Dubai Financial Market (DFM) received a high level delegation of major Financial Services and asset management companies from China, who met DFM’s senior management to share knowledge and explore opportunities for collaboration. The visit is part of the continued efforts to promote and expand the presence of international investors in the market. It is noteworthy that this is the second visit by financial services and asset management in China to DFM over the last 5 months.

The 22 senior delegates representing 19 companies attended a presentation on the market operations, development initiatives and future plans in the presence of Mrs. Fahima Al Bastaki, Senior Vice President, Head of Business Development Division, Mr. Jamal Ibrahim Alkhadhar, Senior Vice President, Head of Human Resources and Strategic Planning Division and Mr. Ali Al Hashimi, Executive Vice President, Borse Dubai Limited, along with other DFM officials.

Members of the delegation representing leading financial services companies based in China included General Managers, Vice Presidents and analysts from several companies including TAI KANG ASSET MANAGEMENT CO.LTD , BO HAI PROPERTY INSURANCE CO.LTD, CHINA EXPORT&CREDIT INSURANCE CORPORATION, UBS SECURITIES CO.LTD, TIAN AN LIFE CO.LTD, PEACE ASSRTS CO.LTD, PICC LIFE INSURANCE CO.LTD, and Zhong Jing security co.LTD.

The discussions touched upon various topics related to the Asian and Middle Eastern financial markets, the DFM and the key role of financial services and asset management companies. The visit also included a tour of DFM’s trading floor.

Mrs. Fahima Al Bastaki, Senior Vice President, Head of Business Development Division, Dubai Financial Market said: “DFM is delighted to welcome the delegation from China. We are always keen to develop close relationship with international financial companies, keep them updated with our latest developments and attract international investments to our market . The visit was a great opportunity to update the Chinese delegation on the sound economic fundamentals in Dubai and the role of the emirate as a gateway to the Middle East markets.”

“We had a fruitful discussion that covered the leading role of DFM in developing the financial markets in this part of the world through various initiatives such as going public and listing of its own shares for the first time in the region and most recently the acquisition of NASDAQ DUABI to create a dynamic capital markets hub in the region”, Al Bastaki added.

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