Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif has said that Pakistan was achieved 64 years ago by rendering enormous sacrifices under the leadership of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and today “Zardaris and Madariz” have looted the same Pakistan of Quaid-e-Azam and are sucking its blood. He said that if the accountability of those who bargained Pakistan was not held, then we will not be able to give answer in the court of people and Almighty Allah. On the one side, country has been brought at the verge of disaster through plundering of national resources while on the other side, a drama is also being staged by bringing new faces before the people through makeup of Musharraf companions and tall claims are being made that these people will bring revolution and develop the country. He said that he might not be called Shahbaz Sharif if he did not expose these faces before the nation.

He was addressing a big gathering at the inaugural function of Lahore Ring Road (LRR) Packege-15 “Nawaz Sharif Interchange”. Member National Assembly Khawaja Saad Rafique, Members National and Provincial Assemblies, office bearers of Muslim League and a large number of people were present on the occasion.

Addressing the function, Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif said that today Lahore Ring Road Packege-15 is being inaugurated and people are fully aware that two years ago there were deserts and fields and today this project of international standard has been completed. He said that property business was carried out in the name of Lahore Ring Road (LRR) during previous government and dacoity of billion of rupees was committed. The Chief Minister said that we are completing the development projects through transparent manner under the leadership of Nawaz Sharif by considering the resources of the nation, a trust. He said that after package-15, funds have been released for the project of sewerage and construction of Badian Road and these projects will also be completed according to the desire of the people by working round the clock. He said that on the one side country is being looted while on the other side Musharraf’s companions are being presented before the nation as Masiha through makeup but people fully recognize these faces. These are the same people who supported Musharraf in the heinous crime of Lal Masjid, image of the judiciary was tarnished and Chief Justice was dragged. All such people were enjoying power with Musharraf. The same people shed the blood of the nation through secrete agreements of Drone attacks while on the other side, Nawaz Sharif put the country on the road to progress and prosperity and did not put the security and sovereignty of the country at stake, he added. Despite telephones of President Clinton and offer of aid of five billion dollars, the defence of country was made invincible by carrying out six nuclear tests in response to five nuclear tests by India. He said that we refused foreign aid soaked with the blood of Pakistanis and such charity cannot be accepted at any cost. He said that the drama of Musharraf companions through makeup and presenting them revolutionary cannot be staged. He said that Pakistani nation is a living nation. We will face them courageously and transform the country as envisioned by Quaid-e-Azam and Iqbal in real sense, he added.

Member National Assembly Khawaja Saad Rafique said that leadership of Pakistan Muslim League-N as per its tradition has given the gift of Ring Road to Lahorites which was earlier only in imaginations and papers. Similarly a huge amount has been allocated for the construction and repair of Badian Road. Funds have also been allocated for the project of sewerage from MP check post to Bhatta Chowk and from Bhatta Chowk to Nawaz Sharif Interchange. He said that the longstanding demand of the people of this area will be resolved through completion of the project of sewerage at a cost of Rs.12 crore. He said that Shahbaz Sharif is a kind-hearted person and his heart beats with the destitute and he is also perturbed over the deteriorating situation of the country. He said that now again the sweet dream of revolution is being presented by changing the faces of Musharraf companions. He said that Pakistan Muslim League is the founder party of the country and the same party will put the country on the road to progress and prosperity.