ISLAMABAD, Aug 5 (APP):The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has planned to replace concrete barricades with automatic road blockers affixed with sensitive security cameras to avoid traffic congestion and introduce modern checking system.The Authority is facing criticism from people experiencing traffic congestion at security barricades and also spoiling the beauty of the city.An official source told APP that the CDA in collaboration with the Ministry of Interior had started work on the modern checking system.Under the project titled,”Islamabad Civilian and Traffic Control and Access Project,” the government has decided to develop a modern security and vehicular inspection system through security cameras.

The project is being executed with help of Spanish Government that has consented to convert a loan payable by Pakistan into grant for execution of the project, realizing the sensitivity of the situation, the source added.

“The project will cost around Rs 1.5 billion. Though the Spanish government has already agreed to fund the project, there seems to be no other bottleneck in this regard,” said the source.

After preparing the feasibility study, the summary of the project has been forwarded to the Economic Affairs Division to seek funding from Spain.

The Division has also forwarded case to Spanish government where it is under consideration and it is hoped that project will sail through from there, the source said.

Under the project, a bullet proof operation room will be set up at every check-post powered by electricity as well as power generator. Each operating room will require deployment of three security personnel.

Instead of concrete barricades, the automatic road blockers will be installed on the roads and after detecting any suspicious vehicle through security cameras, the operator will raise the road blocker for inspection.

“It will reduce traffic congestion as instead of opening one lane, the project will have capacity to let open all lanes and only the suspicious vehicle will be intercepted and park on roadside for inspection,” said the source.

The government is in constant touch with the Spanish authorities to pursue the project that is likely to fund such a project in Peshawar as well.

According to the source, the facility would be developed at 60 points on all main roads, points and intersections of the city.

Once, the facility is developed, it will also require the training of the police personnel to operate the system and ensure that it runs smooth and that a vehicle stops for possible minimum time.
The project will also reduce workload of the police personnel who have to work even during extreme weather conditions as majority of the pickets have no allied facility.

However, under the project, an attached bathroom and proper cooling system has been proposed, the source said.