Islamabad: The Capital Development Authority’s (CDA) Internal Audit Department has sought a detailed report from its Engineering Wing on award of Rs 25 million supplementary grant to Machinery Pool Organization (MPO) for carpeting of Faisal Avenue Underpass road.

According to the sources, CDA awarded Rs 820 million contract of the Faisal Avenue Underpass construction to Metracon in June 2006. This project was supposed to be completed in June 2008, but due to some dispute between the construction firm and CDA the underpass could not be completed in time.

As a result CDA not only provided 1,000 tons of iron under the material cost escalation, but also twice increased the deadline to complete the project that could not be completed even in 2009. On occasion of Eid in 2009 CDA decided to open the Faisal Avenue underpass to facilitate the citizens by providing an easy access to Faisal Mosque for the Eid prayers. In this regard, the CDA awarded the project of underpass road carpeting to MPO at an excess rate of Rs 25 million.

Sources told Daily Times that the audit team declared it a corruption of Rs 25 million and demanded a detailed report in this regard as CDA Board permission was not taken. After F-9 park issue, this Rs 25 million scam will be another shock for CDA Chairman Imtiaz Inayat Elahi.

Source: Daily Times