allotment of 1600 plots to the fake affectees of sector I-11 and sector I-12 and Supreme Court (SC) had taken a Suo Moto notice over this embezzlement. SC had instructed the CDA to once again survey the sectors and to exclude the fake entries.

Bhatti was also one of the main persons who had prepared award of the sector I-17 and H-16.

It was the most expensive award of the CDA since the authority had to pay Rs 832,000 for each Kanal of land and there were over one dozen nullahs in that land. The main reason behind the award was a property Tycoon as he had 1000 Kanals of land in those sectors. It seems that the award decisions were taken in the better interests of the influential personalities rather than keeping in view the interest of CDA.

CDA did a joint venture with a construction company in sector E-11 and later, once again, SC had taken a Suo Moto notice over the agreement. Zahid Bhatti was one of those officers who played affective role in that agreement.

An officer of the CDA, on condition of anonymity, told that Zahid Bhatti wanted to be posted in FIA because, while he was DD Land in CDA, he used to collect the copies of important documents for his own record and he used to say that one day he would use those documents to blackmail the authority.

Sources claimed that Bhatti knew he could close the files and cases against him once he was in FIA and succeeded in getting appointed as Deputy Director Investigation and Monitoring (I&M) Department. They added that he was struggling to clear the cases against him.