The Islamabad District Magistrate president has banned, under section 144, any kind of construction and the carrying of construction material in Sectors G-14/1, G-14/2 and G-14/3. The ban has come into immediate effect and will remain in force for two months.

This decision was taken because some people were found involved in illegal construction on land allocated to the Federal Contentment Employees Housing Foundation. Strict action will be taken against anyone found carrying construction material in the said sectors, said the IDM president.

FST disposes 3,298 cases in 2006: The Federal Services Tribunal (FST) has disposed of 3,298 government employees’ cases during 2006, sources said, adding that 3,787 new cases were registered last year and 7,587 cases remained pending. Sources said that 19,361 cases were registered during 2005 and included civil service and corporate employees’ cases. At the same time, the number of cases registered with the FST has reduced.

A total of 1,878 cases were decided in 2005, 4,775 in 2004, 9,663 in 2003, 3,766 in 2002, 6,663 in 2001 and 6,101 in 2000, while 7,141 new cases were registered in 2005, 5,695 in 2004, 6,349 in 2003, 6,740 in 2002, 7,523 in 2001 and 5,788 in 2000. The number of pending appeals was 7,587 in 2006, 19,361 in 2005, 14,098 in 2004, 13,178 in 2003, 13,792 in 2002, 10,758 in 2001 and 8,898 in 2000.

Citizens complain that Islamabad’s guesthouses being used as brothels: The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has decided to take strict action against guesthouses set up in the capital’s suburbs after people lodged complaints that these guesthouses were being turned into brothels. The CDA has decided to take action with the help of police authorities who have turned a blind eye to the activities taking place at these guesthouses. Sources have informed that these guesthouses are openly supplying foreign liquor and prostitutes. People have urged police high-ups to take notice of these guesthouses and arrest culprits involved in the business.

Courtesy Daily Times