Advising the luxury seekers to observe extreme caution in investing in either the newly launched CDA’s Park enclave or Bahria’s enclave, The Network for Consumer Protection, has warned that both the societies are heading toward a clash at the cost of consumers’ money.

“Instead of intimidating because of short deadlines given by both the societies in submitting the forms, the investors/consumers must first do their own investigations to know if the Bahria has NOC from CDA which is mandatory for the housing scheme and if CDA has the possession of the land,” said Nadeem Iqbal, the Executive Coordinator of The Network for Consumer Protection, which is a member of Consumer International, a UK based world federation of consumer groups.

Bahria is offering one Kanal plot (Rs6 million) at half the price of that of CDA (Rs12 million) means that either CDA is overcharging the consumers or Bahria has some hidden cost and may not be able to give passion in time.

Both schemes also need to be analyzed in the light of the law of Competition Commission of Pakistan which prohibits the deceptive marketing practices by distribution false or misleading information to consumers, including the distribution of information lacking a reasonable basis, related to the price and false and misleading information.

The area, where these both schemes are planned are located in environment sensitive catchment area of the Rawal Dam. The consumer needs to know if the EIA (environment impact assessment) of both the schemes done. As the residents of Rawalpindi may have to pay price for the luxury of people living in those schemes in the shape of seeped sewage into the Rawal Lake. Just to remind, the schemes are located in the backyard of Bani Gala, where a controversy was created in early 90s over the NoC of the CDA.