Dubai Marina property the favourite amongst tenants

According to latest research into the buying habits of Dubai’s residents, properties along the Sheikh Zayed road are the most popular. The findings highlighted a number districts that were most favoured amongst tenants, however Dubai Marina gained the most popularity across the board.

Emirates 24 7 asked several leasing companies within to Dubai to find they all held Dubai Marina amongst their top three in terms of demand for rentals. There are numerous reasons for the Marina’s emergence as the neighbourhood of choice in Dubai, however it all seems to stem from the fundamental rule of location, location, location.

Positioned on the main arterial road through Dubai, just 5 minutes from the major business districts and running adjacent to the famous Jumeirah Beach, Dubai Marina really unites prime city centre living with a 5 star holiday destination.

It’s because of this ideal positioning that Dubai Marina is home to a district of ‘Manhattan style’ sky scrapers including the world’s tallest residential tower, The Torch as well as the Dubai Marina Walk, a famed social spot lined with shops and cafes.

As a result, property located within the Marina attracts a wide spectrum of buyers and tenants as no other area offers the complete work and lifestyle balance that can be found on Dubai Marina.

Emirates 24 7 went on to report that rent for a one-bedroom in Dubai Marina is between Dh55,000 to Dh75,000 and in some cases goes up to Dh85000 or even Dh90,000, whereas a two-bedroom can be leased for anything between Dh70,000 to Dh140,000.

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