CDA launching anti-littering drive

ISLAMABAD, April 21 (APP): Wall chalking on different places in the federal capital is defacing public structures, buildings, walls, pavements and signboards with posters of local companies, organizations as well as education institutions, ruining beauty of the city.The disgusting activity, mainly aimed at promoting businesses,forwarding one’s political or sectarian ideas or even in some cases announcing one’s love towards someone not only mars the city beauty but also spoils its grace.

However, people oblivious of the fact that wall chalking is an environment hazard which not only destroy the beauty of city but also annoyed residents over such cheap ways to attract people for business or other purposes.

The residents of the capital also complain defacing of their houses’ walls by several posters and hold civic authorities responsible for this.
Capital Development Authority (CDA) has launched several campaigns time to time and again to ban this unethical practice but soon after end of the campaign, the situation get back to the position where it was in the past if not worse.

Talking to APP, Director, Directorate of Sanitation CDA, Shams-ul Haq said that the authority is going to launch anti-littering campaign from April 29 and wall chalking issue will be addressed during the campaign.
He said all the posters from different places will be removed during the campaign and directorate will take strict actions against wall chalking and pasting of all kinds of posters, political, religious and commercial, on the walls which obviously is illegal.

The directorate keep check on this practice and remove posters from different places in routine besides giving tickets to the violators upto Rs 500 which is quite low to stop this practice, he said.

However, the directorate will hold a meeting with the Chairman CDA, Imtiaz Inayat Elahi to revise the by-laws and propose severe punishments and raise fine to discourage this activity.

For raising awareness among residents, banners and stickers will be used during the campaign while civil society, traders, citizens and even the young school children will also be engaged to make the campaign a success,Shams said.

The anti-littering campaign is being launched on the directions of the Chairman CDA who had been striving to get the city rid of encroachments from shopping centres, maintain some acceptable standards of cleanliness and bring some order in the social activities in the federal capital.

According to the regulations derived from Environment Protection Act 1997 and prepared under CDA’s Ordinance 1960, the civic body may also proceed against the factories discharging hazardous emissions, effluent, organic or inorganic wastes causing air, land or water pollution.

It also cover the violation of building laws relating to the environment that includes wall chalking, damaging green areas, landscape, trees,plants by grazing or keeping animals or by parking vehicles or dumping debris,discharge of any dangerous chemical in drains, watercourses or public land,supply of contaminated drinking water, irrigation of crops with sewer water,cleaning of vehicle or release of water on road, sale of unsafe drinks and eatables, establishment of brick kilns, limekilns.

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