PML-Q central leader Ch Pervaiz Elahi has said that they were celebrating the Independence Day when the entire nation including minorities was disappointed and uncertain.

Addressing a ceremony in connection with 14th of August at PML House here Friday, he said politicians claiming to bring back the prices of commodities to the 1997 level and maintaining good governance had dragged the country and its people in darkness. He said Pakistan would remain stable and its founder political party with the help of poor, farmers, labourers, students and Ulema would corner these plunderers and made them flee from the political scene.

The participants in the ceremony raised slogans against increasing prices of sugar and other commodities and criticised the provincial government for its failure to control prices. Ch Pervaiz Elahi also hoisted the national flag.

He said the federal government instead of transferring the local governments to the ruling parties in provinces should immediately hold elections under Election Commission. He claimed that Quaid-e-Azam had reserved white colour in national flag to represent the minorities and his government following the Quaid’s ideal had gave them back their educational institutions and appoint a minority minister in Punjab for the first time.

Source: The News