Islamabad: Chairman Joint Action Committee, Islamabad affectee Jamil Ahmed Abbasi warned CDA to avoid launching operation against the Islamabad affectees without considering their view point as the issues of their compensation are still lying pending.

Addressing the press conference held here on Friday, at National Press Club, Jamil Abbasi said that the interpretation of Supreme Court order dated January 14, 2011 regarding taking back possession from Islamabad affectees, would cause ejection of occupants, who had handed over thousands of kanals land to CDA and they have not even compensated completely as per packages. He said CDA had not fulfilled its commitment according to the packages announced for Islamabad affectees. He lashed out the discriminatory policy packages announced by CDA time to time for Islamabad affectees. Jamil Abbasi said that the honorable Supreme Court of Pakistan has ordered that ” the CDA authorities to take back possession of the entire land in accordance with law which has already been acquired without giving any concession or entering into compromise with the occupants/previous owners of the land now belonging to the CDA for which out of public exchequer compensation has been paid.

As far as the previous owners/occupants are concerned they have no right to occupy the same. Chairman CDA shall prepare a schedule for implementing this order and fortnightly progress shall also be sent to Registrar for our perusal until, whole property acquired by CDA and presently is in possession of the unauthorized occupants is recovered”. Jamil said that the strict order of Supreme Court need to be reviewed as the apex court is custodian of the rights of people and in this case the Islamabad affectees were not given opportunity to plead their case for the protection of their legitimate rights. He said that parliament should also take notice of this injustice being done with Islamabad affectees, who are the host of the all Pakistanis and there is dire need to be passed a bill to frame a uniform policy to settle the affectees once for all. While clarifying the position of Islamabad affectees, he said that various villages had already been declared model villages by the CDA due to political changes in government setup, CDA could not implement its decision for the resettlement of affectees of these villages. He referred that Noor Pur Shahan, Java Tele, Lakhwal, Tale Mori, Mochi Mohra, Sumbal Korakh, Malpur, Pindori,Sehana had been declared model villages but CDA could not move forward even the people of these areas have been stressing to resolve their disputes since long time. Jamil Abbasi offered the CDA to negotiate with the Islamabad affectees to find out an amicable and peaceful solution for the resettlement of these people. He said that any action taken by the CDA against Islamabad affectees would cause law and order situation in the city, which will be tantamount to create complications for a democratic government. He said that there is a political government in the country, which believes on reconciliation and prefers to resolve the issues through dialogues.

He said CDA should also follow the track of the government in resolving the long outstanding issues of Islamabad affectees and invite their representatives for dialogues. He said that CDA should had not acquired these lands as there had not been any development plan except to distribute these land amongst the generals, bureaucrats and elites. He termed CDA as an also colony developer not a development authority and even failed to provide the basic facilities in federal areas. Jamil Abbasi Chairman Joint Action Committee said that Islamabad affectees have become united against CDA, however they prefer to negotiate with the CDA to resolve their issues. He stressed that CDA should immediately invite the representatives of Islamabad affectees and settle the disputes regarding their outstanding payments of lands, shamlaat, trees, gardens, wells etc and establishing model villages. He said that when Islamabad affectees are willing to negotiate with CDA, so there is no need to launch an operation to take the possession from the occupants. He said Islamabad affectees would take any decision in their interest and CDA would not be allowed to take possession until and unless their disputes are not settled. He said Islamabad Joint Action Committee will hold public meetings each and every village to mobilize the people for the safeguard of their rights.