KARACHI: The Defence Housing Authority (DHA) Cogen Power and Desalination Plant is expected to start operating in August this year, said DHA Administrator Brig Aamer Raza Qureshi on Thursday.

A delegation of the Association of Defence Residents, comprising office bearers from different organisations, held a meeting at DHA’s main office to discuss the civic problems faced by residents.

The administrator said the plant was not working since May 2010 because of the water shortage. Even though DHA had no role in the plant’s management, they have adopted a proactive role over the past few months.

Qureshi said there were complex management, technical and financial issues involved in fixing the plant and a third party will evaluate the defects to find a permanent solution.

The administrator also reassured the delegation and said National Assembly’s standing committee for defence has formed a committee on January 11 to find solutions for their problems within three months.

Source: Express Tribune