The master planning exercise of the recently launched Defence Housing Authority’s (DHA) residential-cum-commercial project on Super Highway, DHA City Karachi (DCK), is proceeding ahead on a fast track basis as per the stipulated schedule.

A spokesman said on Friday that the foreign and local town planning and architectural designing experts are engaged in finalising the contours of the master plan. The focus of planning is on ensuring availability of basic necessities as focal point of development plan. A meeting of the leading town planning and designing experts with the officials of DCK was held at DHA’s Main Office here on Friday.

The meeting, chaired by Administrator DHA, Brig Aamer Raza Qureshi, discussed various aspects of the master plan to make the project a viable and workable option.

The administrator reiterated that DHA was determined to ensure that development of DCK was carried out in a way that it would provide magnificent working and recreational experience to its residents. Brig Aamer directed the planners to develop the master plan model with a pragmatic approach that focuses on indigenous development of the project.

He said that the town planning of DCK should aim at developing a self sustained, independent city.
The administrator further asked the town planners to leave no stone unturned in overcoming the challenges arising out of the location of project site at a far off distance from the metropolis by striving innovative and forward looking measures to overcome the impasse.
Dr Pollalis, an American master planning expert, said that a number of options for minimising the distance of DCK to the metropolis were being explored including provision of fastest possible access from DCK to Karachi through Malir Express Highway, Karachi Circular Railway loop, Karachi Circular Highway and M-9 Motorway project. He said that security of the area would be accorded top most priority in the plan by incorporating physical as well as digital security measures including electronic surveillance of the area.

He disclosed that two gate entrances to DCK from Super Highway were being planned and a boundary wall planned all around DCK would make the upcoming city safe and secure.

Dr Paul, an energy development expert, said that judicious use of environment friendly utilities like renewable energy including solar and wind energy would be made in DCK that would not only reduce the load on national power resources but also provide the residents with cheap, guaranteed and pollution free sources of power. He said that DCK would meet 30% of its energy demand by utilizing the conventional renewable resources.

Administrator DHA in his concluding remarks said that preparation of a dynamic master plan of the project would not only result in addition of a futuristic and sustainable city in Pakistan but would also prove to be a harbinger of the start of a whole new life style for the people of Karachi.

Source: The News